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  1. G410/G425 if you can stand the looks and feel, they feel a bit hard but stupid forgiving. The ZX5/ZX7 combo set looks tasty.
  2. From the original seller pics you could tell there were "swirl marks" in the paint similar to a black car's clear coat. I couldn't see any small paint chips in the original pics and I can't really see any dents in the buyer's pics either. If it were me I'd just take some car cleaner wax to the head, touch up the small marks with a sharpie and take a partial refund if the seller was willing to give one and move on.
  3. His shirt is business at the top and party at the bottom
  4. Looking for Ping 2.0 or 3.0 wedges. Need a 54 SS and a 58 SS or TS or Eye2 grind. Prefer AWT 2.0 shafts but open to others.
  5. Just paid, waiting for them to ship. I hit a demo club about 5+years ago at a local big box store and loved it but they were 1300+ for a new set. Was on the lookout randomly to find a used set but never found one. This stupid thread had me searching again and happened to find a used set at a reasonable price
  6. I just accidently bought a set of used Fourteen TC888's on everyones favorite bidding site. Always wanted a set.
  7. Yep DD rocks, super great guys to work with. I just wish lead times weren't so long from OEM's (that's another topic).
  8. If you choose a non counterbalance shaft do you just change to a lighter weight to get it back to a reasonable swing weight? I guess you could also play the club at shorter than the OEM length as well?
  9. It's partially correct but thanks for feeling the need to correct everyone on the internet
  10. USPS is horrible, had a package ship and took 21 days to arrive. It sat in the same city for 8 days and went to the wrong distribution center in my city and sat another 5 days for no reason. That being said, had UPS delay a shipment but that was 100% weather related
  11. That's true but it's not uniform across the US right now
  12. Out of state online purchases yes, in state no.
  13. Just looked up the RM4, man they are sexy but 239 for a wedge!!
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