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  1. Very interesting perspective. Just goes to show, everyone’s tastes are different. I personally think the ZX5’s and ZX7’s are gorgeous and have never heard of anyone who doesn’t think they’re beautiful! I had the Z 785’s also, and personally think the ZX5’s and ZX7’s are more attractive, but to each their own.
  2. Haha...yeah, definitely appreciate your help for sure man! Your feedback on TXG helped to make them an easy choice for my Driver and putter fittings! And for sure fittings would've saved me potentially 1,000's of $$$ and a ton of time buying the wrong equipment. I don't know what the percentages are, but I'm guessing it's a pretty high percentage of golfers that are using equipment that totally don't fit their swings and their games. Definitely not a rip off!
  3. Well friends, unfortunately the season is officially over here in the great White North. Was hoping to squeeze 1 more round in this week, but all the courses are now fully closed due to the snow and freezing temps. So instead of playing, I'll take this time to look back at a wild 2021 year for my bag. In hindsight, I think most of the flipping I was doing was because I had no idea what clubs and specs would really work for me (specifically at my size being 6'7), so I was blindly testing different clubs out, doing adjustments, and hoping for the best without proper guidance. Getting properly fit this year was a gamechanger, and I can't thank my fitters (TXG and Modern Golf), and the WRX'rs who recommended the fittings enough. So here is a recap of my 2021 WITB activities: Total clubs: 90 bought/owned, 74 sold Drivers -7: TaylorMade SIM 2 Max (current), SIM Max, SIM Max D, Callaway Epic Max LS, Rogue (2x), Mavrik 3-Woods -7: TaylorMade SIM 2 Titanium (current), SIM Max, SIM Max D, Callaway Epic Max, Rogue (2x), Mavrik 5-Wood: Callaway Rogue Hybrids -5: TaylorMade SIM Max 3H & 4H (current), SIM 2 Max 3H, Srixon Z H85, Callaway Rogue X Driving Irons/4-irons -5: TaylorMade P790, P770, Srixon Z U85, Z565, ZX5 Iron sets -4: Srixon ZX5/ZX7 (current), Z785, TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC/MB, P770 Wedges -10: Srixon ZX7 AW (51*, current), TaylorMade MG3 (56*-60* current), Milled Grind (52-56-60), Cleveland RTX Zipcore (50-52-54-58) Putters -4: Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 (current), TaylorMade TP Collection Soto, EVNROLL ER 1.2, Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 Bags -8: Sun Mountain 3.5 LS (current), 4.5, 2.5, OGIO Woode, Fuse 4, TaylorMade FlexTech Lite (2x), FlexTech After the insane amount of buying and selling this year, and after finally getting a Driver fitting (TXG), Iron fitting (Modern Golf), and putter fitting (TXG), I have a set-up now that I feel is ideally suited to my game and I have no excuses/reasons to change anything going into next season. I definitely spent way too much time and money buying and selling equipment, and constantly re-learning yardages and trying to get a feel for all the clubs flying in & out of my bag all year adversely affected my game. So now my challenge for next year will be to try and stick with my current set-up until at least the end of the 2022 season, and improve my game to get to the point where I can reach my goal of being a scratch golfer! Here is the bag that I played my final round with last week, and the finished product of all my efforts in 2021:
  4. FYI, I ended up returning the Vevoactive 4 and picked up the S42 instead. Really liked the ability to sync the Vevoactive 4 with Spotify playlists and control music from the watch, but I thought the process of downloading Golf courses onto the phone, then onto the watch, would get annoying over time, and the Golf-specific functions on the watch took too many steps to get to. At the end of the day, I'll be using the watch for Golf the majority of the time, and the S42 has enough other smart-watch functions (notifications, walk/run/bike tracking, stopwatch, timer etc) that are enough for my uses away from the course. All about individual personal preference, but I really just don't need/care about heart-rate monitoring, breathing, sleep tracking etc...much prefer having 42,000 courses pre-loaded and user-friendly Golf functions.
  5. For sure using the P790 in the 3i or 4i spot makes a lot of sense because of the distance and forgiveness. What I don't understand as much is why they're so popular as full iron sets because of their lack of feel and what I found to be difficulty in controlling distances or using them for partial swings.
  6. Ended up picking up the Vevoactive 4 today. Still not sure whether I'll keep it, or get the S42 for it's more Golf-specific options. I definitely like the option to download Spotify playlists onto the watch though, and bought a Clip3 JBL speaker to pair with it...could be really cool to be able to play music out on the beach or on the course through the watch, but we'll see how the Golf app works with the Vevoactive 4 before making a final decision.
  7. So no real drop off in using a Vevoactive 4 or Vevoactive 4S vs using an Approach S42 or Approach S12? The only real sports app I would use is Golf, but I like the option of loading music onto the watch on top of using the golf app. But if the golf features are better on the Approach S42, I would probably still lean towards getting that over the Vevoactive 4 or 4S.
