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  1. I appreciate your input! This thread was a factor in me purchasing a black velo 6s on a whim to go with my cobra extreme. I'm loving the combo so far! I am hitting much straighter, longer drives than I ever thought I would as a newer golfer. I was worried the black would flight too low but I'm not finding that to be the case. Cobra+velo seems to be a great combination.
  2. Does anyone know if the Srixons have lightweight head options to correct swingweight issues when adding length (such as Mizuno)?
  3. TLDR: Fitted for Cobra King Forged Tec, but I liked the feel of the P790s better. With the 7 iron I got around 1000 rpm more spin with the Cobras and better stopping power (6500 vs 5500 p790). The P790s in particular felt much lighter and more comfortable to swing than what I have now (at the same length and similar shaft weight). Just came back from my fitting. It was an interesting experience but not as thorough as I would have thought, although you obviously can't try everything in an hour. I lost some steam towards the last 15 minutes and didn't hit as well as I would hav
  4. I am excited to say that I have a fitting scheduled for next week. I'm very thankful for the advice I received on here and I have so much more knowledge from this forum to bring to the fitting. Thanks again!
  5. OP here, interesting discussion! I greatly appreciate all of the insight so far. The swing weight issue is definitely top of mind for me. With the clubs I have (+1", +3 upright) I am noticing a much heavier feel than what I would prefer. I may need a lighter shaft as well. It sounds like I need to start with a fitting and try some different combinations to figure out what will work best. Does anyone have a list of models with light weight head options? I had been thinking of the ping g410, titleist t300, or mizuno hot metals and I'm wondering if any of these have lightweig
  6. Hi everyone, I'm hoping the forum can help me figure out the best way to approach my club selection. I just started playing in the last 3-4 months but have become obsessed with the game. I had been playing with 20+ year old beginner set but on a bit of a whim I bought some TRX powerslot irons (4-PW) from Gigagolf. I am 6'7" so I knew that I needed custom clubs so I got them +1" and 3 degrees upright and I guesstimated my shaft flex. They were cheap ~$175.00 so I'm not out too much but now I wish I had taken some more time and looked into used options that I could customize (ca
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