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  1. I'm currently in dilemma as my trackman numbers don't make sense. I have PX LZ 5.5 and provides me the best dispersion, but struggling with low backspin, and low landing angle. Tried Modus 105...worse.. too high kick point, lower ball flight, less spin. Tried 950GH Regular and KBS 90, not much difference from LZs. Figured the lower kick point and increased flex would inflate my peak height and spin. Nada. Sorry for hijacking thread. Anyone else have answer for this?
  2. I have a set of JPX 919 HM that I bought with PX LZ 5.5 shafts. Played with them most of the summer, but feel heavy and get fatigued towards end of round. Worked with a coach and improved my club delivery. Last week I picked up a 7i with Nippon Modus 105R just to test the difference on my Skytrak. Definitely lighter and nice to feel the club head. Avg Carry 148 (LZ) and 152 (Nippon); Avg spin ~5500 (LZ) 5000 (Nippon). Oddly got more height out of the Nippons. Dispersion stayed around 25 yds for both after 25 hits each, taking out extreme outliers. Overall, differences
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