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  1. I would recommend to do some research before you going for fitting or new equipment. Most manufactures have comparable GI or SGI. For heads I think it is more about look, the performance would be very similar. I would put more on shafts, they do make a difference.
  2. Hi I am wondering how big is the bag and what it looks like inside. Do you have more pictures or measurements? Thanks.
  3. Thank you, but I guess I may not have that patience, lol
  4. I recently bought a tour only scotty cameron shaft for my old pro platinum. Just realized that I still have to cut a couple inches to my playing length. As a result, the tour only sticker would be very close to the grip end. I am wondering whether there is a way to safely take the stickers off from the shaft and put it on to the proper location after the grip is installed. Any ideas?
  5. Up for sale is one of my Miura putters that I know I will never play it (this is for arc stroke). Brand new, no outdoor activities, only roll on my putting mat indoor. 35 inch. Everything original including headcover. The shaft seems to be similar to YSC with first step in 10ish inches (this is only my guess, don't quote me on this). Pictures tell the story. The item will be shipped from Vancouver in Canada. Ask for USD$1,000 shipped and insured. Let me know if my price is off. This is rare, I don't have a comparison but to recover my cost when I bought it from Japan.
  6. He seems handling the pressure well. I couldn't image if I were at his position and played so well
  7. Just saw many postings about hotmelted driver head it seems more expensive, why? Thanks
  8. Golfworks has putter oil butter that can be applied without any damage. Try it out
  9. I would recommend proadvance proinfinity putting mat. The mat has four different speed and can be scrubbed to be very fast. Also it comes with all necessary training aids which you don't have to pay extra and get ripped again. Good quality and I think they are manufactured in Korea
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