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  1. 1. Greenville SC 2. 25 3. Rangefinder / phone gps 4. WOSPORTS cheapo off Amazon 5. Yes!
  2. I had a Bushnell that I loved and left in the cart, then bought a cheapo off Amazon. The cheap one is slower and harder to get a good shot with but it's accurate when compared with other's watches and rangefinders. If you can find a good price on a used name brand I would do that. Just do what you can to make sure it's in good shape.
  3. I need to get new grips for my irons and have never replaced grips before. I'm looking for advice on how to evaluate what grips to get. On a range from cheap to expensive what are you getting with more expensive grips? What features/attributes should I be paying attention to when choosing? Are the brands pretty comparable or are there some to stay away from? Is there a good way to test out a number of different grips to see what feels best? Any other things to look out for to be aware of? Looking forward to seeing what y'all have to say.
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