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  1. I tried it for a while. I just wasn’t hitting my 3 wood accurately at all. Tried a 5 wood instead and it was certainly easier to hit and I had no real gapping issues since I played shorter courses. Started practicing again recently with my 3 wood and now that I hit it more consistently I’ve put it back in the bag along with the 5 wood. Only benefit for putting it back in the bag is off the tee or if I have a 250+ approach shot that needs some roll. Try it out yourself.
  2. Yes I am. Switch between the prov1 and v1x. Honestly can’t really tell the difference between the two for trajectory and feel but that’s just me. They both spin well in the short game for me I just want to figure out how I can get them to spin more instead of one hop and stop.
  3. This post is kind of ironic considering my username. Still love big nasty floppers but I want to get better with controlling my launch. I keep hearing that launch angle should be around 30° in your wedge shots. Every TXG video with wedges Matt and Ian launch there shots at about 30. Ive watched a ton of video about how to lower it and I practice lowering launch a ton but still feel like they launch kinda high especially in my 54 and 60. This is verified when I hit off the GC Quad at my nearby golf store which says I’m launch wedges around 37° on average. Can’t tell if it’s my technique or set up? I don’t take huge divots and feel like I’m already making pretty good contact but I understand mastering this technique will benefit me so I want to improve at it. Any tips or advice?
  4. What are some negatives if I lengthen my wedge shafts length by 1/2 inch? Right now my set PW is 36.5inches and my 50,54,60 are all at 36inches in dynamic gold s400. I’m thinking about lengthening them to match my PW. Also, thinking of making them s300 to go a little lighter. I don’t necessarily care about about distance but I want more spin and think this will help. My goal is to get more spin on half and 3/4 wedge shots. Besides being less accurate- Is going lighter and longer a bad idea?
  5. Playing Mizuno MP20-MMC irons. They’re generally for single digit cappers but I feel like they’re easy to hit and use.
  6. I guess it really depends how someone approaches you and starts a conversation at the range. I’m sorry to hear you moved away from SoCal so that you could let nice people merge into traffic and have them smile and say thank you. But to each his own. (See what I did there to a stranger striking a conversation up with me-much like at the range).
  7. Yes you were a being a jerk but that’s not a bad thing. Being a jerk is the only way to get rid of annoying nosy talkative jabroni’s. There’s literally nothing I hate more than strangers talking to me at the range.
  8. Title explaining it all and I can't really find a direct answer on google or from my own research. I have a hunch that I'm developing tendonitis in my lead wrist and so my brain/body is purposefully compensating to make impact at the ball less intense. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm new to golf having played for less than a year so I'm not sure if this is a common occurence. Every so often something weird happens where I can hit only disgusting duck hooks with clubs 8i-Driver. For whatever reason I can feel my grip change during my downswing in these longer clubs. When I take practice swings it feels fine but once I stand over the ball it changes so I'm wondering if its mental too? I'll purposely set up with a weaker grip and try to hit slices but they all end up being hooks. Also, a crazy strong grip is only what feels good at address but this is not what I want. I know its an issue with coming over the top with a closed clubface but even when I do the complete opposite it still happens. What's weird is that my 9i-LW are all unaffected. Obviously the further the clubhead is from your body the heavier it feels so maybe that's why I can still hit these well with no lead wrist compensation. I can take full swings with these clubs and in fact I played a round recently and just started hitting 9i off the tee in par 5s lol. Its super frustrating because I'm not a crazy long hitter but I'm young and athletic and normally hit my Driver around 260 carry pushing up to 290 depending on the day. However, these stupid snap hooks now make my drives get about 15 feet off the ground and end up rolling 150 yards to the left. Honestly I've never wanted to slice a ball so badly in my life. Any advice helps? I know resting is the best thing to do but I'm addicted so it's hard.
  9. I’ve always been with the Ping Gang. Equipment might not look the best but performance and feel always are good in their clubs.
  10. Fair point. I'm a mid handicapper that loves to practice with my wedges so I guess I have a better feel with them. Plus based on the courses I play I never see awkward yardage gaps at the top of my bag where I wish I had more variety. If I struggle with my driver its 3 wood off the tee or my 3i. Gaps between my 3i and 3w are 225-240 carry respectively so for me I don't see value for a 5 wood or hybrid. Not to mention when I do play with lower handicaps I tend to see them drive well and hit irons well but they struggle 100 yards in and around the green so maybe that's what driving my thinking. Although your comment makes me want to buy a 5w and hybrid to practice with lol.
  11. Don’t understand why anyone would want to play only 3. Unless you’re a scratch golfer it’s more beneficial to have options 150 yards in.
  12. I ordered my custom MP 20 MMCs on Jan 1 and they arrived on Feb 15. So you’re probably looking at around 6 weeks wait.
  13. Love the bag. I like the separation and side pockets for my woods and putter. Ton of room to put my junk and I haven’t noticed any scratches on my graphite shafts yet. my only negative with the bag is that I feel like the clubs end up bunching up in each row and it can be slightly inconvenient when I pull a club out. But considering my clubs are all midsize or jumbo grips it’s expected.
  14. I have the Ping glide forged in 50 and Glide 2.0 SS in 54 and 60. The 2.0 is not quite the same as 3.0 but close enough. I mostly use the forged for full and 3/4 swings and haven’t tried it out of the bunker. Occasionally I use it for long chip shots and have had no problems with it. Forged is definitely less forgiving but still great around the greens. I haven’t tried forged in higher lofts but I would imagine it’s less versatile than the SS grind.
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