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  1. Could it be because the shaft is leaning so far forward in the pics?
  2. The price of new irons has gotten crazy. Manufacturers must make quite a bit off them. My last set of irons 17 years ago were around $300 brand new.
  3. Well I pulled the trigger today! Ordered the P770 6-A wedge P790 4-5. Nippon neo shafts. Can’t wait! thanks for all the help
  4. Thanks Nick. The stores around here don’t have any sets in stock. TM combo guide says 4i 1* weak, 5i 2* weak. I’ll probably go that route. I figure a little more forgiveness with those would probably be fine.
  5. Hi Nick, I’m ordering the P770’s tomorrow. I’m wondering if you’ve had a chance to play much with the long irons. I’m trying to decide if I should go p790 in 4-5 irons. I’ve only hit the 7 irons. what do you think?
  6. Apex TCB go between the Pro and cf21 in terms of forgiveness? Or between Pro and MB?
  7. 32:35 he didn’t say much
  8. Nice! I’m sooo close to just ordering a set. I’ve been waiting to see what Ping and Callaway have coming. I’m in no hurry now but want to make sure I get my new irons by season start.
  9. Stuart G is correct. Slow play and poor etiquette is ruining the game. I think COVID has brought many new people to the game which is great but I think courses need to have more rangers on the course to keep things moving and to help take care of courses. Especially considering the green fees we’re paying nowadays.
  10. I’d probably have already placed my order for the 770’s but I’m kinda holding out to see if the Apex ‘21 is coming soon. I’m here in Minnesota so I don’t need the new clubs until season starts again in April.
  11. Yes, I definitely want to go hit the zx7. Is it in stores here in the US yet?
  12. Definitely test them using the same shaft. I really like the mmc but I thought the 770 was longer and very consistent. I need a little help to keep up with the young guys. Mmc looks slightly better at address and I could work the ball really well. It was just really fun to hit. I wish I could afford 2 sets.
  13. I tried the i210 a few times. I wanted to like them but just didn’t hit them that well. I’m also looking for a little distance help as well and the i210 was 5-10yards shorter than the others.
  14. Anyone know anything about these older shafts? I’m finally curious about the irons I bought years ago. No flex or weight or anything on them.
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. All great points. I did try the 921 forged but didn’t hit it well for some reason. Yes I think I would probably be better off with the P770. I like the idea of blending with the P7MC. I’ll have to try those. Thanks
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