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  1. 1. Whatever tech will help me stop chunking full wedge shots, (v sole, hollow cavity zipcore) 2. Stop chunking on full and partial wedge shots 3. 50 degree
  2. Looking for anything between 15-19 degrees
  3. I loved the stability too, experimenting with it I found that on a bigger putter grip, I lose some speed control on shorter putts (I think for shorter putts I rely less on shoulder movement and more on arms and wrists) Currently I've settled for an exaggerated over lap grip where I overlap two fingers, gives me a similar 'connected' feel between the two hands but on bigger grips I don't have to feel like I'm reaching to interlock. Also I have sweaty hands and the interlock gets slippery in between the fingers.
  4. What kind of grip do you play with? have you found a certain size or shape to be more natural for an interlock? I currently overlap two fingers using a GP tour snsr straight grip (blue one), trying to interlock on that puts my wrists at an awkward angle, but interlocking on my other putter's standard pistol grip feels more natural. Also finding out sweaty hands get worse when you interlock without gloves lol. Heres a video of Schauffele's set up (I think his armlock setup and current setup are the same, just couldn't find a good video of the latter), seems like he does exactly what you want to try. I have an evnroll midlock I've been messing around with and just can't find the right grip for. I may try this left hand low interlock as it feels more natural and lets my right hand press and hold the shaft into left arm easily.
  5. 95% sure the tour authentic all are limited run, just a poor photoshop job and forgot to change the microhinge insert lettering.
  6. Am watching Xander Schauffele in the Olympics right now and noticed he interlocks on his putter grip. Found this photo of his grip. Anyone use or tried an interlock grip for putting? Pros and cons? What made you do it, what made you stay with it or change to something else?
  7. Here it is online, not available at many retailers online and goes by 'tour authentic' moniker https://www.carlsgolfland.com/odyssey-2-ball-ten-tour-authentic-putter?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6ZOIBhDdARIsAMf8YyF39kD6Fw2eL5t-1JW2o5hon7XUIoORZT-UV7zOblabUo2yv2sctRQaAsxlEALw_wcB
  8. I thought of this too as I noticed on the range that when I was doing the cast A set drill, I always started the final turn with my hips and my arms would fall behind. In my normal swing I tend to get to my left side a little quickly and get OTT so I've done the Rose drill before. Tried putting them together with some swing at home today and it feels great! I've struggled with the rose drill in the past because I thought of it as slowing down every part of the start of the backswing, which threw my rhythm out of whack. The feel that really works for me is the AMG guys did a 'Justin Rose drill' video where one of them describes the feeling of increasing the angle of the lead arm at impact vs address. After that I realized that its really slowing or delaying your hips so that the arms/hands/club can get in optimal position to rotate into the ball and not be left behind. The above might help with this. When you say its 'too late' I'm assuming you mean by the time you finish cast A you're already too far into your rotation because thats how I feel. I have always felt my hips as the start of my downswing so when I try to do Cast A my hips start rotating too and I end up with my arms way behind. What helped is what DeanAbides mentions above, doing the Rose staying closed drill and thinking about my hips following the arms. Ideally the feel would be hip rotation starts once hands get to the right position (p6), but as Justin rose says himself, the feel needs to be exaggerated because your hips and shoulders are never going to not turn at all and stay closed to wait for your arms (they'll start moving from the very start of your downswing). The key feel that got good results for me was to have my arms feel like they were moving down and behind and then leading my hips in the rotation.
  9. Bought NTC this week after working on UTB, D4D, Complete wedges series, Efficient swing as well as the original NTC YouTube video over the past year. I found this new version of NTC to be very helpful and expand on a lot of the 'no turn' drills that have appeared in the past videos. The ulnar deviation and and left wrist flexion is a very new feel and after a week I'm still having trouble with cast A when putting the steps together. I can get everything up to Cast A in a pretty fluid motion, but I have to pause and do a small cast to 8 before setting my wrist again and swinging. Also like many others, my wrist is pretty sore. I was wondering if anyone else finds similarities between Cast A and the other shallowing feels Monte has used in the past (working the elbow towards the belly button, getting shoulder off chin, secondary tilt). The examples I gave are all feels that I've really liked an had no trouble integrating, and my thought is that if I can add a little wrist flexion and ulnar deviation to one of those feels, it might help with the hiccup. For some reason, the Cast A feel doesn't trigger a downswing for me the same way getting shoulder off chin and elbow to belly button does, and when I think about casting the rest of my body forgets what to do and I end up just making wrist movements. Cast B seems very familiar too, I tried to look through the other videos to find what it reminded me of but couldn't pinpoint it. I think it was in UTB or wedges video where Monte breaks down a partial wedge shot as a shallowing and then an almost flipping wrist-casting motion that seems like cast B. But without confidence I was doing Cast A correctly I wasn't sure my cast b feel was quite right either.
  10. Where exactly would it be? on the adapter or in the head? This is what mine look like
  11. Recently noticed a very faint rattling sound in my G425 max, it happens during my swing (which I can barely hear and thought I was imagining at first) and sometimes again when I put the club down immediately after the swing. When I shake the club to try and listen for it I can't hear anything. I took a few swings without a ball just to see if I could hear it, and seems like it only happens once every 3-5 practice swings, and maybe slightly more often on aggressive swings. Very tiny rattle, and always just one rattle, not like somethings is bouncing back and forth in there. What can I do at home to fix this? I have a heat gun, can I just heat the head up a little and try to catch the piece? The driver was stock from golf galaxy, no hot melt added after the fact.
  12. I bought two of the same shaft together (3wd and 5wd lengths, 70g and 80g). Guess Ill just put the head on the other one for now, it looks much better.
  13. Bought a fairway shaft that has a cobra adapter installed. Around 1/8 inch of extra prep is exposed past the adapter and ferrule (cobra adapters are shallower than some other brands and come with very small ferrules so pulls often have more prep than can be covered). Anyway I can cover the area with a ferrule of some sort without having to pull the adapter? Don't want to pull and reinstall graphite again just to fix a cosmetic issue
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