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  1. Once lost an early round matchplay tourny at the first play off hole after being 4 up with 4 to play. Couldn't feel my hands or arms. Got a good tip off Faldo the other day. Just rock the shoulders, take arms out of play.
  2. At +4 after 6 I can't resist saying Pyuka Saso. Took the drama clean away. At least Lexi is playing like a champ.
  3. I'm watching on the Korean SBS Golf stream and it kept freezing whilst the ladies were talking shop on the teebox. Frustrating.
  4. According to particle physics, if the -3 Korda touches the +3 Korda they'll annihilate each other. Squeegy that mess.
  5. I think that all of Phil's career, he's been uncomfortable, bemused and a little embarrassed by crowd adulation. I believe he's a hard headed, practical guy and may secretly think to himself "What's in it for them? I'm getting the cheques, why they so pleased?" but feels it would be churlish not to acknowlege the support. The long standing accusations of being fake stem from this. Just a guess.
  6. Phil having to listen to a grown man bellowing, " I love you!". Sheesh, thumbs up, Phil.
  7. He's positioned a hot blonde pushing a disabled kid on every hole just for that eventuality. Wall St money gives you that option
  8. They are indeed beautiful parkland courses but they seem especially tiring on the legs, with all the elevation changes, from what I've seen. So we have Shibuno's parents to thank for that lovely smile, Is she very double jointed as when taking a stance her forearms from wrists to elbows appear to be touching, something I couldn't possibly emulate. I hope her parents didn;t take Ben Hogan;s famous book too seriously and bound her arms together too tightly.
  9. Not buying the nervous excuse, been in that position often enough. A win is a win though and another entertaining show on a cool quirky course.
  10. You can't keep the Seoul Sisters down. So Sei Mi. -5 front 9.
  11. For me, it was when the leaders were on thirteen or fourteen and sleep took me. As a spectacle, Augusta is in many ways unrivalled, the camerawork, the beauty, but as a sporting contest it sucked.
  12. Looking at the MC's, the competition chose to work a five day week this year.
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