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  1. Hi guys. Going to try and get away from a draw/hook and go to a fade. Be interested to know what you guys do to promote a fade. Cheers
  2. A lot of very interesting stuff guys, didn't expect to get so much feedback on this topic! Anyone gamed or tested the kuro kage xt?
  3. I know it's me and not the club or shaft. I would take a Monty fade over a draw/hook any time!
  4. Also for your information I used to play off 5 but was out of the game for a few years and unfortunately have never been able to rediscover that level. Plus with work/family commitments I only get to play 18-27 holes per week whereas when I played off 5 I would have been out 3-4 times a week.
  5. Thanks for your very helpful post, much appreciated
  6. If you had read what I said to begin with you would know I'm already very aware the shaft can only do so much. I was just looking for suggestions as to what shafts might help counteract the ball going left but thanks for your input!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, will check out what the TXG guys have to say
  8. How about a whiteboard d+ 80x? I've seen one at a reasonable price which would suit me as an experiment. Don't want to spend loads on a shaft only to find out it doesn't work for me?
  9. Thanks for the detailed reply, will look into your suggestions.
  10. Anything I have available to hand is in the 6x category. Fuji Evo v 661 x Diamana w series 60x Attas international 6x Motore speeder VC 6.1 x I will definitely look into the suggestions you've mentioned. Good luck with the Rad speed fitting
  11. Yes, I'm using 10.5 cranked down to 9.5 and has definitely helped a bit
  12. Thanks for this, very valuable info
  13. Thanks, will look into the black. Almost bought a handcrafted yellow but thankfully looked into first and realised it wouldn't really work for me.
  14. I've heard the Hulk is extremely hard work and that's coming from guys with more speed than me. Thanks, will look into your suggestions.
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