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  1. Awesome man! Thanks for the advice!
  2. Alright, so, I made up my mind. I’m gonna go with the tsi3 3 wood at 15 degrees. I currently play the sim 2 with the ventus black 7x w/ velocore tipped an inch. Club head speed is 123+. I decided to put the tensei av raw white 85 TX flex on the head. It’s not a fat up charge on the club, and if I want to change shafts I can later on. My question is, do I tip that an inch to make the ventus black?
  3. Oh yes. That is my fault 7x black velocore. Chs is 125 with the sim2. Thanks for the recommendation!
  4. I was gonna do the tensei raw 75 white Tx flex. Butt trim to 42? I play a ozik black tie 42.25 inch on my 3 wood currently.
  5. Okay so, I swing a sim2 9 degree with a ventus 7 velocore x stiff tipped an inch. Basic question, I want a 3 wood, without going through the fitting process again; do I tip a 43 inch fairway shaft to 42? Or what should I do
  6. You had the old model hitoe? How were they? Big difference on open face shots?
  7. How do you like the fact they rust? Or are they not rusted yet? I play SM8’s and my pw is from P7MC’s. So that idea is foreign to me.
  8. Anyone have any thoughts on the new raw hi-toe from taylormade? I’m thinking of throwing one in the bag. Currently playing (pw)47,52,58. Was thinking of bending the 62 to 63 or 64. Might be useful around the greens and bunker shots. I play 13 clubs. So adding one is easy.
  9. Thanks for the input! I didn’t realize the setup was so common. I kinda have one more club I can throw in the bag. It’s either another wedge or a 3 wood
  10. I play with the p7mc 3-pw. My pw is a 47° and I was fitted for 2 sm8’s 52° and 58°. I was thinking of adding a 60° TM hi-toe bent to 62°, any thoughts?
  11. I have much success with the p270 UDI. I got it with a dynamic gold 120 x stiff and carry about 265 with it. It’s a fairway finder.
  12. Essentially, yes. You’re responsible for shipping, then your throw the driver in the box your new one came, and it has a return label. They are going to get the new sim and callaway clubs. So I’m gonna start with the tsi3 and see what happens. You get full shaft and head manufacturing warranty if something goes wrong.
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