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  1. Thanks for the input! I didn’t realize the setup was so common. I kinda have one more club I can throw in the bag. It’s either another wedge or a 3 wood
  2. I play with the p7mc 3-pw. My pw is a 47° and I was fitted for 2 sm8’s 52° and 58°. I was thinking of adding a 60° TM hi-toe bent to 62°, any thoughts?
  3. I have much success with the p270 UDI. I got it with a dynamic gold 120 x stiff and carry about 265 with it. It’s a fairway finder.
  4. Essentially, yes. You’re responsible for shipping, then your throw the driver in the box your new one came, and it has a return label. They are going to get the new sim and callaway clubs. So I’m gonna start with the tsi3 and see what happens. You get full shaft and head manufacturing warranty if something goes wrong.
  5. Seems like a good model, I was on chat with an “expert” today. He noted everything is covered by warranty, including shaft and head. I’m gonna change the grip and that is okay I guess. The earlier posts in this thread note you can bounce after $90. That isn’t the case now. After reading the terms and conditions you are stuck for one year at $360, or if you qualify for $30 a month. I see a good opportunity still. Change the shaft whenever, just pay shipping, you can try 3 new heads. With the new sim2 coming and the callaway stuff coming, I think I’m gonna give it a go
  6. I’m 6’6 250 ex-NCAA baseball player. A few injuries ended my career. I sitting mid 120’s on ball speed. I feel the biggest thing that helps me is the use of the ground and my legs. Even in while playing baseball in college my bench never exceeded 225. But my dead lift and squat was 500+. I’d focus on your lower half and a lot of core. Watch Bryson dechambeau’s workout. He does a ton of hips, core, legs, and side bends. And as we all know he f****** mashes the ball.
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