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  1. Couple tips As a side note. Learn proper etiquette on the course. Try to find times to play when course isn’t busy.(kinda tough). Use the driving range or practice facilities for practice. You’ll have much more fun on the course once you are able to make solid contact once in a while. good luck
  2. Mine were exactly 2 months as well. Ordered January 8
  3. Wow! That’s the biggest wait I’ve heard yet. I’d move on to something else. Get a refund or just cancel the order. They shouldn’t even be taking orders with those kind of delays.
  4. I’m 47 and went p770 for the reason you’re asking.
  5. That would be crap in my opinion. It should get first priority. If they would have gotten it right the first time they wouldn’t have them coming back. If they care at all about customer service they would fix it right away. IMO
  6. I had to return 4-5 iron to Taylormade because shafts were not the length I ordered. Anyone know or experienced this and know how long it takes for them to fix and send them back to me? I would think they would fix it right away. I was told it would probably be a couple weeks. It’s been 3.
  7. My opinion is the same as yours. Only actually had mine on the course once but been hitting them into a net at home quite a bit. They actually felt harsh on any slight mis hit. I ordered mine with Superstroke CC standard with 2 extra wraps. I hated the grips. I think with the 2 wraps it stretched the grips so they felt very hard and harsh. I regripped them with some GP grips and put in some pro soft inserts. Much better now. Hitting into a net is one thing. Being out and actually seeing the ball flight these produce makes me happy about my purchase.
  8. P770 33* 160 carry Neo Regular hard stepped once
  9. 70 yards and in is around the green in my opinion. I actually had one spot left in my bag and I needed a wedge with lower bounce for firm bunkers that i play quite a bit. Never really needed a 4th wedge until I started playing a course with firm bunkers. They’re difficult with 12 degrees of bounce.
  10. I’ll see how I like it on the course. I’m also going from high bounce to this being low bounce so if I like the action but not the length I’ll just put an extension in it. It could use a new grip anyways.
  11. Does anybody use a shorter than normal wedge for around the greens? The reason I ask is a I bought a secondhand 62° wedge and it’s only 34 1/2 inches long.(didn’t check before I bought)My 56 is 1/2” longer. I haven’t used it yet but thought maybe I would get a little better control on chips and short pitches around the greens from various lies. Anyone try this?
  12. I’m bumping this thread because I still can’t find any info. Came on Ping i3’s anyone?
  13. Can adding lead tape to irons help soften the feel or dampen vibration on slight mis hits?
  14. Clubs said “heads made in Vietnam assembled in Mexico”. Probably sweat shops with kids building clubs that don’t even know what golf is.
  15. I brought them back to the shop I ordered from. We’ll see what happens. Also the 5 iron was only an 1/8” longer than the 6 iron. All ordered with same specs. I think next time I need new irons I’ll stick to the used market. It’s amazing to me companies can stay in business when they push s*** out the door like this.
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