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  1. If Kevin can't use a blade, there is no way I'm buying blades In all seriousness, they might be nice to combo with 0311t.
  2. I don't know the best but I use Accra iSeries and love them. If never go back to steel.
  3. I'm a TLT guy. No better way to fit in my opinion. What is the downside of the same forward spine tilt and hand position for every iron?
  4. Same as I heard. Don't think PXG sells anything at msrp anymore.
  5. Does anyone know what the pricing will be for the new 0211 ST blades releasing in a week?
  6. That's why I got rid of my old 0211s and moved to the Gen2. I had to add a lot of lead tape on 7i to GW to get them SW'd where I wanted. With the Gen, they nailed the SWs, I even got them MOI matched. The screws provide a real benefit.
  7. The number on the club is totally irrelevant. Sure makes you feel good though when your buddy pulls out a 10 year old mizuno 6 iron on a 160 yard par 3 and you pull 9 iron! lol
  8. I looked at the photos and video. Why would they be so much more forgiving than all those other blades and 20 yards longer than an MP-20... they seem like just a normal blade with more weight high toe to maybe push the CG further into the middle?
  9. If you hold off the proto FW metals will be $199 soon enough
  10. If you are buying a Scotty, get fit. Go to a titleist center and do it right. You will have it for a lifetime, don't cheese out of the experience and the real thing by trying to save some money. A scotty is an aspirational gift you buy yourself for hitting a goal, do it right!
  11. I think they have paid off most of their r&d and also they have reached economies of scale in terms of production. Their irons are the best I've ever used and so is their hybrid. Looking forward to gaming the proto driver and 0311 wedges this year as well. If you like Ping products, you will like PXG. I really like both brands.
  12. Probably has a ball/glove deal would be my guess.
  13. Looks to me like he has a club deal... "grindworks – Japanese golf clubs premium forged components" http://www.grindworks.jp He is also sponsored by Hublot... "Golf | Partnerships | Hublot" https://www.hublot.com/en-us/partnerships/golf
  14. Get that auto junk out of the bag and put your old shaft in. AF is the biggest gimmick in golf right now.
  15. Guy called in the official and asked. The official gave him the OK, what more do people want. I agree, I wasn't much of a Reed fan before but I'm quickly becoming one. The guy is tough as nails. The entire media is slogging him and with all kinds of pressure on this back he goes out and destroys the field... no wonder he's so awesome in Ryder cups!
  16. Their irons and hybrids are the best in the business for me. Driver on par with everyone else (proto). FW metals probably a step behind.
  17. Pxg needs to make a deal for pxg branded shafts with true temper / Accra for stock shafts steel / graphite... Like how ping has they stock shafts optimized for the heads.
  18. This^^^ No iron and ball goes as far in 35-40f... That's sim golf weather!
  19. A Garmin GC quad! I'm so far in you can't even see me!
  20. They could explode if you try to blow them off. My local shop will no longer blow off traditionally installed grips because a few blew up in their face.
  21. I've played with that guy and that's what finally got the chipper in my bag!
  22. oh ya, 6 figures, custom fit clubs and free membership at Scottsdale National... you figured me out! lol. Damn, I thought my covert tactics would work! doh!
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