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  1. So many damn white hot inserts idk which one is which. Might snag this putter (images attached), wondering if it’s the old white hot insert (like the original “white hot”),or one of the newer ones). I see you can still buy this putter new but it doesn’t say “PRO” on insert. I’ve played two putter my entire life, a 2001 white hot #1 (99% of time), and a Wilson 8802 style mallet, great with short puts with Wilson, but much better putter overall with #1 and love the insert. Hoping to get best of both worlds here. Also what’s your opinion on best insert, I haven’t liked any of the microhinge versi
  2. I may be in what seems to be the golfwrx minority, but the only clubs I truly like from address (current wedges) are the md5, t20, and ping forged glides - hate all others in the market right now. The Md5s remind me of the 588s on how they lay which I love, and they are soft and buttery so they are what I've been playing. I was fitted and they all spin plenty so go off feel/look imo. Md5s aren't the best looking in the bag but you can customize them for same price as the pings.
  3. For reference, I have been fitted for a driver w/ Hzrdus Smoke Black Stiff shaft (60g), DG S300 for Irons, and DG 115 S200 for wedges. I have never have been fitted for woods, and currently playing a RBZ 16.5* 3 wood w/ the stock Rocketfuel 55 gram stiff shaft, and just started playing my old V Steel 18* 5 wood with the stock M.A.S 2 Ultralite Stiff shaft. That being said, I definitely need to change the wood shafts, they are by far the softest shafts in my bag and although I hit them really solid, the distance discrepancy is way too high and think its due to the shafts. Based on
  4. I can’t comment on ball speed, but carry distances are damn good under 100 yards, there are several flags that I actually shot with range finder, and if you drop the ball right on the stick at 40 or 70 yards it reads 40 or 70. Past 100 I can’t really see my ball relative to a known target so I can’t comment on that either. I’ve hit balls north of 160 on indoor foresight, so I don’t think top tracer reading 160 it’s that far off, I am typically around 150-155 mph for both top tracer and foresight. Unless foresight is garbage too idk, but I’m sure it’s more accurate that a prgr that I can’t see
  5. Yeah this is indoor. The ball speed seems closer to what is actual. Typically the CHS is obviously too low and the ball speed maybe a little high
  6. Question about PRGR swing speed - pretty frequently the PRGR shows club speed as well as ball speed and distance, even though I am only performing dry swings. when documenting my speed should I take the higher ball speed, or take the club head speed and ignore ball speed? I would image the unit is picking up that speed somewhere along my swing?? Here are a few examples from this morning: 99 club head speed 117 ball speed 101 CHS 114 BS 115 CHS 121 BS 117 CHS 124 BS 86 CHS 103 BS 94 CHS 105 BS
  7. no normal stiff, actually changing from a 95 gram to 130 gram s300 as recommended by fitter, so you may be right on with height and spin because I am high hitter and high spin with irons, so s300 is going to bring trajectory and spin down. We will see, still think my speed is low though, Reason I'm focusing on swing speed is I can do it at home.
  8. I’m at a whopping 700 ft altitude. B.Mattay make a good point thought, if toptracer (the data I posted above is from toptracer on an open range in freezing temps by the way) shows my ball speed in the 160s, PRGR has to be reading low. I was swinging HARD this morning and got 106 mph. At a perfect smash factor that wouldn’t get me 160 ball speed. I’ve got a buddy with a flightscope I’ll have to go cross check some stuff. this all still doesn’t answer why my iron swings/distances are so much lower relative to driver
  9. Ok, I have nothing to gain by lying to you, but one thing I know for sure is I can get it 300 yards on a flat range. If you'd like my realistic hard data, I went to sim 2 weeks ago and hit 14 drives, didn't throw a single shot out: Average Distance: 282 yds (2) shots at 293 yds (1) at 291 yds, so only 3 total over 290 shortest was 252 and carried 245 Average Ball Speed: 157 mph only 4 hits over 160 mph Ave Launch Angle: 17 deg Ave Height: 119 ft Ave Landing Angle: 39 deg Average Hang Time: 6.7 sec Ave Curve: L 28 ft Just cur
  10. I am 27 years old, 5'10", and 150 lbs so not big at all, but I think I can hit the driver pretty long, 300 yds (not carry) frequently. However I would not say I hit my irons long, my 33 degree 7 iron is only 155 yds. So I bought a PRGR pocket monitor looking to increase my swing speed, hopefully finding more lag or some other efficiency would create more club head speed. What I found was I am not swinging my club very fast. Driver hovers in that 94 mph normal to 102 if I go after it, 7 iron around 68-74 . Then I find this nice table showing I am BELOW the 25th percentile in my ag
  11. How much is too much (degrees) to alter loft and lie? and how many times can these adjustments be made? My order of new p770s got to Minnesota recently and they were bent the wrong direction (flat not upright), and lofts were jacked up too. TM says they will bend them back no problem (I'm talking 6 degrees of bend) What do you all think
  12. My batch of 770s (no loft changes), had all the lofts jacked up every which way >2*... could be that, but it also couldn't - I'm just pissed at TM right now
  13. Got them, they’re all messed up, lie off >3*, loft strong on some weak on others. Idk what’s going on with their QC
  14. Currently have a 3 driving iron in the bag, don’t hit it much further than my 4 iron and there is a massive gap between my 4 iron and 4 wood, around 40 yards (actually a 3 HL wood at 16.5*) thinking about putting my old 5 wood v steel in its place. Obviously going to do some range time and hope to see it fill that gap but I was curious if anyone has a similar set up?
  15. So I ordered a set of sticks and the PRGR last week and have gotten no shipping confirmation, how long do these thing typically take to get?
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