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  1. Here are photos of the tensei pro blue in my hybrid. I was advised by the pro shop selling it that it is definitely pro. Has the carbon weave up beyond where the grip starts. I’ve also owned the pro blue driver shaft which is easy to tell because it has the boron tip. But from what I understand the hybrid shafts don’t have that, so instead you look for the carbon weave along the grip.
  2. @a_crook I’ll take the Titleist fitted hat that you have for $10. Please PM your PayPal. Thanks
  3. PXG sold. Srixon zx-5 4 iron still available— price dropped to $145
  4. First up is a mint condition PXG Gen 4 0811 XF, 10.5 degree. Mint condition. Just purchased this last week to upgrade from my Proto, great driver but I quickly realized it’s just not for me. Comes with a Tensei Pro Blue 60-S shaft ($200 upgrade) that plays 45 inches in the PXG. Price for driver, HC, and shaft: $old Price for just driver head and HC: $old Price for just shaft with PXG adapter: $old Next up is a Srixon ZX-5 4 iron. Stiff Nippon Modus 105. Standard L/L/L. Mint condition, only hit a few times. Great irons. Not very consistent with the long irons so I put a hybrid in the bag instead. Asking $old Any questions - PM me! Thanks!
  5. I’ve tried researching this but can’t seem to find anything…Obviously the new Gen 4 drivers only have the front, rear, and heel removable/adjustable weights. Does anyone know what sort of weighting is built internally into the toe?
  6. Sounds good - look forward to hearing how things go for you!
  7. Did you ever get your hands on an XF to compare with your X? I was in the same boat, debating between X and XF..found a good deal on an XF head so I went with that. Comes in later this week but of course I’m still wondering which one is more suited to me and don’t have the ability to try both. The sales rep pretty much said you couldn’t go wrong either way …hoping I bomb the XF well enough that I forget there was ever even another option
  8. The only one that I don’t have issues with is UPS. They always seem to be solid. FedEx leaves boxes all over the place, including out in the rain at times. USPS always walks them to the door and I’ve had some really quick turnarounds with them but they also have turned a 2 day ship into a 2 week ship. Like right now I have a 5 wood that I ordered 2 weeks ago, seller shipped and then it arrived at my local post office and sat for a over a week. Finally showing out for delivery today.
  9. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on a Gen 4 XF head on eBay for $250 including shipping and tax. Seller shipped this morning and it will get here in time for the weekend!! Will be attaching it to my tensei pro blue. I just hope I made the right choice with XF vs X. The sales rep at PXG said on paper the X is what their computer says fits me best..but that it’s really splitting hairs between the two. I like the idea of an extra few yards with the X but then again like the idea of a couple extra fairways per round …it was a coin flip for me so when the deal came up on the XF I went for it.
  10. Thanks for the input guys. Sounds like next weekend is highly unlikely.. This is the second time this year that I’ve done this..Sold my old driver before having a new driver in hand..Such an amateur move..Apparently I am not a good WRXer…
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