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  1. Another vote for graphite. I had it bad, switched to graphite and it's pretty much gone. Steel is the devil, you couldn't pay me enough to go back.
  2. Miura 2008 with nippon modus 120 stiff, about 14hc Switched to pxg 0211, accra i80 stiff, got to 8.5. Now 0311, accra i80 stiff, TLT BUILT, flighted 9i to GW. Currently 5.9 index No lessons but I'm also working on my swing and playing more. I don't know if it's the clubs or just improving my swing.
  3. found one on hole 14 today, used it the rest of the way... I went Par, Birdie, Par, Par. They are decent!
  4. AGREED! The putter should be held in your hands like all the other golf clubs.
  5. Looks like Mizuno going i210/PXG route and putting in an elastomer insert? Anyone privy to info? Does this mean I can finally order Mizzy cavities with graphite shafts and properly swing weight then to D4 in the shorter irons?
  6. I don't understand people. If they charged $99/club and free shipping, nobody would complain. At $89/club plus $60 shipping, PXG are rip-off artists! lol
  7. I think it really depends what type of swing you have. For a sweeper, fw woods and hybrids seem to work great. For diggers, they generally do better with irons.
  8. Take a look at the wishon eq1-nx, way better concept.
  9. Nailed it! So many keyboard trolls. I love my PXGs. The driver is the best I've ever gamed and so are the forged wedges If you think that you play Taylor Made clubs and the sticks you bought from Galaxy are the sticks DJ uses, I have swamp land to sell you in Florida. My buddy use to work on one of the tour trucks and the equipment they get is totally different. Kokrak won twice in the last year with Pxg irons, Gen2 and Gen4, that's great but Not my motivation when I buy clubs because I will never hit a ball like Kokrak.
  10. Pxg 0311 forged. Awesome on full shots, half shots and around the green. I think i just get along well with grind and sole width.
  11. LMAO. yup! What would you take a step back in feel and tech.
  12. Agree! That swing is fine for the rec golfer looking to bomb it past his buddies, that won't work on tour. Watch her misses when she crazy hooks it 190y with a 7i.... That is double bogey city. A hook miss will destroy you at the tour level.
  13. It's no better at TXG. I went to get fit for a set of PXG irons... an hour later they give me a bill for $5K. I decided to think about it, called PXG the next day, they gave me a free fit and I bought the same clubs from them for $2K.
  14. If you are 20 handicap, my guess is you are lucky to pure it maybe 1 in 10, so playing a blade will just increase your misses and your score. If you are good with that, play blades.
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