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  1. if you sell the shaft, I will be interested in head.
  2. Well I think I am a serious golfer, but now as serious as quitting golfing. Some of the stuff below I don't really know the value, so I compared mine with eBay or other places, if my price is way off, please let me know. Very picture heavy. Priced in US dollar. *Everything will be shipped from Canada, yes we r the north. Shipping cost included. But duty/tax, if any, will be buyers responsibility. 1. Miura CB 301 (4 to 6) and MC 501 (7 to be) combo, 7 clubs. MCs are bended to fit standard l/l to match CBs, grips are midsize, bbf ferrules, steelfiber i95 shafts, ask for $
  3. This is a hot topic around my friends as we are around 10 to 20 handicap golfers who are really interested in golf equipment. I guess many casual golfers have the same question. Shall a 20-handicap golfer use player's iron set? My score is around 90 and I am using Miura CB301. My golf buddy is around 100 and using Honma TW747v. We have a friend who is over 100, but using Titleist CB 620. Will changing the iron set to game improving ones help the score improvement?
  4. Have a shaft with BB in SR flex and it feels a bit broader. So I tried newer edition of BB, XC, but in stiff flex. Both 6 (I guess they are around 60g). XC actually gives me better distance, which is a surprise to me as it is stiffer. Only 10 yards different on average, shall I make the investment?
  5. I believe the most important thing is you will need full-length dividers. Some of the bags have 14 divider top, that won't really solve your grip problem
  6. Another collection from JDM miura giken mgp-B4 Limited edition 300 pieces Anyone knows the value of this putter? I have too many putters
  7. Nice putter, but could you please explain what is really the detour conversion? Its modified based on detour model? Who did it?
  8. Hi I am making a combo with Miura cb 301 4 to 6 and MC 501 7 to pw, what specs should I follow if I want to play standards? Shall I just convert MC to CB's specs? Thanks
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