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  1. I wish Costco would bring back the hot turkey and provolone sandwiches. Always bought one on the way out. So good!
  2. I just pulled my 5 wood. My 4 iron is almost as long.
  3. I honestly don’t think there’s much difference in forgiveness between the 2. Both are reasonably forgiving for the size of the head.
  4. Got one last year. Love it.
  5. I know nothing about fakes but that thing looks sweet!
  6. Seems like people love or hate the p770. I’ve played the 770s for a couple months now with Nippon Neo shafts. I wasn’t very happy with them at first. When I got them It was still winter here in MN so I was hitting them off mats at first. I ordered them with Super stroke grips. Felt very harsh. I was having buyers remorse but decided to regrip with GP cp2’s and ad pro soft inserts and see how that felt. It was night and day difference. Actually feel pretty soft now. When the season started and I could finally hit off grass and see how nice of a ball flight I was getting I was really liking them. After a few rounds I was noticing a pretty big yardage gap between 7 and 8 iron. The Irons with the speed slot(7 iron up) were rockets. I had lofts checked and they were right on. I had 6, 7 irons lofts weakened 1 degree. Knocked off a few yards and got my gaps closer. It took me a while but I’m starting to feel much better about purchasing these now. Shot my lowest round ever last week. I usually shoot high 70’s-low 80’s
  7. M5. That’s what sold me on it. I hate loud drivers. Hit it pretty good too.
  8. Jim E

    P770 users gap

    I’m just going by on course play but maybe I’ll get on a simulator and Yes I’ll definitely check the lofts.
  9. Jim E

    P770 users gap

    Yes, that’s probably a good place to start.
  10. Jim E

    P770 users gap

    Anyone else using 770’s have a large yardage gap between 7 and 8 iron? 15-20 yards?
  11. Ping i210 doesn’t have much offset according to their spec sheet
  12. What about pxg 0311p gen3? Are they smaller heads? They have more offset.
  13. Mizuno jpx921 forged has more offset. More of a GI iron though.
  14. I bought p770s 6-W p790 4 and 5. I like them but I’m so use to more offset. Coming from Ping i3 o-size which have LOTS of offset. I like the look of smaller blade type irons. The shorter irons I’m fine with but 7,6,5,4 irons I think I prefer more offset. I usually shoot low 80’s occasionally high 70’s. Trying to find a players iron set that the 7 iron has at least 3mm/.1”+ of offset without going to a GI iron. Anyone have any suggestions?
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