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  1. Can’t remember where I heard this (maybe here or some YouTube vid). The swing begins right off the ball so if you swing the club first then you’d in theory be in the correct sequence. If you’re swinging the club first from the top then you’re in trouble. If you swing the club first from the ball then the transition (lateral shift and pivot) occurs as a response to the club being swung. My interpretation of what I heard.
  2. Didn’t bother reading the thesis. Seems like you’re thinking too much. I’ll say this tho, I’m looking for the right transition move. My catalyst to begin transition is to sling my arms from the top as much as I feel necessary (not necessarily super quick). What I believe this does: creates tension in the string connecting my body to the club (my arms) so as my body shifts ahead of the arm/club unit. Not entirely sure what you’re trying to work on but maybe that helps/ maybe not. Good luck to you m9
  3. @Nail_It any good exercises for working the scaps? Will pull ups do just fine or some other variation?
  4. I started out with the interlocking grip when I first started playing. I have long boney fingers and it’s pretty uncomfortable for me. No issues with overlap grip. I’m 25, just big hands with boney fingers, not much meat on em lol
  5. Yeah not sure, works on my iphone. It could also be the formatting on my phone camera. Not sure if that’s something I can edit. Based on Montes reply I think it works for some people
  6. Took a week off from hitting balls. What this usually means for me, is a loss of my swing feel so I have to figure it out again. This also means I revert to goat humping (apparently). Only say apparently because I have no video and I’m basing that assumption based on feel. So. The feel (to counteract the ) I had today was for my body to be facing the target at impact. This felt super weird and uncomfortable but it created more distance. Just gotta ‘trust’ it. Kinda scary because my monkey brain just wants to hit the ball. Didn’t hit enough to get a proper rhythm with this. Usually limit myself to a small bucket as I lose focus if I have to hit more than that. I’ll try to play with this feel this week
  7. I can relate to this. I believe I’m beginning to discover that the more I try to create rotation, the less connected I am in my swing. Ie if all I focus on is taking my hands back, I presume I get all the rotation I need and I hit it flush.. so weird, it feels unreal but it works
  8. No video, but definitely feel like I’m making progress. Last range session was hitting some really solid 7 irons. Contact sounded good and flight looked good. Not too high and not too low (somewhere in between which is good for me), and a slight draw. Occasional pull draw but not too bad. I’ll take that over the weak rightward shots any day. My main concern is taking it to the course. last time I went on the course, I was ridiculously nervous and every shot was flying < 100 yards... it was pathetic. but to be fair I wasn’t practicing as much at that point. I feel a bit more confident now. Hesitant to go play because quite honestly I’m afraid I’ll s*** myself again. Any advice on how to get over the fear? Been reading “Mindside”; I believe that’s been quite helpful in my practice.
  9. Something I *think* I’ve been doing since your advice, because honestly it’s pretty hard for me to think flex lead wrist in transition, is flexing it taking it back. Is this okay?
  10. Honestly this is pretty damn difficult but once you know it you feel stupid for not knowing it sooner
  11. Something that’s been helping my ball striking is getting my rear shoulder blade to open up more. I have a tendency of just letting my right arm fold with no shoulder rotation. I think this might get me more width and less arm swing and the better strikes.
  12. *I’ll *until* *you *you’re have a great day
  13. I may not be qualified to comment but I’ll offer my 2 cents. I’ve been trying to do the ‘golf swing’ by utilizing my core ‘turning’ but quite frankly, all this does in my opinion (read: my personal experience) is disconnect me from swinging the club and also creating slack. I’ve been focusing lately on taking the club back with my arms. I find this helps me feel connected and keep my wrists subtle and ready to unload. Again, just my personal experience, and to each their own. OP, you might be on to something caz remember there is no one way to swing. Everyone has their own unique swing. You gotta find what works for your body.
  14. Interesting! I was wondering why when I set up the ball more middle and closed stance I hit the ball on line and hooked it with it off of left heel... I have been using a pretty strong grip but trying to weaken it a bit.
  15. Not to brag but I have this sick 100 y low shot shape, I can do it with my 9 iron. It’s pretty cool. Oh and I can do it with my 6 iron or even 3 wood.. actually works with all my clubs. I know when people talk about delusional expectations, their normally referring to “hero shots” or going for a low percentage shot and missing the green/fairway or into the hazard... I’m on something else lol.
  16. I’m wondering if this is what works for me. Last range session, I was experimenting with an open stance for short irons and I was duck hooking everything that I struck well. Several range sessions ago I was doing the opposite and hitting it straight/draw shape. Could have been I had ball too forward and had to reach for it more. Overall, consistency on that range session was trrriblr, I’m guessing because of the stance/ball position
  17. I’ve been playing for roughly a year myself, no athletic background tho. However 6ish months ago I broke my collarbone and Am just now getting back to where I used to be. On your point about getting a lesson early on agree. Although my swing is not what I want it to be rn, pre-injury it made a huge difference (not necessarily in score, but a good baseline in properly swinging the club). I’ve constantly thought about the foot spray thing but never end up bringing it to the range out of laziness.. it work tho?
  18. Sorry not following here, and what’s BST?
  19. Really useful information as well, I appreciate it, really. Thanks for taking the time to post. In terms of body proportions im not exceptionally tall (about 5’11” or 6’ on a good day) but wingspan is somewhere for a 6’4” person and I’m curious how these proportions effect my setup position and overall swing. For that alone, I’m excited for a fitting. Haven’t set a date yet, I’m just getting back into the swing of things after a collarbone break 5 months ago. I can basically swing full now, but contact isn’t where I want it to be. I know when I hit it good tho, just can’t get that feeling consistent. Probably a lesson is in order too, but for now I’m gonna groove a swing out for a month or two and see what happens.
  20. @PriceydThanks for your input. Sounds like a win
  21. I’ve been tinkering with a cross hand grip at home. Get the club in the fingers of the right hand and place the lifeline of left on top of the right thumb firmly. My wrists do set a touch because of this set up, but it feels natural. Of course gonna have to try it on course. Get some reps in.
  22. @bluedot That’s good to know about the grooves. Technically, that doesn’t effect me now but I would like to play on some competitive level eventually. Overall thanks for your reply, gives me a lot to consider.
  23. It’s my understanding that they generally want to recommend better clubs which may work better than my current set, but what if I just don’t have the money for that.. How much trouble is it just to get my current set optimized? For reference I have Titleist 804 OS irons (3-P) What I’m really asking is: Is this a reasonable expectation to walk into a club fitting with?
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