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  1. Glad I wasn’t out of line thinking this was serious heat lol.
  2. Yeah, I just completely overlooked the cart fee every time I was on the site. See it now. Thanks all for the heads up. I'm coming from Houston, so I'm definitely used to the heat and turf not being lush per se, but for whatever reason I was not expecting temps well into triple digits this far north. It's even going to be in the 90s when I'm in Seattle, something else I hadn't predicted.
  3. Going to piggyback off this thread a bit. Playing Gamble next week and have a couple questions about the course/weather. Looks like it gets pretty damn hot out in central Washington (who knew? ): - Their website gives the impression it's walking only, which is cool, but want to confirm that as to know what to expect ahead of time - Should I expect the course (especially greens) to be burnt out? I haven't played many places where it's 100F+ and doesn't burn up much of grass Just trying to set expectations as I haven't spent any time in that part of the world. I
  4. Wanted to run an idea by the locals: I'm going to be in town around the New Year and will probably play two courses. My girlfriend (Phoenix native) will be with me and I'm sure she'd much rather play than ride around in the cart. She can get it out there pretty well on good shots, but she's still very much a beginner, albeit with probably 50 rounds to her name. I'm not sure exactly how we're going to go about it just yet, but I was thinking that playing Quintero may be a good option. The tee sheet looks pretty sparse when I look online, the views are great, it's well out of town, seems to
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