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  1. @bluedot That’s good to know about the grooves. Technically, that doesn’t effect me now but I would like to play on some competitive level eventually. Overall thanks for your reply, gives me a lot to consider.
  2. It’s my understanding that they generally want to recommend better clubs which may work better than my current set, but what if I just don’t have the money for that.. How much trouble is it just to get my current set optimized? For reference I have Titleist 804 OS irons (3-P) What I’m really asking is: Is this a reasonable expectation to walk into a club fitting with?
  3. This is curious. My forearms are longer than my upper arms. And I feel like I have very minimal forearm rotation in my swing, not sure if that’s related. I’m probably just too stiff. Gonna have to check that video out when I get offf from work. One question tho, sorry if this is answered in the video, the terms “flatter” and “upright”, do they refer to the level of incline of the arms relative to the ground?
  4. Let us know how it goes. I’m curious because I’m finding decent results with a very strong left hand grip, but with a neutral to ever so slightly strong right hand grip. Just got off of a clavicle break recovery so I’m looking to experiment a little and wee my way into it
  5. That makes a lot of sense, thanks. What should I do to get rid of it? I’m thinking freezers. That way i give myself time to check my wrist set
  6. Damn thought I got the camera angles right. Is the float loading potentially causing the club head to be too open? Looks like my right arm gets stuck behind me on the full swing and that could be opening the face?
  7. I’m getting OTT as well as holding the face wide open and no release of wrists (at least that’s what it looks like to me)resulting in shanks, slices or if I’m lucky an over fade. Tried a drill I saw by GG to help create an in/out path. A could hardly get it to hook (which is the objective of course). Mostly I got a weak hook or slight draw or fade with this drill.. But overall much better contact. Thoughts? First video (OTT) IMG_1239.MOV Next two are ‘hook drills’. Trying to get the club releasing more out, not sure if I achieved that. IMG_1238.MOV IMG_1233.MOV
  8. Had a lot of swing flaws 5-6 months ago, then didn’t have any when I broke my collarbone. Unfortunately I’ve started to recover from my injury... jokes aside, a lot of my weird compensations that I had in my swing appear to be gone. I think it’s pretty lucky that I get to reset my swing only a year after having started golf. Looking forward to get out there with my dad this summer
  9. As I understand it, lead wrist ‘should’ bow in transition and that’s what shallows the club out or is it more than that? I’ve tried to do it and found only when i really exaggerate left side tilt, can I get the reactive wrist movement.. would you say left side tilt is imperative for wrists to get in the proper position? SagutoGolf did a pretty good video (IMO) on tilting in the golf swing. He refers to it as airplane pitch which is great because that’s how extreme it feels for me to keep the left side tilt on the downswing.. Almost feels like I’m going to nose dive into the grou
  10. Wiggle like you just don’t care. Don’t be afraid to look silly
  11. I spend a lot of time looking at videos of my past ‘swing’. And in them, I’ve found myself in that internal shoulder position, hence my curiosity of this concept. It’s a position that just looks incredibly stuck and no idea how I was ever able to hit a ball, albeit I was lacking a lot of distance anyway. Been working on drills with no club that work on establishing that external shoulder position which appears to not be natural to me
  12. So in other words, one should first learn how to walk properly before trying to play golf? I don’t think anyone has the patience for that lol
  13. I’m curious what instructors think of the concept described in this video. I’ve heard this before and I’m trying to get the action or feel of the right hand behind the right elbow. Is this actually what happens in the golf swing (when done correctly)? I feel like I end up the opposite and can never get it right. Short question: is this videobgood or not?
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