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  1. +1 for Moe! close second to Todd Graves
  2. I tested the G425 and it's one of the most forgiving drivers I've ever hit, left-right dispersion is excellent. My one complaint is off center strikes really spin up, for me it was 600-900rpm and kill distance a lot. But, I guess that is the price you pay for not hitting the center of the face. That said, if my average drive is 270y, I'm happy to take 250y as long as it's safely in play. I'm curious to try the PXG 0211 driver. I've heard it's just as forgiving as the MAX with a bit lower spin.
  3. If you play a lot in the wind, just be aware the newer 7w are 42" long and very tough to work and flight down. They are great for a summer day but less useful in trickier conditions. I would suggest trying out a PXG Gen2 hybrid based on your HC. They don't hook and are really easy to hit our of rough. I game a Gen2 3H that is 40" and dialed down to 20*, just an awesome club!
  4. Owned them and sold them. Same feeling. Huge marketing scam with Forged, especially in regards to Miura and Mizuno. If cash clubs felt worse, do you think so many pros would use Ping i210s.
  5. I read this about them and thought it didn't make much sense... "The attached weight screws are for cosmetic designs and cannot be detached.Any activities such as modification, detachment and re-attachment of screws are out of warranty."
  6. The ability to test swing weights with your fitter and properly swing weight without affecting CG location is a game changer.
  7. Depends on the greens you play. If you play a really top tier course with fast fast greens then a higher lofted wedge comes in handy if you are a lower HC and can play it. Also, if you have some skills and play a 56 with some heel relief, no reason why you can't open it a touch and make it play like a 58-60*. Test the 50-56 for 10-15 rounds and see if your HC changes, my guess is it probably won't.
  8. I don't really see the big deal. I like the idea of lofts but it doesn't matter. My 8 iron for instance is 3/4" longer than standard so that makes it go further. Nobody really knows this. I didn't do it for distance, I did it because it fits my TLT numbers. Golf is not a game of distance, it's one of score. I play with lots of guys that hit PW over 150 yards and I hit mine about 120 yards. They are all over the place and mine is close to the pin. I can see having a bit of ego with the driver because you are hitting with 3 other people watching but with irons nobody really asks me what I hit, they just look at the result.
  9. Same with me, no clue what they can do to beat it, it's the perfect hybrid.
  10. Nice to see the XF back in the Driver lineup.
  11. It's cool listening to Brad explain everything. I think being about to test different swing weights at the fitter level is a game changer. It took me a few sets of irons to realize what swing weights were best for me. The big screw with the sunburst milling is really growing on me. I like that they went back to a 1-piece core. I stuck with the Gen2s because I didn't like the impact reactor. The middle of the face was too hot compared to miss hits causing poor front to back dispersion. I think Gen3 was a bit of a fail for PXG after the success of Gen1 and Gen2. I had the 0211 as well and not being able to swing weight them sucked. The most I could get with Accra shafts was D0 and that was way too light for me in the 8i to GW. It sucks to see the haters complaining because I think PXG is doing a great job. The fact they are also lowering prices now is awesome for everyone.
  12. I think PXG is starting to streamline costs, hence no toe weight on driver; one large weight in Gen4 irons making the building process simpler and quicker. They've realized the market for ultra expensive gear is small and are jumping to the mainstream. That said, I'm sure the Gen4 stuff will still perform great.
  13. Disappointed Miura going to China to make these. The appeal of Miura when I owned and played a set was they were forged by the master's hands.
  14. The irons are still perimeter weighted. There is a range of weights I'm sure you can change the center weight to. Not infinite.
  15. If you want to build clubs for a shorter person, taller person or a more complex build like TLT or MOI is a, game changer. I hate hosel weights because they mess with CG location.
  16. It's going to make club building less time consuming with the one screw.
  17. I'm also curious what this "XCOR" is. Back to single material? My buddy has the Gen3s and has major issues with distance control. He'll flush a wedge and hit it further than a 9 iron.
  18. You can check them out here: http://www.miuragiken.com/product/pi-401/
  19. Not if you use a real builder or get PXG clubs! That's why I love the screws! Not only are my SWs perfect. I was able to get them MOI matched with my TLT build.
  20. Same with me. My wedges are length and lie to my TLT, 36 5/16 and 66* lie.
  21. Putter is hugely personal. That said, I'm using a Scotty Square Back 2. For me, it's the perfect combination of the blade look/feel with the better forgiveness on off-center hits. I have never putted better.
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