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  1. I played blades (TM Tour Preferred MB’s) last year after not playing Golf for 13 yrs and was totally fine after an adjustment period. I’ve tried TM P790, P770, ZX5, and play Z 785’s now, and honestly a bad strike is a bad strike whatever type of irons you use. I actually find the thicker GI/Distance/Players Distance clubs tougher to hit consistently because of the turf interaction with the thickness of the sole, but that’s just my opinion/personal experience.
  2. +1…Equipment chase is definitely more fun for me than actually playing this year, no doubt about it!!
  3. What @nostatic said is dead on! That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned with flipping a crazy amount of clubs over the last 16 months…just don’t sell the previous club/clubs until you’re sure the new ones are a better fit for you. Test away, just don’t let go of your previous set until you’re 100% sure you’re not going back to them.
  4. I ordered them through Srixon Canada and they quoted 6-8 weeks on their website. Fingers crossed they come in by that time or sooner since it will start getting pretty chilly here in Toronto by October. My last round last season was November 29th though, so I’d still squeeze in as many rounds as possible once they come in!
  5. So I’m back on the Srixon waiting train. Picked up a set of Z 785 4-PW w/ Modus 120’s a couple of months ago after deciding to cancel my ZX5 order after 8 weeks since I didn’t have a backup set of irons. Actually has been a great decision because I love the 785’s and have been hitting great iron shots. They are so smooth, and the feel is off the charts. Only problem for me with the 785’s is that I find the 4 and 5-irons pretty unforgiving and hard to hit. So I’ve decided to order ZX5 4 and 5-irons and will combo those with my 785 6-PW until I decide at some poi
  6. Decided to pull the trigger and put an order in for ZX5 4 and 5-irons. Took a look at them in the local golf shop and compared them to the 785’s, and also looked at the ZX and Z U85 utilities. For the cost of ZX utility, by the time I get it customized to my specs it wouldn’t have been that much cheaper than ordering the ZX5 4 and 5-irons through Srixon. So once they come in, I’ll combo them with my 785’s that I’m hitting really well right now in 6-PW. Just find the 4 and 5-iron pretty unforgiving, so should get better forgivenesses and distance in the ZX5 4 and 5-iron
  7. Gotcha, makes sense. Good to know, thanks.
  8. Interesting. How do you like the ZX utility? I started thinking about that option last night too…maybe 5-PW in 785 and a ZX or U85 4-iron.
  9. Haha…well hey, while you have your crystal ball out, could you please give me some stock tips or winning lottery numbers? Good to hear you’re still loving the Mavriks…definitely all about finding the right fit! Hope your son loves the Rogue as much as I do and as much as you love the Mavrik! Sounds like you’ve got some turnover coming in your bag too…good luck!
  10. Yeah, pretty close for sure. That’d be my other option…wait until the demand cools off after the season and pick up a combo set of ZX5/ZX7’s. Or I could order the ZX5’s in the 4 & 5-irons and test them out with my 785’s in 6-PW, and could always pick up ZX7’s in the 6-PW after the season. How are you liking the ZX5’s and ZX7’s? Did you have Srixon irons before those?
  11. Has anyone tried combo-ing ZX5 in the 4, 5, or 6 iron with 785’s in the mid-short irons? Did you leave the lofts as they are, or adjust the ZX5 lofts? Considering ordering a 4 and 5 iron in the ZX5 and keeping the 6-PW in 785’s, but not sure whether to keep lofts the same or adjust them weak/strong.
  12. Very cool, sounds like an awesome experience! I totally didn't notice the date of your post and the fact that it already took place, but still great to get the recap. Never played a tournament, but might just enter one this year just to give it a shot and have the experience. Congrats on the great tournament man!
  13. Haha…no, I don’t feel bad at all. I fought going back to the Rogues all season and really wanted the other 3 Drivers and 3-Woods since then to work, but now that I made the move back it’s just pure relief and joy!! All about finding the best fit for your own individual swing and game at the end of the day…I realize now that’s all that matters!
  14. Thanks for the kind words, definitely appreciate it!! You’re right, the journey to learn the ins & outs of golf equipment is as complicated (if not more so) than learning the game of golf! Don’t know where I would be without everything I’ve learned from all my fellow WRX’rs, especially during the last 16 months with golf shops and fitters being shut down most of the time…it’s been a wild ride!!
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