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  1. Need a LH (Left) Adapter for a Mavrik SZ Driver? Any ideas where I can get one? (want to avoid a RH and have to decode the opposite values. Can I purchase one directly from Callaway?
  2. Great Shafts for sure. beautiful set. someone will get a great deal
  3. Ordered (March 5) Friday shipped the following Friday. Arrived on Monday. Aerotech FC115cw stiff +1 1/4 over. Very happy with the experience heads and shafts.
  4. I ordered a sets of Apex Pro 21' in SF i110cw and FC115cw. I thought I would prefer the i110s over fc115 but found the fc to have a better feel. The i110 felt dead in some shots and had greater distance dispersion. The fc short irons were lower flighted than my TT S300 & S400 on my old heads. Something I wanted. The FC 5 and 6 irons have great distance and descent and more accurate than my TT. Recommend SF FC115cw (Stiff). Definitely less easier on my arms and very accurate. Very nicely balanced. Surprised how much I enjoy my Pitching wedge in SF. Very easy to control.
  5. Amen Brother. Have no problem getting it up.
  6. Turf Interaction is an interesting component. Along the conversation around the T100 and X7. Even if you hit the ball first I would think to much turf interaction could take it's toll. Looking at T100/T200, X7/X5, '21 Apex Pro, and JXP 921 SE. How would you rank the bounce between each head? I'm also thinking a MMT or Steel Fiber shaft could also be a good component. (I'm in my late 50s but high my 7 iron 175/180 still (on Forged TA3/TT S200s).
  7. Does soft or hard stepping a carbon shaft affect it's draw or fade bias?
  8. I'm not in love with the X-Forged look but it sounds like an amazing CB iron for feel and tuning. Hopefully they will how low distance disbursement. I hate the 15 yard flier you can get in some of the other distance clubs. I look forward seeing how they perform. Any thoughts on a smoked set. Been playing smoked irons irons since 2005 Cleveland Ta3s
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