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  1. [quote name='Goldenhawk' timestamp='1335015564' post='4762686'] Well I guess the investors in Adams Golf were not happy about the sale price per share of their stocks to TaylorMade. They are suing the BOD of Adams for the inadequate price of $10.80 a share and are threatening to block the sale. Here's the article: http://shareholdersfoundation.com/case/adams-golf-inc-nasdaqadgf-investor-files-lawsuit-against-directors-over-alleged-breaches-fiduci [/quote] These types of lawsuits are so common in deals like this that they have their own name: "Bump Up" claims. As a prior poster noted, t
  2. I am a guy and find most of the golf shops in NYC cater to super rich guys with more money than sense. If they don't know you (and your wallet), good luck. I had good luck with the people at the Golfsmith in Westchester.
  3. I love my new I20. Many of the newer drivers are very wide (heel to toe) to provide "forgiveness" to people who cannot get the sweet spot on the ball. Unfortunately, the wide heads make them a little hard to square consistently leading to slices and hooks. With a deep faced head like the I20, I find it very controllable. Since I am a high spin swinger, I love the low spin head b/c I actually get roll out. Hit some very nice drives today and kept up with my buddy who has 10mph on me and a new Cally driver in his bag.
  4. [quote name='Solutions Etcetera' timestamp='1335044860' post='4764624'] You will find this style of bag does not do well in most carts. The rearward facing pockets will be torn up by the cart basket, not to mention you can't get to them when it is strapped into a cart. Had a bag with a similar shape TM Monaco, and it was torn up after two seasons. The nicest cart bags I have found to date are the Callaways and the Sun Mountains. [/quote] I really don't want a cart bag. It doesn't have to be ginormous one. More like the 1980's bags I grew up with.
  5. Because of a knee injury, walking rounds will probably be relegated to 9 hole jaunts on flat courses. Since I am going to be using a cart all the time, I want something bigger. BUT - I don't like cart bags. There is entirely to much going on. What I really want is a staff style bag. Round well for clubs, pockets for balls and tees, and long pocket in front for raingear and such. Before the "cart" bag was invented, there used to be plenty of them available on the market (my dad had one). Now, the only ones I can find are expensive leather ones. Any ideas?
  6. Camera Limitations? Parking?I am taking my father to the Tuesday practice round for the Masters this year. 1) Although their website said photography is allowed, it doesn't provide much guidance about how much camera is allowed. I would like to bring my Nikon D7000 (advance consumer sized) DLR with a Nikon 18-200mm lens attached. While larger than the normal "kit" lens sold with most consumer DLSR's, it is not ginormous. Does anyone have any experience in this regard? I don't want to get turned away at the gate. 2) My dad had a double knee replacement in the Fall. While he is doing well
  7. Onebulldogs

    20* Driver!

    [quote name='MPellow' timestamp='1332074935' post='4528953'] Was just looking at some component clubs and saw that the Bang-o-matic is available in 20* loft, at 460cc! Do you think that could be made into some sort of crazy accurate Thriver? Would be great for those tight par 3's.... [/quote] Because I am not a big hitter, I rarely use a three wood from the fairway (especially since I started using hybrids). My thought is that if I need a 3 wood from the deck, I really need to lay up. Realizing that I only used my 3 wood off the tee, I notice that the senior Ping G2 driver had a ton
  8. There are million variable that go into a ball's performance and whether you should use it. For example, I love the way Cally balls perform, but hate the curved - distracting logo when I putt. Thus, I use something else - primarily Bridgestone e6 or RX. My strategy for picking the right ball: 1) set a budget - if you can't afford ProV1's, don't worry about it 2) pick some balls in your price range 3) find the one that gives you the best combo of distance, feel and looks. 4) Once you settle on a ball, try out something new from time to time to back test your initial conclusion. A fe
  9. Between a back injury and the weight gain that came with it, I have lost enough SS that I want to go to a R shaft in my R9 Driver. Since I am rehabbing the back and expect to get SS back, I don't want to spend big bucks on a new shaft or driver right now. Ideally, it would have a profile similar to a ProLaunch Blue and in the 60g range. If I found one of the Rocketballz shafts cheap, would it fit in my R9 without throwing off the swingweight?
  10. [quote name='MyBluC4' timestamp='1323788866' post='3932697'] Tiger to Top Flight??? [/quote] Maybe he holds a grudge against Nike b/c it was Elin's weapon of choice?
  11. Planning for 2012 MastersEarlier, I found out that I won the right to attend the Tuesday practice round at the 2012 Masters. Tickets are paid for, so the planning has begun. I am really excited b/c my dad, who is 70, wants to go. Since he just had both his knees replaced, he knows that he will have to work his $$$$ off to be ready for the walking involved. Knowing how much he loves golf, I am sure it is going to be good motivation for him to do his rehab right. I want to make it a positive experience. 1) We will be flying separately into Atlanta on Monday, we will rent a car and drive t
  12. [quote name='cfgolf' timestamp='1318211741' post='3650237'] Why are some people just now finding out they won the ticket lottery? There have been a few posts of people just getting the news. Wasn't that a couple months back when notification took place? That's about when I found out I didn't get anything. Just curious. [/quote] I think some people didn't buy the tickets from the original lottery and they decided to sell them to the 2nd group. Earlier, I had been told no.
  13. Should I buy them?I just found out that I won the right to buy two tickets to the Tuesday practice round at the Masters. While I am pretty sure that I can go (and get someone to go with me), I am wondering whether the Tuesday round is worth spending all that time (3 days off) and money to witness. 1) What happens on Tuesday that is "interesting?" 2) I have a photography hobby. Can we bring cameras to practice rounds like regular PGA events? 3) Would I be better off buying tickets to Monday (saves a vacation day at work) or Wednesday off Stubhub(after selling my Tuesday tickets)? Thanks?
  14. With a caveatHaving had a child and realizing that I am never going to be a professional, I am considering putting together a throwback set to play with. I'll just play with what I want to play and move up a set of tees. Woods: Spaulding Tour Edition Persimmon 1/3/5 - They were my dad's (and mine when I borrowed them) when I was young. Still in playable condition, emI may try to find someone to refurbish them. Putter: Ping Answer - Just had it regripped. Bag: Ping Hoofer 2 - because it was my favorite carry bag. If I can ever locate a nice Wilson Staff bag, I plan on buying it. Irons: If
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