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  1. Hey, Anyone out there have a DC code for The Stack System? I'm looking to get one and looking to save where I can. Thanks!
  2. While SL2 is stylish, it's less functional. It's a tight bag and pockets are small. Someone said that you scuff your hands every time you reach in to get something out and this is 100% true even with a medium cadet hands. For me, the most annoying thing is that while they say that the full length divider is supposed to make it super easy for you to put the clubs in and out, this isn't the case. The dividers are not fully compartmentalized/siloed so given that this is already a smaller bag, the grips are going to tangle in there. If this is going to be your main bag, avoid it because you're going to need a slightly bigger bag.
  3. I see, this is very helpful! I'll check in with him. Thank you!
  4. My pops is almost 70 and he has been struggling with distance off the tee and has been trying to find the right equipment to fit his decreased swing speed. He as a stiff shaft in his XXIO X driver and wants to flex down to a regular. When he took it in to his local golf shop, he was told that for XXIO drivers, they need to send it to XXIO to get the shaft pulled and replaced and was quoted $250 to get the job done... Is this true or was the local golf shop trying to take advantage? Help!
  5. Yep, I noticed exactly the same thing with my magnetic closure headcover. Reassuring to hear that people were not really faking putters 20 years ago. I fell in love with this putter when I saw a kid playing one during a high school golf match and some 20+ years later, able to get my hands on one. Was a beauty then, stunning now with 20 years of history on it.
  6. So it also sounds like carbon steels get magnetized when you apply a magnetic field. Here is a question... Does a magnetized carbon steel impact the performance of the putter?
  7. Okay so magnets should really stick to the putter right? I bought one on eBay very recently and wanted to validate that it wasn't a fake one. I was doing some research and found this video on how to spot a fake T22. AT 6:05 of the video, it mentions that a magnet really sticks to the fake ones vs not so much on the real ones. T22's are 303 stainless steel so makes sense that it's not as magnetic as the Carbon Steel which I found to be ferromagnetic. (Magnets should stick to it at room temperature)
  8. Does anyone know what material was used to make the 1999 Teryllium Two NP2? (Not the inset but the frame/body of the putter)
  9. I recently installed the Fuji MC (Firm) on my NP2 TeI3. It's definitely not an apples to apples comparison given that the putter heads are different which would probably have the most impact on the feel of the club. (So whatever I say is directional and take it with a grain of salt as it's what I feel and everyone can feel things differently. Also one other thing to note is that MC Stiff is probably most comparable to TPZ. ) Both TPZ and MC adds instant stability to the putter given the weight of the shaft. TPZ is 135 grams and MC is a bit lighter at 115 grams. On the overall feel, LAGP putter edges out the MC putter. I honestly don't know if it's the putter head or the shaft. (Perhaps combination of both) The LAGP head is NP2 shape and material is GSS vs. the Terrylium insert on the Tel3 with MC Firm. What I can say with certainty is that both the LAGP and MC Firm compared to steel shafts that I had installed on them both adds tremendous feel, stability and consistency. If anyone is debating between the two I think it would come down to the price. LAGP $400 vs. MC $250. Whichever you decide, you can't lose!
  10. Love that it's not. What is it??
  11. Nice flat stick. Is this a Circle T Scotty?
  12. Wow strong feelings about this topic!! So back to the original question. Where does the original shaft go when a premium fitter sells the driver head at a full price? Some assumptions on my end: 1. This is a price differentiation tactic against the less price sensitive consumers and both the fitter and the club manufacturer takes a higher % of profit from this type of sale. This would mean the manufacturer just sends the head to the fitter. 2. These club fitters have separate business on the side unaffiliated with their main business flooding the market with stock components. Selling the original shafts. I personally think it's #1. Anyone in the golf industry who can shed some light on this? I'm super curious about this.
  13. Wow-Wi-Wa-Wa!!!!!! I'm SOLD only if they can ship one in the next couple of weeks. If not, eBay pre-owned head (Hopefully from a rich guy who swung at it for a round and decided to move on to a new one) and a new shaft.
  14. Oh not at all. The depth of this community's knowledge is so POWERFUL!!!
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