  8. Over the last 20 mths I’ve tried every combination of 50-54-58, 52-58, 52-56-60, and currently have 51 (ZX7 AW)-56-60 (w/ 46* PW). At the end of the day it’s all personal preference and what works best for you. For me, my current wedge setup of the 51* set GW, 56* Standard Bounce, and 60* Low Bounce has been the best for me overall. I use the PW and GW only for full swings, use the SW for occasional full swings, and the LW for only partial swings. Like the variety of Bounces, can cover all yardages within 120yds, and over time will have go-to clubs for each type of lie, grass, and bunker.
  9. For me personally, I tried the OG SIM Max and the SIM Max D earlier this season, and for whatever reason they didn’t work for me at all. Fast forward to last week when I got a great deal on a SIM 2 Max, and then took it out for it’s maiden voyage yesterday, and it was PHENOMENAL!!! I’ve tried 7 Drivers over the last 20 months, and the SIM 2 Max was by far the best for me! After struggling with Drivers all season, my first 4 Drives with the SIM 2 Max were my longest 4 Drives of the season (by 20-40 yds), and I hit every fairway but 1 despite freezing cold temperatures and brutal wind. At the end of the day, it’s all about what works best for you and your swing/game, but for me the SIM 2 Max was love at first swing yesterday!!
  10. I should clarify my position…I shy away from Titleist and PING, but the only OEM that really makes me throw up in my mouth is PXG. Just find the commercials excruciating to listen to, I think the clubs are gaudy and overworked, and the stories I hear about the CEO and his son turn me off even more! I pulled the trigger on a Scotty, and came close on a G425 LST this season, but I can’t ever see myself willing to pull out my wallet for anything made by PXG.
  11. The 3 I’ve steered clear from are PXG (horrible commercials), PING (name & club design), and Titleist (elitist reputation). That being said, I recently got fitted for a Scotty Cameron Newport Special Select 2 that is awesome so far! I’ve recently gained an appreciation for Titleist balls also, so I guess PXG and PING are the only ones on the list for me now.
  12. Haha…man, I got roasted when I first joined WRX and posted pics with my iron headcovers too, Lol! I still use them anytime my clubs are in the trunk, but now I take them off before getting onto the course just to not have them as a distraction. Sweet setup, and if you want a laugh check out my thread about Iron covers…very interesting comments about why many on here are so offended by them.
  13. Congrats on the new opportunity J, amazing!! Happy for you, and those wedges are
  14. Just to follow up on my last post, I actually ended up squeezing in another round last week at Remington Parkview Upper Course, and am planning another one on Monday at Rolling Hills (Challenge). Anyone else still getting rounds in here in Ontario either in the GTA or elsewhere? Getting pretty frigid and mucky out, but I’ll keep scratching the itch as long as there are open courses that are still playable.
  15. OMG….Bahaha!!! Thank you so much for bringing this thread back…I needed a good laugh!!
  16. Yeah, all about what works for you and your individual game and swing! What works best for you won’t necessarily work best for me and vice-versa…everyone’s preferences and game are totally unique.
  17. I owned the Rogue, Mavrik, and now have an Epic Max LS. The only one that just didn’t work for me was the Mavrik because I found the head noticeably smaller, the face more shallow, the sweet spot smaller, and much more unforgiving than the other two. I personally loved the Rogue and never should have sold it. Got great distance, was decently forgiving, and enjoyed the look and sound. The Epic Max LS is still new to me and am still getting a feel for it. Seems to be similar to the Rogue in terms of distance and forgiveness though, although I’m not fully sure if I need a Driver as low spin as it is. I got a good deal on a SIM 2 Max and picked it up yesterday, so will be putting it head to head vs the Epic Max LS to see which one will win out for me.
  18. Haha…no doubt!! Competition is definitely healthy, but my addiction to buying and selling clubs definitely is not!!
  19. Haha…no doubt!! The Srixons are 100% safe…not going anywhere anytime soon!!
  20. I was doing so well with not buying anything from the end of season sales….until it all unravelled today! The Epic Max 3-Wood was just too shallow-faced for me, so ended up dropping that…and the SIM 2 Max Driver will go in competition with my Epic Max LS for the top spot in my bag! A little competition is healthy right, Lol?
  21. I held out for the last couple of weeks of the end of season sales, but just couldn’t hold out anymore! #ClubHoesGonnaHo
  22. Do yourself a favour and pull the trigger! At least test them out in a fitting…all the hype about the ZX7’s is real!!
  23. Interesting. Well, all about what works best for you. I’ll be gaming my ZX7’s until the end of 2022 at minimum…absolutely love the feel and the smoothness!
  24. Jeez, that’s a ton of flipping! I flipped my full bag 5 times in 2021 and 7 times in the last 20 mths, so my numbers are similar. Will compile a full list also when I get a chance.
  25. Well my friends, absolutely incredible golfing day today, and those of us lucky enough to get out were blessed with 17 degrees and lots of sun! Looking at the weather starting on Saturday, and judging by the number of e-mails I’m getting about course closures, it looks like this is officially the end of the season for me and most in the GTA area. I’m going out with a bang this week…played BraeBen today, Cardinal East Wing tomorrow, Tangle Creek on Wednesday, and Four Seasons on Thursday!! Been an awesome season and I’m thankful for the rounds this week in November!
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