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  1. Apologies, I have to upload pictures in the comments. Not sure why it's doing this.
  2. Here are some really nice options to fit the gap between your fairway and your hybrid/long iron! All prices shipped and OBO. Titleist TSi3 18 degree 5 fairway - Ventus Velocore 10X - Nice condition. See the Ventus shaft near the handle for some strange stuff I can't get off. Probably will get cleaned off with some Goo-gone. Not sure about tipping. SOLD Apex 2016 (I think) 2 Hybrid. 18 Degrees. Graphite Design IZ 85-X. $180 Pics in comments - the uploader is getting all wonky with me.
  3. I would take the fairway! Can you PM me your PayPal and how much you want for shipping?
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