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  1. Looking for 7X AD XC with Taylor Made tip (SIM) driver. Thanks.
  2. @labgolf is it possible to send a 2.1 back and have an alignment marking added across the face of the putter like option 1? My putter was a second hand purchase and I love option 28, but wanted to pair it with option 1. If not no worries. Still love the putter!
  3. This could go in the "bag" forum, but thought I would try here first since it's somewhat LAB specific. Anybody out there have the 2.1, and uses the Titleist Linksmaster bag? Just curious as to how tight it is with three woods and a 2.1 in one slot. Thanks for any info.
  4. You ever make a decision? I’m in the same situation, but more riding a cart than walking. I enjoy walking, just usually don’t have the time.
  5. Sun Mountain 4.5 LS or Titleist Hybrid 5? I'm torn between the two. Ride a cart more than I walk, usually due to time constraints, but do enjoy walking when I can. Both seem to have ample room, and well constructed, however I feel like the apparel pocket on the SM would be more useful than the Hybrid. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. Wasn't really a fan of the dual color bags until seeing a navy/white in our pro shop tonight. It's a great looking bag that the pictures don't do justice. Almost took the plunge right then. May talk myself into it over the next few days. Would love to have one, but don't walk enough due to time and the bag would just end up on the cart 90% of the time.
  7. Can’t wait to hear a bit more about the ACCRA shaft. Noticed it’s available for custom builds now.
  8. Getting out Saturday for my 3rd round with mine. Probably the thing I am most excited about for the upcoming round.
  9. Finally got on the course with my putter, and absolutely in love with it. The tech is for real. My buddies gave me a hard time on the practice green, but were asking questions at the turn. Can’t say enough good things about the putter. Well done LAB!!!
  10. Just want to confirm, the AD XC shaft plays 44.5, or measures 44.5 from end of grip to end of tip.
  11. For those who have ordered with the KBS shaft, does a sticker come on the shaft showing it’s that model or is it just completely blacked out? Curious as the one I picked up didn’t have a sticker on it but the LAB site shows it with a sticker. Thought that mat just be a stock photo though.
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