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  1. Yup...absolutely sucks. The whole situation in Ontario has been mishandled from Day 1...total buffoonery!!
  2. Just came from the shop and picked up my new set of Z 785’s (extended +1.5” and 2* up). Took them to the range and absolutely love them!! Totally at peace with my decision to cancel my order, and this was the right move for me for sure!
  3. Finally got my irons situation worked out!! After waiting for 4 weeks for my order of Srixon ZX5’s, I called Srixon and they told me it would be another 3-4 weeks minimum. During that time I borrowed a buddy’s old set of blades, and remembered how much I like a more blade-like/CB style of club. So I decided to cancel the order, and instead pick up a used set. This week I came across this set of Srixon Z 785’s in awesome shape...4-PW with N.S. Pro Modus Tour 120 shafts (+1.5” and 2* up)! Just came back from my first range session with them and they were maybe the purest
  4. Just picked these up from the shop (4-PW w/ Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120 shafts) and went straight to the range. These things are as pure as a snowflake landing on a toddler’s nose for the first time...my gosh!!
  5. Haha, yup! Just finished my first range session with the Z 785’s and they are puuuuurrre...OMG!!!
  6. Awesome!! Well, I loved my Zipcore’s so much that I bought a set of Srixon Z 785 irons! Just picked them up at the shop...can’t wait to get them out to the range/course!!
  7. Gotcha. I’ve never used that push cart...maybe someone that has one can chime in on what bag fits well with it.
  8. Sweet...you’ll love them!!
  9. I think the key factor there is what type of push cart you use and whether the bag’s base fits with your cart. If you’re only carrying your bag from the trunk to the range, most stand bags would be light enough. The question is which will fit best with your push cart if that’s what you’re using it for the most.
  10. I’ve got a standard Mavrik 10.5 and the shaft definitely makes a huge difference. The one I picked up came with a Tensei AV Blue 65g, and it just doesn’t fit with my swing. Everything is a fade/slice and poor distance. Going to pick up a Hzrdus Black Smoke 6.0 which should be a much better fit, but if that didn’t work my next experiment would be with the Rogue White.
  11. Not sure. Srixon customer service told me there was a back order on the Lamkin Crossline Midsize grip I requested, so I just asked them to put any midsize grip on it. But they said there were no other items on back order.
  12. Wow! I ordered on 4/03 and haven’t heard anything. Mine will be +1.5” and 2* upright with an S400 shaft. Shouldn’t take that long to build 1 club though.
  13. I’ve got Zipcore’s in 54* and 58* Mid, and waiting for a delivery from Cleveland for a 50* Mid with a DG S400 shaft instead of the standard DG Spinner that I have in the 54 and 58’s. Also had a 52* Mid, but sold that to go with the 50-54-58 setup instead. I absolutely LOVE these wedges!! Came from TM Milled Grind and these are on a whole other level. The feel, control, and smoothness are off the charts! The only downside I’ve found is that they launch very high and spin a ton for me with the DG Spinner shafts, so that’s the reason that I’m trying the DG S400
  14. Aside from the ZX5 order that I cancelled after 4 weeks, I also have a Cleveland Zipcore order that is in week 2. Hoping it won’t be 7-8 weeks just for one wedge, but I can manage without a 50* GW without a problem.
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