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  1. They do in zx7. Only in Japan though. I would order one if I could. Not sure if anyone has any inside tricks on how to get one?
  2. I use the zx7 gap wedge and a glide 3.0 in 56 and 60. It’s my go to club from 125 yards and down. My glides only get used for bunker shots and flop shots.
  3. Looking for feedback on the zx7 4-6 iron in terms of forgiveness. I play a combo set and am thinking of replacing the zx5 long irons with the zx7. I found forgiveness in the lower irons to be the exact same, but didn’t get a chance to hit the long irons in Zx7. My local dsg has started giving people a hard time when they come in to hit clubs, so it’s a little bit more difficult to try them out now.
  4. Looking to purchase a Diamana d+ Limited 60 stiff shaft. How much of the shaft would your recommend tipping to get it to play as an x-flex? I can’t find a 60 tx in the price range I want to spend.
  5. Marshall’s and Tj Maxx are good. I have seen some rlx gear, nike, adidas, under armour and even Greyson lately. I have a saks off fifth and Nordstrom rack near me that has Travis Mathew and some other high end brands
  6. I am an 11 in nike and had to buy 3 different sizes of the packards to get the sizing right. Ended up with a 10 and fit is perfect.
  7. Looking to get an order in for a Srixon zx utility 3 iron. My fitting for a hybrid had me fit into a Mitsubishi C6 80s black hybrid shaft and my zx5 4 iron is a c taper lie stiff. I am going to order the C6 for my titleist hybrid, but was curious what others think I should go I with for the utility. Stick with the c taper lite like my irons, use the c6 for my utility or try something a touch heavier with the same profile? I would most use it for finding fairways off the tee
  8. Packards are very comfortable. I am coming from a more athletic type golf shoe and they were very easy to walk 18 in.
  9. My longest iron is a zx5 4 iron with c taper lite stiff. Looking to get a zx utility, titleist 510 or a zx5 3 iron as a driving iron. What shaft, graphite or steel would you recommend that is a little lighter in weight, but fits the same profile as the c taper lite?
  10. I just bought this hat from golf galaxy 2 weeks ago.
  11. I ordered the packards in 11 and 10. Tried a pair of 10s on today and felt good in the heel but the toe was a touch tight. 10.5 was too wide in heel. I’m usually a size 11 in all shoes. Anyone wearing theirs for a while notice if the toe stretches out a bit?
  12. I want to get a few pairs of Greyson pants, but my length is a 30 and I don’t ever see a 30 length pant on their website. A little disappointing.
  13. Only Phil and Tiger can pull off the black shoes. And Tiger only wears them on sundays.
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