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  1. Yeah, sorry. When I first posted, I wanted it to be vague as I'm generally more interested in the general question. Tbh, I don't entirely care about where tour players play but it does sort of lead into a question of when/why play golf while out of town. Edit: To strengthen my general vagueness, I wouldn't necessarily pose this for just Mayakoba. If i went elsewhere for a stretch of time near a hotspot, this would/could generally be the same question.
  2. I'm going on a trip in the near future. It's not a golf trip but there is a PGA venue nearby that people I know cannot stop talking about. But, it's also a good deal of money (round + club rentals + transport + etc). Obviously I'm still debating whether to do it or not, especially when a $90 local round was a "treat" to me last year. But it has be wondering: how does the vacation factor weigh into people's golf? "When in Rome," what are people here willing to pay out?
  3. Same. It's not always the back 9 but either front or back tends to be bad enough to drag the score up (for me). All it takes is one or two bad holes.
  4. 22 handicap (hopefully on the downward trend this year), Tommy Armour Atomic 15* 3 wood. I have a 917F2 16.5 I keep trying but I don't mesh with it as well. For whatever reason, the atomic has been very kind to me, though it is usually a tee club.
  5. Arccos, Garmin, etc. Disclaimer, high handicapper on the way down. I have a Garmin Approach S40. It keeps track of my scores and shows shot-by-shot up until the green area. It doesn't show my chip and putt data but I do not have the sensors for my clubs that will track that data. It keeps it's own "handicap" of sorts for your scores and shows some rough strokes gained, though I don't recall seeing a great breakdown of stats (e.x. within ~100yds, within ~150yds, different lies, etc), depending on how far down the collection rabbit hole you want to go. Though, one thing I find annoyi
  6. I kinda get and don't get the loft debate. Like I can see people saying it's marketing (e.x. 7i-to-7i comparisons when fitting). But, at the same time, if I have to go 100yds, I need a club for that. If I need to go 150, I need a club for that. Rinse and repeat. I guess I can't say that I care which number is on the bottom it is so long as I can go the distance needed/desired. I'd be most concerned about gaps as well, which you brought up.
  7. For an optical solution, I don't see anything being much cheaper than the Skytrak, if it was cheaper. Reading through the Garmin patent, they claim the need for 1000fps, which is probably a safe number. 150mph ball is ~220 ft/s, 200mph ball is ~293 ft/s, and 12,000 rpm spin is 200 rev/s. You'll probably want more than 2 captures to give quite a bit of wiggle room - you won't get the exact, exact moment of impact with those numbers - and you'll want to measure more than the 200 rev/s to avoid matching shutter speed with the ball spin. Single, "retail" camera for computer vision at 226fps is ~$3
  8. High handicap. I'm usually the opposite of the OP question. NYE, I played a little winter golf on a short par 34, 9-hole course. Front nine: 53. Back nine: 40, which included a blow-up triple.
  9. Wow. I've got some reading to do then, haha. Thanks for answering!
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