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  1. That’s about where I’m at. Ping has done so much for me no questions asked really and TM just said “nothing they can do.” I’m hoping I never run into shaft issues but that’s good to know. I’ve got hard stepped x100s on order with some JPX921 SELs
  2. How was their warranty on used clubs?
  3. Ping has a much longer warranty… that could contribute
  4. Gaming a PLD right now but also tried a Toulon Las Vegas that looked super clean
  5. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me, I thought I was just abusing gear but I suppose we never hear about how often pros get new gear. Yeah I looked into long drive heads but I’m too attached to my pings and honestly if I keep this up I’ll never have to buy a driver again. I suppose I should look to build a cheap backup that’s weighted and lofted the same as my gamer but like a g30 or some older, cheaper model that I can just beat on when I practice lol. My country club has pretty nice range balls so I don’t think I’m hurting the life of the club too much but gah damn it gets old. I’m still think
  6. Callaway CPO only have a one year warranty? Or is that one year beyond whatever the factory warranty was
  7. How do you like the sim 2? The 425 LST has been worth the wait so far
  8. Don’t apologize. I’d rather know before sinking more money into clubs, how’s callaways customer service though? TM has been disappointing compared to ping
  9. Originally the Taylormade OO was supposed to be a backup but I caved it too quick. When you flat spotted your m6 and sim that’s still grounds for a warranty claim right? I’m glad it’s not just me
  10. I really want the new leaked TM mini but concerned about longevity
  11. I’ll have to try some of those, they’re not far from me in IL
  12. What makes you say avoid callaway? I was about to pull the trigger on a Mavrik sub zero 4 wood
  13. I have a pretty consistent strike pattern, a slight toe side miss is my prevalent mishit but not duck hooks, still playable shots
  14. This year has been rough on the bag, in the past 6 weeks I’ve cracked a G410 LST driver, G400 3w, and caved the face on a Taylormade OO mini driver(which I’ve owned for maybe 2 weeks). Now the 410 was still in warranty(the 425 LST just came in and is awesome). But the 400 3w was barely out of warranty and so is the OO (must be by weeks and TM won’t do anything for me) but at this point I’m sick of buying gear. Should I just be buying new clubs to hopefully keep them in warranty? Has anyone else found one brand that have held up better to high clubhead speeds(hover around 120-122). I love the f
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