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  1. Hi guys. I'm looking for some help with fighting the dreaded hook! I throw a few in every round, usually off the tee and as anyone who suffers with the hooks will know they are so destructive! When I hit one it feels as if I haven't transferred the weight, stuck on my right side then flip the hands over? Would appreciate any help, even a simple drill I could do at home without a club in my hands. Close to playing some good golf but this shot is a total card wrecker!
  2. I'm going for the tensei blue pro 60x and if that doesn't work out I have an ad bb 6x I'll try with it.
  3. Really appreciate you taking the time to reply and giving me your feedback. Sounds good to me, I think I'm going to go for one! Cheers
  4. Hi guys. Was wondering if anyone is gaming the Srixon ZX5 driver and if so how do you rate it? Also how does it compare to previous drivers you've gamed plus others you've tested? I've currently got a g400 max in the bag which is a good club but just curious about the Srixon as I love their irons and wedges(Cleveland). Cheers
  5. Hi guys. Have any of you found the perfect driver head and shaft combo through trial and error or would you say it all comes down to fitting? Cheers
  6. It's a bit old school but I've always liked the Attas international
  7. Speeder Evo V 661x is a superb shaft as are most speeders
  8. I would use either depending on the lie and type of shot. I play a lot of chip and runs with 9 iron when possible but if not off a fairly standard lie/situation I would go 58. 62 is great when more loft is required or from thick rough. Actually used it in a bunker last week when there was little green to work with and holed it for a 2 which was nice. Superb wedges, would definitely recommend them.
  9. Zipcore for me. I have 52(mid), 58(full) and 62(low). Great wedges with variety of bounces to cover all types of shot. I had Mizuno previously which I liked a lot but these are a definite step up.
  10. Hi guys. Just looking for your experiences and opinions on the Arccos sensors? Cheers
  11. Great shout, I loved that club! 8.5 loft stiff shaft
  12. I really can't get on with modern 3 woods for some reason, it totally baffles me? Tried so many but have no confidence in them or with them. Have picked up a couple of older ones and am going to try those then put a good shaft in one of them. Either an X2 hot or Mizuno MP titanium. I'll be interested to see how your test goes though.
  13. If you are thinking about changing I would have a look at Srixon irons. I have the z785's in the bag and love them also fitted with DG S300.
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