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  1. Looking for clubs for a 5’2 beginner (7 iron roughly 35in would be ideal). She used to play hockey so regular flex could work too. Need everything except the bag, so open to full sets, iron sets, wood sets, wedges, putters etc. Looking for forgiveness. Open to anything from 100-200 cheap used box sets (strata, Wilson etc) to 500-600 brand name clubs, as long as it’s a fair deal.
  2. Looking for a set of iron heads only, NEEDS TO BE .355, 5-gap or 4-pw. Looking for somewhat forgiving but nothing too chunky, some examples would be Ping i200/i500, Mizuno MP MMC/HMB, or jpx hot metal pro/forged, Titleist 718 AP1 or AP3, Srixon zx5/585/565, Taylormade p790s. Something for a mid handicapper. Looking for somewhat recent models, 2016 till now. Doesn't need to be new, but needs to be good condition with lots of life left (won't consider brown and worn grooves, finish coming off etc.)
  3. Just a few things for sale or for trade today. All prices are shipped CONUS and paypaled. Irons will ship UPS, driver heads will ship USPS unless otherwise agreed. TRADES: Odyssey 2 ball ten tour lined 33/34in. I would also consider a slightly more forgiving iron set, G425 top of the list (red/black dot, standard length, stiff or close to stiff). Also would consider i500s, p790s etc. Newer 5 woods too. two 8.5 deg Driver heads TM M4 8.5 deg No headcover one sky mark and one thin scratch on crown OBO $130 shipped and PPed SOLD Titl
  4. Drive 4 Dough is next on my list! Update: Bought the Complete wedge series 2 weeks ago and just shot my best round today (+14) and had 3-4 of those dreaded 80-110 yard full wedge shots. One fell just short of the green (where I used the bounce to get up and down) but the others were all much better, no more duffs, one ended up being birdie, the other was a 2 putt par. My driving is still very suspect,Started the day with huge banana peel slices but on the back 9 I straightened some out to baby fades. Too bad I was still aiming way left so lost a couple balls OB (had to
  5. Does anyone else use an interlocking grip and have pain in their right (bottom hand, I'm a righty) pinky? the middle joint gets twisted between my other pinky and ring finger, especially on drives. It doesn't really effect my game, just some soreness the day after range sessions where I hit a lot of driver. Noticed today that my right pinky is now significantly bigger than my left pinky, so wondering if anyone else has this problem and found a solution. Saw some other threads saying to switch grips, but I've tried 10 finger grips (which actually strains my left thumb at the top of
  6. EDIT: Found some past helpful threads and I think I pieced it together more or less. Still not sure on weight but I'll just have to weigh them when they arrive Figured out they're Oban, now just have to try for weight and flex, looks like 41.0 installed in the 4 iron and butt trimmed to standard 38.5? anyone know what that means for flex?
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