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  1. I had a junior sponsorship with TM a while back and played all Taylormade. Once that perk ended for me, I slowly built an all titleist bag. Eventually got out of the love of a matching bag. Currently playing Toulon putter, Vokey Wedges, Mizuno JPX Tour irons, and Ping woods. Went through fittings for every club and tried to stay as unbiased as possible and give all brands a chance. I've been very happy with my setup so far.
  2. Thanks for the input! I had my fitting over the weekend. Ended up trying the TSI3. I have always been a high spin player so looking for something to help offset that with the driver. Tried out the G425 MAX, G425 LST, SIM2, SIM2 Max, last year's SIM, and the TSI3. The G425 LST ended up being the best for me. Surprisingly, with the same shaft, my dispersion was tighter with the LST than the max. Completely opposite from the G425 3 wood fitting I did. Excited to get the LST out on the course and see if it is as good outside as it was on the Trackman.
  3. That's what I noticed. I play a fade with my driver and a draw with irons. When I hit the SIM or SIM2 well at the fitting, it was definitely the longest. When I didn't strike it great, I had no control.
  4. Recently got fit for Ping G410 hybrid and G425 3 wood. I am looking for a new driver as I just haven't been able to get used to the Mavrik SZ I am currently gaming. I've been looking at the Sim2 and the G425 LST. I've never been a Ping guy but it was hard to turn the consistency of the hybrid and woods. My question is this: What do you think of the Sim2 and the G425 LST? Or should I get the Sim while its discounted and get a nicer shaft?
  5. Recently had a putter fitting at Club Champion and was told that a Face Balanced Mallet was the best putter for my stroke. That is what I was currently gaming in a Toulon Memphis Stroke Lab. Curious what everybody's favorite face balanced putter is.
  6. Is the reason for the big difference in the price being that they charge extra since they are the ones building the club? This might be a dumb question but I have never paid for a fitting before. I usually just did a lot of research and went with the clubs I felt would work the best.
  7. I have scheduled 2 fittings at my local club champion store. I have always wanted a putter fitting and am doing that on Saturday. I have also been in the market for new irons. I had scheduled an iron and wedge fitting next Saturday. The more I read other forums, I am getting nervous about the price of irons and wedges at a place like club champion. Would I be better off going to a local mom and pop golf store or a place like PGA SuperStore for the irons that would not charge for the fitting? I currently play AP2s fitted at a Titleist Thursday and have always wondered if I would benefit from a
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