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  1. I just got new srixon zx5 for my main bag up north. I just left Florida where I finalized my vacation bag. tm m5 driver. sim max 3 wood. callaway Xr 3 hybrid titleist 910 4 hybrid mp 20 hmb irons 50 54 sm7 58 sm8. I was wondering what others have for travel bags
  2. I just switched to the zx5 from Wilson d7forged. The feel is unbelievable. Distance the same. Very happy so far. Only knock is the soles are pretty big. The v sole plays smaller though
  3. I still love my D7 forged but am toying with getting Sri on zx5s. I just love buying clubs. Someone talk me out of it pkease
  4. I have the z cords and really like them I would prefer the cross line cords but it seems they don’t have as much cord as ones from years past
  5. I loved that driver. It hit a beautiful draw every time just wasn’t too long. Probably the only driver I will never get rid of. Still bring it out on occasion for right courses
  6. I had that driver and that’s what I called it.
  7. Are the releasing a 52 D as well?
  8. I also have a sim max 15 with a fubuki k and have hit them side by side and the max for me was easier to hit and 5 yards longer
  9. I have a 13.5 mavrik max with fujikura fuel and it’s easily the most forgiving and straightest 3 wood I have ever hit. Very long as well
  10. Looking now at the callaway low bounce wide sole 58. Does this play the same as the low bounce K? Seems like an easier option to get than ordering a custom vokey
  11. Personally I’ve tried a few different wedge brands but always come back to vokeys. They seem to have the most options and are great performers. Plus they are what I’m familiar with.
  12. Great info thx. I play all chips with a slightly open face so that should be perfect I’m assuming
  13. I was just fitted for one myself and was wondering the same thing. I’m worried that I never played that low of a bounce before I currently use a vokey 58s.
  14. They were a little hard and clicky to me
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