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  1. I need to get new grips for my irons and have never replaced grips before. I'm looking for advice on how to evaluate what grips to get. On a range from cheap to expensive what are you getting with more expensive grips? What features/attributes should I be paying attention to when choosing? Are the brands pretty comparable or are there some to stay away from? Is there a good way to test out a number of different grips to see what feels best? Any other things to look out for to be aware of? Looking forward to seeing what y'all have to say.
  2. What's the bar that holds your irons all in line? Is that an accessory from SM or something 3rd party? Love the look of them all in formation, really works with the theme.
  3. Picked up a Sim Max 5 hybrid that is really helping me make smoother more consistent swings compared to my 5i.
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