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  1. Haven’t played Mimosa but know of several folks who have and have raved about it. If you have any private connections at all it wouldn’t be difficult to get on-I don’t think it’s ever that busy. Silver Creek is in the area and appears to be nice as well.
  2. Definitely a little slower during the off season but with the general growth trends in that area prior to COVID along with the increased influx of retirees and WFH crowd post COVID,there’s much more of a year round population than there was 15-20 years ago. There are still some restaurants that are only open for the season but not as many as I remember when I first started going there-majority of them are open year round now for example. I assume this extends to other amenities as well.
  3. Welcome! What part of Charlotte? There's some good info in here about South Charlotte centric clubs and is pretty up to date.
  4. There are multiple courses in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area that cater to a variety of budgets so I wouldn’t be so quick to cross it off the list. Myrtle definitely has far more but the quality would be a bit more varied.
  5. Friend of mine is in the process of joining over there. Haven’t had a chance to get out there yet but for the money it sounds like a great value with a very well conditioned course and good amenities. Membership is capped at 310 members and I think they have a handful of spots left before going to a waitlist.
  6. Do you have to pay some sort of initiation up front to be on the waitlist or are you only on the hook for the guest fees every time you play?
  7. Haven’t stayed at either but my understanding is that the rooms at Mid Pines are a little “tired” and Pine Needles is a step up although still nothing luxurious or extremely up to date. Had the choice of staying at either one this upcoming November and chose Pine Needles because prices were almost identical.
  8. Look into Pine Island or Raintree. I think pine island is on a waitlist that allows you to play. Raintree wasn’t on a waitlist when I checked a few months ago but that may have changed.
  9. Sifford is a fun 9 hole course that would be super convenient to Uptown and is in surprisingly good shape for the amount of play it gets. Ballantyne is now temporarily a public park. If you have private club connections, Carolina Golf Club or Cedarwood would be worth a shot. Fort Mill is a good option as well.
  10. What part of town will you be staying in? That can dictate a lot.
  11. It should be completed by then. I think the target completion date is September so even if it runs over a bit you should have it available. We are going mid November as well and playing Mid Pines, Pine Needles, and Southern Pines.
  12. Depending on when in the fall, Southern Pines Golf Club will be finished with their renovation/restoration.
  13. Neat course to see today. Fairways lies were incredibly tight. Not “plush” so balls would run and run.
  14. https://www.underpar.com/courses/foxfire-resort-golf-and-country-club-of-whispering-pines good deals for you here... valid until end of August.
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