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  1. I had forgotten about Pacific Grove! Great bang for the buck, and as you said, a wonderful back 9. Five deer watching me from the bunker about 20 feet away. They did not seem a bit bothered by me, and I was delighted to be in their presence. And $18 is a bit better that the $375 for Spyglass.
  2. There is an intersection of price vs. value at any course. What course, for you, has been the best bang for the buck? What criteria did it meet? Mine is La Purisma outside of Lompoc Ca. Well kept, great green conditions, ony 2 adjacent fairways on the whole course, hard, hit most clubs in the bag, greens not silly to putt slope wise (10.5 - 11 stimp), Play well, shoot your handicap. Play stoopid, forget it. 4 Tee box lengths. Not a house to be seen. Golf course is on a huge plot of land. Used to host Q school. $50 to walk. Sometimes cheaper. Del
  3. Your doggedness is to be commended. How painful.
  4. 2005 was a horrible year for me personally. Lots of bad stuff happening. My coping mechanism? You got it. Golf all day long, at least 4 and sometimes 6 times per week. Had an annual pass including cart so cost was a non issue. Lived in sunny weather, so I had a twelve month season. In the summer time, when days were long, this was my daily schedule: Round 1 - 7:00 tee time with Phil and his dad. Round 2 - 10:30 or 11:00 with whomever was around. 3:00 to 4:00 Lunch Round 3+ - 4:00 until can't see with best buddy Mark. Winter time - Short days - 36 ho
  5. Unfortunately, I have NEVER been to a course where the Marshal's were proactive in speeding up play. And I am talking about 40 years worth of golf. Frustrating.
  6. Agreed. Delegation would have been better. Next time I will do so. I will steal their ball though.
  7. Lovely. I am so glad you created that day for yourself.
  8. I clearly should have taken a page from your playbook the day I shot 32 on the front. Smarter than I...
  9. I clearly should have taken a page from your playbook the day I shot 32 on the front. Smarter than I...
  10. I clearly should have taken a page from your playbook the day I shot 32 on the front. Smarter than I...
  11. 266 yard downhill par 4, about a dozen years ago. Wide, shallow green that I could only drive on the fly if I smashed it, and there was no wind. Actually, you have to carry it or it will just land in the bank and stop. Anyway, that day there was about a 25 MPH wind directly in my face. The pin was on the far right side and the twosome ahead was on the green; an older couple. The woman was standing on the front fringe. Having played this course 6-800 times, I knew that I could NEVER reach it. I would hit 30 yards short in the gully at the closest. You know w
  12. Good point. She did not in any way deserve it. It was the best I could do at the time without punching him.
  13. Glen Annie golf course, about 10 years ago. Our foursome was playing hole #12, a short par 4 with a wide, shallow green. Our carts were parked up a small hill behind the green - all carts in line with the pin when looking from the fairway - it's maybe seven yards from the back of the green to our carts. As we are putting out, I get the sense that one of the players in the fairway is just itching to hit his ball, so I keep my eye on him. He's only 125 to the middle of the green. We all putt out and are making the short walk up to our carts - my head is on a swivel. Just
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