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  1. Just shot an 82. Slowly getting there
  2. He’s one of my favorite tour players to watch. I just like his playing style.
  3. I played Pawleys Plantation in South Carolina. By far the best course I’ve played.
  4. I want to see Bhatia win it all. He has the potential to do it
  5. I was teeing off in front of about 20 people before a big group start on #1 and topped the ball about 10 feet in front of me.
  6. Never heard of it, I'd love to see them come out though!
  7. I wear the adidas tech response. They feel just like any other tennis shoe
  8. I’m impressed. I’d be willing to buy one if the size was a tad smaller. I’m a fan of these.
  9. I’m usually in a polo. At times I’ll tuck in a plain t shirt and then wear some type of pullover over that.
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