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  1. Yup, agreed…both awesome clubs for sure and just comes down to personal preference!
  2. Well, sounds like you have lots of experience with what your preferred shafts and specs etc should be. From what I understand of fittings though, recommendations change as your game and your swing change, which it sounds like they have. For me personally, I was wasting money guessing what clubs and shafts would work for me, then wasting more money getting them lengthened and bent to specs that also didn’t fit. But you have to do what’s best for you, and no one knows your game like you.
  3. Totally understand. At the end of the day, if you have the ability to get fitted and test both out, that would be my recommendation. Guys on WRX used to tell me that when I was looking for advice, and it used to frustrate me because all the fitters were closed due to COVID, and once they re-opened they all had massive waiting lists. But I got fitted for irons, Driver, and putter this year and the information/knowledge I took away from all those fittings have been a game-changer for me.
  4. I ordered a combo set of ZX5 4-6, ZX7 7-PW because I wanted extra forgiveness and distance in the long irons. But once I actually got them in my hands and got them onto the range and the course, it turns out I much prefer the ZX7’s and they have been fantastic for me. They seem to be just as forgiving, but the feel, accuracy, control, and turf interaction have all been better for me in the ZX7 vs the ZX5. First I switched the 6-iron to ZX7, then dropped the 4-iron, and am now planning on switching the 5-iron to a ZX7 as well. Also ordered the ZX7 AW just because I love them that much…and the AW has been amazing as well!
  5. I’m a 6’7 former Basketball/Football player who came back to Golf in June ‘20 after over 10yrs away from the game. My Handicap is currently 8.4 and over the last 18mths I’ve owned TM Tour Preferred MC/MB’s (‘14), P770 (‘17), P790 (‘19), and Srixon Z785, and the current ZX5/ZX7 combo set. I think what I’ve realized over that time is I much prefer the feel and control of CB or Blade type clubs, and I don’t hit thicker soled clubs as well. To me, a mishit is a mishit no matter how thick a club head is, but the accuracy, control, and feel of a nice CB just works better for me and my swing. I should also mention that I’m a sweeper. At the end of the day though, it’s all about what works best for you, and just because the ZX7’s work better for me doesn’t mean the ZX5’s can’t be fantastic for you.
  6. I got fitted for ZX5’s earlier this year, but I’ve ended up preferring the ZX7’s. I find the feel is much better in the ZX7’s, and the control and turf interaction is fantastic for me. For whatever reason, I haven’t gotten along as well with the ZX5’s. I tried a combo set originally with ZX5 4-6, and ZX7 7-PW, but I replaced the 6-iron with a ZX7, dropped the 4-iron, and am most likely getting a ZX7 5-Iron to replace the last ZX5 in my set. Everyone’s swing and game are different, but I find the ZX7 just as forgiving as the ZX5, and the feel and consistency are better for me personally. Maybe just the thicker sole that doesn’t work as well, but that’s just my .02
  7. Wow...must’ve been a huge collection, Lol! Very cool...all the thousands I spent were definitely out of pocket!
  8. Whoa...that’s a lot of shafts!!! You must work as a fitter or in a golf shop? If not, that’s an awesome equipment budget you’ve got there!
  9. I’ve got a ZX5 5-iron also, then ZX7 6-PW. I tried a ton of clubs in between my 3 Hybrid and 5-iron, but over the last few weeks I settled on a 22* 4 Hybrid to go with the 3H since they have totally different launch angles, spin, and distances. The clubs I tried in that spot were: Srixon Z U85, Z565 4-iron, ZX5 4-iron, TaylorMade P790 4-iron, and P770 4-iron Of all those, the 2 Hybrid setup has worked best for me and dropping the 4-iron/Driving iron.
  10. Very interesting comparisons and feedback from everyone…thanks for these thoughts! I haven’t tested the T100 or T100s irons, but this thread makes me want to give them a swing. I’ve been gaming a ZX5/ZX7 combo set for the 2nd half of the season, and I absolutely love them. Also owned Z785’s, TM P770’s (‘17), P790, and TM Tour Preferred MC/MB (‘14) over the last 20mths, and of all those ZX7’s have been by far the best for me. Love their feel, control, looks, forgiveness etc, and they’re the best irons I’ve ever hit. I actually had the ZX5 in 4-iron, 5-iron, and 6-Iron, but preferred the accuracy and control of the ZX7 6-iron, and will most likely replace the ZX5 5-iron with a ZX7 as well. At the end of the day, everyone has their own individual preferences and you have to use what’s best for you. I’ll check out the T100s sometime when I get a chance though.
  11. I’ve got the Ventus Blue 6-S in my SIM 2 Max head. Feels good so far in 2 cold Winter rounds here in Canada, but looking forward to testing it out in the Spring with better temps!
  12. Nice! I picked up a SIM 2 Max as well recently, unfortunately the 2 rounds I got in with it were below freezing with mucky/wet conditions here in Canada. Tough to evaluate in those conditions, but showed some positive signs…looking forward to really seeing what it can do in the Spring!
  13. Awesome…very cool! I bought clubs for my 11yr old son this season too, and my 7yr old daughter. They’re not serious enough about golf yet to spend too much on their bags though, so just bought them some cheap used bags to get them started.
  14. Nice…looking forward to it! You’re overdue for a WITB for sure!!
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