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  1. exactly, could be him kissing a**. but im still excited to see the new numbers on the driver
  2. i know it is all marketing, buy Bryson and Berkshire had some nice things to say about the new driver
  3. I think they count, I game the p7mc and they are absolute money.
  4. Definitely see ventus velocore more often than most. I have the black 7x myself, but just got the green “hulk” hzrdus green. Excited to see how they compare.
  5. I’ve tested almost every brand with the exception of the “exotic stuff.” Golf just has so many variables and so many company do so many things the same, but different. I’m not opposed to people playing the same brand that’s fine. Golf is meant to be fun and if you love TM or Callaway cool! But for me to be competitive I guess I’m like Brooksy. Okay with what you excel with. I play with a Ping driver, Callaway 3 wood, TM 2 UDI. Mizuno irons, and vokey wedges. That is just what I fit into to excel.
  6. Im playing the scratch sb-1's at the moment and absolutely love them. Im desperately trying to find a decent set of mp 14 or 37 on Ebay however.
  7. it is a cult following. I have been searching for Nike clubs for awhile now
  8. Im already the A golfer ;/ can't putt to save my life. do I practice putting? no
  9. Only paid $180 lol that’s why I’m sketched out the putter is fake
  10. When a deal is too good to be true, it most likely is. But never know. Can anybody verify the authenticity of this Scotty?
  11. thats bad when you need to add a ventus black or something ;/
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