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  1. Thank ya kindly. Tried the wool and it doesn’t seem to want to get it. I’ll see if I can find some of this blue away
  2. Hey guys, Anyone else have this problem? Getting a slight discoloration around the tip of the hosel, looks like a ring. These irons are raw, but it’s happened with chrome as well. Is my torch not hot enough? Too hot? Is there something on the hosels that is reacting to the heat? Maybe from ferrule remnants? Good rub with steel wool doesn’t seem to want to take it off
  3. Oh man, the possibilities are endless. I could definitely think of a few
  4. Got any more of these pdf tutorials, this is amazing
  5. When you get them back give them a good rundown with steel wool. Could not be happier with mine
  6. Ya don’t go easy on the acetone. I had that problem when I started building last winter. Give the shop towel a good soak beforehand
  7. When for a fitting this summer and we ended up at 1.5” on the driver. Seemed like a ton but did it ever bring my spin numbers down
  8. Sim ti 5 wood, picked up on a demo day, looks un hit. Got a ventus black going in it
  9. Got the link handy? This might be interesting to see
  10. I just had a brain wave.... should just pop the driver shaft into the 5wood, choke up, and see how it feels in the hands
  11. Grip shooter seems to work well if you can get one that’s quality made. Have sent mine back twice in a year for repairs
  12. Second this, the v groove tool is how I’ve got them off in the past
  13. Oh ya, that’s crazy, opens it right up. Is it bad that it looks square to me haha https://www.taylormadegolf.eu/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-EU-Library/en_DE/v1602489889516/TaylorMade/Custom_Specs/2020_tuning_manual.pdf
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