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  1. 300 rounds!? Fair to say at this point that the i210's have worked out well for you? I'm only 297 rounds from reaching that number but sure hope to reach that number with these irons
  2. @AzSuperHack76 posted some nice comparison photos between the i210 and g425 if that helps
  3. I've tried the g710s and they are super easy to launch. My 76-yo dad tried the 7i and loved it as well. A bit clicky sounding but they sure perform. Looks real good too.
  4. Haha, not sure if this was directed at my post because you quoted it after this. I don't want to rehash the whole "what is the minimal handicap needed to play a certain club" debate but I sure enjoy having the i210s in my bag. And I'm not looking for an upgrade. As a Ping Club Ho, I thirst for all of them. Even if I can only bring one set to the course when I play.
  5. Coming from the Ping G series, I have not found any noticeable drop-off in forgiveness. Like a lot of others who've posted on their experiences with the i210s, I've really enjoyed their feel and precision. I'm a picker/sweeper and have not had any issues with the sole. In short, I'm super excited to have them in my bag
  6. Aah, crud. Just when I started thinking that I was set with the i210's that just came in a few weeks ago.
  7. Here's hoping they have nothing held up by that traffic jam in the Suez canal. They've had terrible luck already with those containers falling into the ocean last year. https://golf.com/gear/rise-club-demand-forcing-ping-executives-to-work-production-lines/
  8. They seem to hit the sweet spot in terms of combining tight dispersion, forgiveness, feel and players iron looks. It also helps that they're in the bags of the likes of Viktor Hovland, Lee Westwood, Matthew Fitzpatrick and half the LPGA I received mine recently and I'm looking forward to courses opening soon (still a bit of snow in my part of Canada)
  9. Yes, if only they could come up with a couple of sets of irons that had more spinsistency between them
  10. One thing that often goes unnoticed is the quality of their stock shafts. I read somewhere that they acquired top-notch equipment to evaluate their stock shafts, which they co-engineer with shaft manufacturers like Nippon. This allows them to optimize their stock shafts to really work well with their club heads. I've gamed the AWT 2.0 and Alta CBs and they've played great. Just shows their dedication to delivering the best clubs for their customers
  11. Found a set of Ping Blueprints at such a great deal that I couldn't pass up. I have no business playing them going from SGI to them but they look so good. Had one session at the range and it wasn't a total disaster. Really enjoyed hitting them though I've lost feeling in a few of my fingers. Not sure why
  12. If you think they’re a great deal, I say, buy them. If they don’t end up working for you, I’m sure you’ll be able to resell them at a modest loss, at worst, considering that these clubs seem to be the bee’s knees if the reviews on GolfWRX are any indication
  13. The million dollar question for Ping lovers. There was talk about a summer release for iBlades replacement but the latest scuttlebutt is late summer/early fall for replacements of iBlades/i500/i210 by a single new line, maybe? i wish I knew how to link to threads. You’ll find all the latest gossip in the new release forum. And due to recent mishaps with shipping containers carrying the i210 heads, the delays are considerable enough that by the time you get your clubs, the new line(s?) may start to make an appearance.
  14. Thanks for setting these up, by the way. Fun way to get through this cold spell as we march slowly towards the start of the season
  15. Yes, but what brand? Suncast, Garant, Yardworks, True Temper??? I guess this would go under "Other"
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