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  1. Interesting. At the end of December on Golf Channel they were replaying all of the 2019-20 tournaments, so I recorded all the ones I didn’t get to watch. Just getting done watching them, and all of them that I’ve watched so far, JT was a focal point guy even if he wasn’t the leader or Top 2-3. Not sure which tournament you were watching, but of course I believe you, and I still haven’t watched every tournament.
  2. To be fair, the more tournament coverage I watch on GC, the more I see that JT gets a TON of coverage and airtime whether he’s leading or not, and all the GC commentators gush over him! I don’t feel like Bones gushes over him any more than any of the other commentators do, but maybe that will cool off for a while until this “homophobic slur” drama blows over. That being said, JT is an incredible golfer and deserves coverage...he’s one of my favourites to watch too!
  3. Agree that having a putter you feel good about and have confidence in makes a huge difference. Personally I have two TaylorMade putters and think the non-Spyder TM putters are very underrated and sell for pretty cheap. I’ve got a TM Redline Monza and recently picked up a TM SOTO Tour Preferred for a great price used which I absolutely love! Tried out a couple of Scotty Cameron’s, Spyder’s, Odyssey’s, and other more expensive putters, but the SOTO felt the best to me and *should* be in the bag for a long time. *Club Ho disclaimer...subject to change, Lol!
  4. Ahh, Ok. Very interesting. Makes sense...whatever works right!
  5. True, you’re right! Good call, thanks!
  6. Thanks for the insights, definitely appreciated! I’ve never tried a 58*, always been a 60* guy and have always loved it, and have also never tried a low bounce wedge...so all theoretical and appreciate the feedback. Have heard that the 58* is a lot more versatile than the 60* and easier to get consistency from, so will probably stick with it once I try it also. I can see how standard bounce wedges would be more versatile than low bounce too. Brett Rumford has been highly recommended on this thread and loved the videos that were posted too! Going to look up more of his s
  7. +1...Love the European Tour coverage too, it’s awesome!! I love the Golf Channel personally, I just watch the tournament coverage and the occasional movie/documentary...it’s great for that to me!
  8. So you pulled out the 48 PW from your set, or you bent it to 50*? Not having any issues with the gapping between your 9-iron and the 50 PW/GW?
  9. Just watched Chasing 82 yesterday...absolutely incredible!! Wish I watched golf during Tiger’s prime and got to watch his consistent excellence and dominance!
  10. Yeah you’re right, that’s what it all about...what is the best functionality for your game! I’m just learning about all the different grinds and bounce options now. My plan for this upcoming season is to go with 3 wedges and it will either be a 47, 52, 60 setup, or 47, 52, 58 depending on what yardages and shots I can get from each one. Right now my wedges are all standard bounce (TM Milled Grind 52-09, 60-10), but may look at lower bounce options since the courses I play around here are usually pretty dry/firm in the Summer/Fall and I’m not a deep divot striker usually.
  11. Ok gotcha, makes sense. The wedge game is the weakest part of my game, that’s why I’m so fascinated by watching the Pros hit their chips & pitches, and reading about that area of the game as well. I probably spend more than 50% of my practice time now on my wedges and am determined to make it a strength!
  12. Yeah, I find him very knowledgeable and insightful...don’t have a problem with Bones at all.
  13. I agree that winters are very difficult, especially this one with so few indoor entertainment options with lockdowns, but I would just add that the other exception to brutal winters in Canada other than BC and NS is Southern Ontario. There are years in Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe that we’ll only get snow 1 or 2 times and it melts within a couple of days. I wouldn’t classify the winters in Southern Ontario as harsh, and actually some of the winters in Nova Scotia can be quite harsh...just depends on the year.
  14. Yeah, I just watched the Chasing 82 movie about Tiger on GC and the highlights of his chipping/pitching and putting was absolutely incredible!! Wish I had watched him in his prime. Patrick Reed is incredible with his wedges and is super fun to watch create shots to get up & down! Bryson and Morikawa have gotten a couple of mentions...from the tournaments I’ve watched it seems like Bryson is pretty hot & cold with his wedges and putting, but when he’s on he’s great! I’ve seen Morikawa be pretty hot & cold too, but I’m still new to watching all these guys cons
  15. Makes sense on gapping of the SW & LW by Pros, they go by what works for them and what gives them the best chance of winning right? By “mile high, 10,000 rpm lob shots, do you mean shots with a 64 LW?
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