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  1. tour edge is severely underrated. I think I’m going to go super hybrid route with a left handed sleeve to get it down to 15. I’m going to have to test out some things obviously with spin and launch but hopefully callaway will allow me to get a left handed loft sleeve, stock shaft uninstalled, grip uninstalled
  2. I’m in a big fan of the xr hybrids as well. I’m going to look into the super hybrid as well. Thanks
  3. yeah flat is going to make the fade worse, also when you take loft off a club it’s going to open the face up. I hit a fade because my swing path is to the left and the face is open a bit. I don’t want to hit slices. Thanks for the info tho
  4. Isn’t going flat going to not help the fade as well? I know taking loft off is going to make upright and make it fade bias
  5. Also I hit a cut so the adjustable loft sleeves turning a hybrid loft down probably wouldn’t be helpful!
  6. I’m looking for a strong lofted hybrid to replace a 3 wood. I hit my 19 degree hybrid 230-240 depending on the roll. My real question is does callaway make an apex pro hybrid stronger than 18 degrees. I’m hoping to find something closer to 15. I know srixon makes a 16 degree 2 hybrid but would love a callaway hybrid in 16 degrees or lower!
  7. Yes it is off a mat, I work at a retail store, numbers were on trackman. My issue is with delivered dynamic loft I think. My attack angle was consistently in the -2.5 to -4.0 range. I guess I don’t de loft the club at impact very much. I was told that bending the P7MCs weaker from 7 down would be a good option. Still I just want more iron to look down on without giving up the spin I need.
  8. I got fitted into the P7MC w $ taper X flex 130 shafts, Swing speed 92 mph average, 5000 rpm spin, 120 ft apex, 25 degree dynamic loft but I have zero confidence and I am Super inconsistent with them,I just don’t like them. I started playing golf last year and I don’t want to play a blade style of iron. I can’t hit any game improvement iron with more than 3900 spin so my roll out is ridiculous. My question is what’s a good iron that will help with higher spin.
  9. @TrueTemper Thanks for the response. Very helpful information!
  10. @osubuckeyes691 he’s the one person I mentioned that I had saw that had the shaft, we had a conversation. My problem is I don’t have any similar shaft to get fit into but I’m looking forward on giving it a try!
  11. @kyle75 Yeah I won it, I’m trying to find out if anyone knew specs on it, launch characteristics just any info at all that would be beneficial to helping it be a playable fun shaft
  12. Has anyone seen or heard about these. I’ve only been able to find one person who actually has one
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