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  1. 196gr total for my TSi2 head, with standard back weight.
  2. I have had my ZX5's for about 2 weeks now. Only had the opportunity to hit them at the range about 10 times. I love them. The feel is great for such and iron. I've had i500, mp20hmb and forged tec one previously. The ZX5 have the best feel I think and look great at adress. I have the modus 120 shaft which I got fitted for. They came in at D5. If I were to find a negative about them, it would be the little bit chunky sole on the 8-pw. So I understand if you wanna combo for that reason. But looking down at them, thats gone. Looking forward going out playing and see how t
  3. Started playing golf in June this year. Down to 15hcp at the moment but still only carry my driver about 260y. I swing 108mph and have a goal to swing close to 120mph next summer. I been thinking about the super Speed sticks, but this system seems way smarter. I am super motivated and will swing my a** off to reach my goal. Following on instagram.
  4. Tried the PRGR at the range today for the first time. I got readings for every shot right out of the box, except for 52, 56 wedges. But PW and up worked fine. With the other wedges I only got club head Speed, which is fine for me. I knew that could be a possibility going with this unit. I tried it both from about 3 and 6 feet away from the ball. The ball Speed seemed to be about the same. But the club head Speed read faster from 3 feet. I would say about 5mph faster from 3 feet than 6 feet. I would say readings from 6 feet, was what I usually get in club head Speed from a Trackman
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