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  1. I prefer the original rsi udi, a bit more forgiving and feels nicer in my opinion. Have a 2 and 3 iron in them, great clubs!
  2. Just put a 5 wood back in the bag for the last couple of rounds, a Nike vr pro ltd and it too is a rocket! Feels so good, makes me wonder why I didn't put it in sooner?
  3. Took a lot of you guys advice and watched some old stuff from the players that inspired me to take the game up. Also put a couple of old clubs in the bag and bought a 2016 M2 driver which went in the bag today and had great fun. That is such an awesome driver!
  4. AP76

    2016 M2 driver

    Bought one this week and put it the bag today, wow!
  5. Couldn't resist this! Head is in great shape although the shaft was no use to me but I had a Kuro Kage silver I've put in it.
  6. I was loyal to Titleist irons for quite a few years but now using Srixon and can see me sticking with them for the foreseeable. Had the same Ping putter for 4 years, unless the thing disintegrates it won't be leaving the bag!
  7. I can relate to your story, sounds very similar to my own. I got down to 5 then with getting married, building a house etc I didn't play for over 3 years. Could never rediscover my old form and like you just kept going up and up until I too went up to 17. Finally got my finger out a bit and started getting involved with inter club team matches etc which definately helped my game. Have now got myself down to 10 but the goal is to reach single figures again. Came very close last year but there was always 2 or 3 bad holes caused by a lost ball off the tee usually a hook which just wrecked my card. I think a lesson is maybe the way to go to see if I can get things straightened out and take it from there.
  8. That's a good shout, I totally agree with you. Always easy to feel sorry for yourself when ultimately there's little to feel sorry about. Sad to hear you're unable to play, hope you found something to give you equal pleasure/torture!
  9. This sounds like me! It's like Groundhog Day! I've considered moving to a different course which is less punishing thinking I might enjoy my golf better but it's nowhere near the standard of where I currently play plus I have a great fourball. I suppose it's a case of you get out what you put in so I will either have to try and dedicate a bit more time to practice/lessons or just take the rough with the even rougher!
  10. My biggest issue is I don't play as well as I know I can often enough but I know a lot of that is on me as I don't put enough time in practice wise. Saying that I don't have a lot of time especially at this time of year, it's just Saturday to Saturday golf so maybe I should lower my expectations for a start? My main problem is off the tee, I can be a bit wild and hit it left quite often so have been trying to employ some course management by hitting irons off certain tees to keep the ball in play. My course is very unforgiving if you stray especially if you hit the ball a certain distance. I would really love to have the confidence to stand up with driver and commit to it but preferably with a fade and trying to take the left side out of play. My irons are decent and my short game and putting are better than average so I think if I could get it sorted off the tee I could reach my goal of single figures and hopefully have the confidence to push on from there. I know it's only a game but damn it's the most frustrating of them all! Appreciate the reply!
  11. Have any of you guys fell out of love with the game and if so did you step away for a while or go for lessons or what did you do to get the juices flowing again?
  12. I play at Galgorm Castle, it's a European tour venue. A nice parkland but hard to beat a bit of links golf especially those 3 beauties you played!
  13. Of those 4 brands I would go Titleist all day long. They would definately offer the best complete package. That's only my opinion though, if you're getting to try them all then happy days!
  14. It's certainly working well for the world number one! Good enough for him then it should be more than good enough for us guys!
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