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  1. The blue for me is like a wet noodle. I have a 6x and really has to slow my tempo and transition for it to go straight. Or else it will hook like crazy. The black 6x was straight or even a little cut, but launch was just a tad to low for my liking. As of now I get best result with a CK pro blue 60tx, straight or slight draw with high launch and pretty good spin (2300-2400). My ss is 116mph (trackman numbers) and 170mph ballspeed. Don't know if maybe another shaft weight in Ventus line would give me better results, but sticking with the Tensei for now.
  2. Driver: I switched back and forth between a G425 LST and a TSi2, also had a SIM2 but that one didn't stay long in the bag. The LST is more forgiving than most think. I hit some of my longest and straightest drives with it, but now and then I missed it left. Countered that with putting it in flat setting. It's a great driver for me, but due to the weight I feel its not as optimal when feeling a little fatigue as the TSi2 is. TSi2 is actually a couple of yards longer for me at the moment. Mostly cause I swing that club faster and get a few extra mph ballspeed out of it. TSi2 is more forgivi
  3. Had mine adjusted 2* flat and my 52 2* stronger.
  4. Ping G425 LST 10.5, Tensei AV Raw Orange 75x. Bought 4 days ago, played two rounds with it.
  5. I am having a hard time getting the spin down with my SIM2. On trackman I am only getting the calculated spinrates and I know they aren't the best to look at, but they are saying 2800-3300 spin for me. Ballspeed around 165 on my stock shot, but have gotten it up to 175+ but my aoa then becomes flat and low launch, and spin seems to be pretty high, so not getting the length I want. The ball flight outside tells the same story as trackman calculates inside, the ball ballon on me. So the spin is way to much. Did not have this issue with tsi2 and that's a more forgiving model.
  6. I looked for it on the build/component sheet, but saw nothing on it about weight. Only said n/a om head weight and so. I weighed the tps and its 12g, also says 12 on the bottom of it. Total head weight is 207g. I have contacted the store and asked them to have TM send me a different tps weight. But I am thinking about just cutting some mass off the weight until I get it down to D5.
  7. Anyone know how much the sim2 tps front weight is? I ordered a SIM2 with speeder 757 at -0.75" and wanted it as close to standard swing weight as possible (D4-D5). It came in at D9+ with a 12g front weight. I guess they just winged it with the weight in the head and didn't check it after shaft was on.
  8. I have a tsi2 10 degree set to C1, 9.25 degree. I am getting 1.49 smash out of it (trackman numbers). 110-113 ss and 164-169 bs. I am finding it draw bias, but also I tend to close the face to much. Don't know if it's cause of this driver in perticular. I am going to demo the Cobra drivers on friday then the new SIM2 in about 2 weeks. Will be interesting to see if I could get more distance with a low spinning driver. Other than that I am very happy with tsi2, it's not slow but tend to spin up alot with high hits.
  9. 196gr total for my TSi2 head, with standard back weight.
  10. I have had my ZX5's for about 2 weeks now. Only had the opportunity to hit them at the range about 10 times. I love them. The feel is great for such and iron. I've had i500, mp20hmb and forged tec one previously. The ZX5 have the best feel I think and look great at adress. I have the modus 120 shaft which I got fitted for. They came in at D5. If I were to find a negative about them, it would be the little bit chunky sole on the 8-pw. So I understand if you wanna combo for that reason. But looking down at them, thats gone. Looking forward going out playing and see how t
  11. Started playing golf in June this year. Down to 15hcp at the moment but still only carry my driver about 260y. I swing 108mph and have a goal to swing close to 120mph next summer. I been thinking about the super Speed sticks, but this system seems way smarter. I am super motivated and will swing my a** off to reach my goal. Following on instagram.
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