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  1. Yeah I get that. I tend to be the opposite way, at least this past season, and now thinking less offset is aiding me in controlling ball flight.
  2. So in your opinion offset doesn't exacerbate a draw?
  3. Forgive me if already asked in this thread... anyone care to comment on the 902 forged in comparison with PF-2. I have had the 902’s for about a month and they are some great clubs. Seeing that the PF-2 has less offset has me interested. I naturally have a draw ball flight and the over draw is my miss, so wondering if less offset would help. In the past I didn’t like the look of minimal offset but preferences have seemed to change as my game has improved.
  4. Looking for X flex, 60-70g… please show me what you have. $200 or less. Thanks!
  5. So if S300 and X100 had a love child would that be 125s?
  6. 4i - 37 1/4 5i - 36 3/4 6i - 36 1/4 7i - 35 3/4 8i - 35 1/4 9i & PW - 34 3/4 These are raw numbers, uninstalled.
  7. I never installed, ill post the lengths as is today when I get back home this evening. Thanks for checking
  8. I couldn't agree more. Only played Crosswater once but have played Meadows and Woodlands several time, and think both of those are amazing tracks. To be fair, I may have built up Crosswater to an unrealistic expectation. I could rotate Meadows and Woodlands and never have an desire to play anywhere else. Also, met Steve Williams and his son at Meadows. I heard for years he had a house there but didn't know where nor really cared. I pulled a tee shot left on one hole and caught them doing yard work.
  9. Watching the last day on DVR just to avoid that damn BMW Alexa commercial. Worst of all time
  10. 1. New Level 902 forged 5-PW - 9.5/10 condition. Standard Lie, +.25 length, 5 & 6 iron are 1 degree strong, 7-PW are std. DG 120 100x shafts Great clubs I own two sets. I took a chance on the DG 120 100X and just don't like the feel. The other set has AMT tour White S300 and it's an improvement for me but going to pull those shafts and go with the modus 125. So if you would rather have AMT Tour White S300 then I will upload pics of those (very similar condition - like new). I am keeping one set of heads for reshaft, with that said, the heads or either shaft option is for sale individually. $500 NOW $450 - *If you just want the heads or shafts PM and we can work a deal. 2. Srixon U65 23* (4 iron) - std LLL AMT Tour White 100X shaft -- SOLD 3. HZRDUS Yellow Handcrafted 3w shaft - As soon as I find my tape measure I will update the listing with length. No tip, I took this out of a Srixon F85 3W and it is new condition. - SOLD 4. Modus 120s pulls 4-PW - Grips are in great shape with no wear marks & plenty of life - $SOLD pin 9/25
  11. Mod please delete, wrong forum section
  12. Modus 120x or stiff , PX LZ 6.0, DG AMT White S300
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