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  1. Sunriver will be fine especially if current wind and higher temp conditions keep trending.
  2. Thanks for the replies. We are evaluating going to Hawaii now as we just found out that the 72 hour test prior to departure flight is only approved at certain locations. We had assumed we could go down to urgent care or our hospital and get a test. Not a total deal breaker, but certainly complicates things. Looking at Key West or Cabo now but with Mexico you'll have to get a test prior to reentry into the US.
  3. The wife and I have never been to Hawaii and have travel vouchers (plane tickets) expiring the end of April we need to use or they are almost worthless. We haven't traveled at all since we been dating/married (last 4 years) due to her changing careers/schooling and my job. With that said, is it a decent time to go? I would hate to arrive and feel a lot of animosity from the locals, but then again, much of that economy relies on tourism. I live in a mountain tourism town, so I know how annoying it was to see inflows of people during the highs of the craziness of 2020. We only have
  4. Ok I am going to call around. And by Men's club I meant men's league.
  5. I see what you mean but Juniper, Lost Tracks, Rivers Edge get too crowded by locals and visitors. Also, unlike other courses, those courses are frequented by lesser skilled players (visitors that don’t play every much, or ever, that just want a different activity to do for the day in Central Oregon) - after reading this post again my original comment sounded very pretentious. I would throw widgi in this category as well. Thirdly, if you look at the prices for a membership at the above courses you’ll notice that they’re the same if not more than Sunriver or Eagle Crest which have multipl
  6. I hope it's cool to piggyback on this tread instead of making a new one. Any Eagle Crest members? I am looking for a club & men's group to join. I had an annual pass in Sunriver a couple of years ago but didn't join the men's group.. I might go back but wanted to check out a Eagle Crest as it's of similar price and offerings as Sunriver. 39/M, 8 handicap
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