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  1. Ordered my MP 20 HMB/MMC's on 1/4.. Called Golftec this morning (who I ordered them through) and he said that he saw where there isn't any on Backorder so thats a good sign.. Told me to expect them in about 3 to 3.5 more weeks. We will see if that's right!
  2. I hope I made the right move in getting these. In my fitting, they felt great and wasn't crazy heavy. But my one question I have is when I swing 85-90% on certain shots, is that going to affect it?
  3. Yes the Project X 6.5, not the LZ. My last irons had a 95g shaft in them and my dispersion was awful. In my fitting, we started in a 105g shaft then worked up to the 125g (6.5 PX). My swing speed for the 7i was 93-95mph so I guess I'm a pretty aggressive swinger. My dispersion went from 12y offline with the XP 95g shafts to 1.3y in the PX 6.5
  4. That's why I'm debating on cancelling my order (if I can) and get a set on ebay from Global Golf.. and just hope the KBS $ taper 120 or the Modus 120 shafts are close enough to the Project X 6.5
  5. Wow.. Yea I have been reading and some people didn't get theirs for 3 months!! I am heading to Scottsdale on a week long golf trip on February 25th and really would like to have my new clubs since I already sold my old irons.. I ordered on January 4th so I'm hopeful I'll get them in less than 7 weeks..
  6. I custom ordered a set of MP 20 HMB/MMC combo set irons last week through Golftec and was wondering if anyone has been able to cancel an order. I am really not wanting to wait 2-3 months on irons... I have come across a few sets on Ebay for a little cheaper but doesn't have the shafts that I ordered. I got fitted for the Project X 6.5's and all the sets I see on ebay are mostly KBS $ Taper 120's. Are there major differences in the two? I was super pumped about my custom set but like I said, not sure if I can wait 2-3 months. If I'm not able to cancel my order, I'll stick wi
  7. Looking to step up my golf apparel and absolutely hate shopping. Saw an advertisement for Short Par 4 on Facebook and seems like a really solid deal. Has anyone used this company before? Would love to hear some feedback.
  8. Have never done an iron fitting in my life. Been playing for about 10 years and have always bought my irons off the shelf in whatever stock setup they had. I have been doing it wrong my whole life! Went to golftec this morning and did a 90 minute iron fitting. It was incredible. I am coming from the Callaway Rogues with True Temper 95g stiff shafts. Quickly learned that this setup was completely wrong for me. My 7iron average swing speed was between 90-94mph and my dispersion was awful. Quickly learned that the Project X 6.5 steel shaft was the perfect one for me. Tried out
  9. Hello everyone. I am wanting to get a new set of irons for 2021 and would like to hear some feedback from you guys here on the forums. I have been using the Callaway Rogue 4-PW irons for about 2 years now and would like to upgrade into a more advanced iron set. I am a consistent ball striker and my handicap sits around a 7 currently. I would like to get away from the game improvement irons and into something where I can start to work my irons a little more. I have always been a Callaway guy for the last 10 years but there are so many options out right now that I feel would be
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