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  1. LAGP TPZone35 feels great. Yes, the price is a bit up there but can be easily recovered if you don't buy wine for couple of weeks. Call it detox. Lose some weight, cleanse your body and sink more putts!
  2. Wow didn't realize that they can do that with the golf ball. Controlling that with shaft, head weight etc.. is already done.
  3. Whats the difference for tour edition? passed the higher standard test?
  4. The industry is very incestuous. Engineers and designers jumping from one to another. It's almost to the point that it's tough to really differentiate your product. Having said that, it comes down to branding and marking that each company is able to invest in. So... really it is your preference that matters the most.
  5. NS Pro is the way to go. They have variations on shaft weight to get you dialed in.
  6. I've heard this from at least 2 club fitters, that Epic Flash Sub Zero heads are the best driver head ever made. Okay, maybe a bold bold statement but I've heard this from at least 2 club fitters from different businesses. (Not the PGA superstore or Golf Galaxy fitters) So, what is it about them that makes it special?
  7. Yeah got the shaft separately and took it to my local club champion. I played a regular steel putter shaft before installing TPZ and I can tell you the feel is night and day. I admit that I had to have a few conversations in my head with my rational self to justify the cost but I’m glad I ultimately purchased it. LAGP sells direct to consumer now so you can purchase the shaft from their site. My suggestion. Just do it. Yolo.
  8. Agree with the sentiment here. $$$$ doesn't necessarily mean better, especially when it comes to shafts.
  9. I recently bought a Epic Flash 3 wood with AD-VR which is made for the Asian market. (Korea & Japan) There was a holographic sticker which I thought was annoying and peeled it off. I also play the AD-TP which I bough separately (in the US) and didn't have the holographic sticker. I think it's for certain markets. Not a true indication of fake or real.
  10. I play the same shaft and for me doing a little extra push ups on a daily basis helped me with a bit more launch. In all seriousness, hear you on the itch to try something different as I'm feeling the same right now. I've been playing it for probably 5 years now. Let me know if you found anything good!
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