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  1. Also, check out the golf sim forum. That has a ton of info on SkyTrak and setting up to all sorts of sims https://golfsimulatorforum.com/
  2. Well first order of business I think is transferring over the license. Once that is done it really depends what you want to do or not do right away. Meaning, if you itching to hit, you can do it with an iPad or laptop and an impact screen or net and just go to town using the driving range. If you want to get everything set up first (like your net and screen mat etc. ) then go to town on that right after you get the registration under your name. If you are planning on buying a sim package like TGC 19 or the likes, then I would suggest buy yourself a good gaming computer or build one of you can.
  3. Stix golf is one that I saw a review and it intrigued me for one of my buddies that is starting out in golf. Seem like decent price for a set and not a known brand.
  4. I’ve always heard good things about srixon. I definitely play some of their balls when I find them and I feel they play like other high quality balls
  5. I’m doing a club fitting here in Utah on Wednesday. I think either should be good but I’ll let you know how mine goes and my thoughts compared to other fittings I’ve done.
  6. I use a cutter and buck pullover with pockets, my Travis Mathew 1/4 zip pullover also has pockets
  7. Or to echo this sentiment, hitting a monster drive, leaving only a short wedge to the green, only to duff it and walk out of the hole with a double.
  8. I was thinking same thing.
  9. I normally either hit the UDI 2 or my cobra f7 3 wood stinger sometimes ones working better than the other so just switch between them.
  10. I have the TM UDI 2 iron. Now I’m curious which I would like better.
  11. As stated above you need to reset all settings. Mine connects pretty quickly to both WiFi and direct mode. Also I’ve found that if you turn SkyTrak on too soon before the app is on it doesn’t find it. I would open app first then turn on SkyTrak. That’s how I have the best connection time on mine.
  12. I think that they are saying that to be safe. I ordered on December 31, they told me it would possibly be about a month out. It took 9 days ( with weekend and New Years holidays) to get to my doorstep. I. Wasn’t expecting it so quick, but damn does it feel good not to wait. I got a fitting scheduled for irons on Wednesday. Might get the 0311. We’ll see how I feel with em.
  13. Got the Black Jack by fedex today. Wow that was fast. Now on to go hit some outs with. The look and feel of it are really nice. Feels lighter than my evnroll but still feels nicely balanced. I think I’m gonna like it. Well see how it putts for me.
  14. I ordered the black Jack December 31 and was told it was on back order so I might be waiting for it up to a month. A week later and it’s at my door. Super stoked. Wasn’t expecting such a quick turnaround. Really interested in the Gen 3 irons now.
  15. Either way it looks nice. Wonder if it Is it going to be compatible with tgc
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