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  1. I’m wondering myself as a JPX 921 HM Pro player (go back and forth between T100s). on the benefits and gains I would see in the upcoming HMB. Read somewhere buried on these threads (not sure if true or not) the upcoming Mizuno Pro HMB will have stronger lofts vs the MP HMB (e.g. 7iron will be 30 degrees vs. 32 degrees). Other than updated looks and feel and hollow forged construction, will be curious to see how they differentiate from the JPX 921 HM Pros.
  2. My responses were to your statement regarding 223s being equivalent to JPX921. As for 225’s being equivalent to JPX921, these are not either
  3. FYI; for those that did custom pre-orders; I talked to Mizuno service rep this morning. They said they are starting customization builds this week and expected to ship out 1st week of November. Crossing my fingers there are no supply issues on Mizunos end for Project X LZ shafts.
  4. Interesting, just saw that. I did a pre-order for customized wedges on Carlsland a couple weeks ago including 58 degree in C grind for Satin Chrome. Just went into the site and they are no longer offering C grind in 58. Either they sold out, supply issue, patent infringement allegations, etc. Hopefully shouldn’t add more delays but who knows anymore.
  5. If you read my comment, I did not say ‘the 223 isn’t like the JPX921 Forged in any ways’. The question was asked are the 223’s equivalent to the JPX921 Forged, and my response (in summary) it is not equivalent. Yes, they have similar characteristics with chromoly being included in the materials for both JPX921 and 223, but no they are not equivalent. If they were, then Mizuno would replace one or the other as opposed to cannibalising their own products. Again, the 223 is going to have the copper underlay and will be squatter/shorter in blade length vs. JPX921 forged as well as weaker lofted. How that feels and performs for you or anyone? Your mileage will vary.
  6. They are not. JPX921 Forged are 1 degree stronger and made out of different materials vs. MMC aka 223. MMC being weaker loft with copper underlay and shorter blade length with 223 release (your mileage and results may vary). JPX921 Forged will be an offering by Mizuno for at least another year until new JPX line is released. you can see additional testing and comparison here from previous/current head to head on MMC vs. JPX Forged. Reading the 223 will also have some chromoly and increase in ball speed:
  7. I kinda like the script. Looks clean and classy to me. Not overbearing or standing out like the giant PXG logo and big fat screws. I never really heard anyone complaining about Miura or Ben Hogans script. Just as clean as those. Also a reality check to the self entitled complainers, Vosh already said this is going to be global and they are not changing it. And guess what else may happen, they may not remove the script going forward for the next several generations as long as they no longer want to distinguish US vs Asia markets and standardize globally and tour players see no problem with it. I think they look awesome and can’t wait to try them out and see how the performance, address, feel are. Well done Mizuno
  8. Same here. Attached is my 9-iron which is the most used in my bag so far. After about 5 rounds and range sessions, there’s some minor dings and scratches but nothing that is offensive or really bothers me. It’s expected with just about any forged heads that are as soft as these unless you are OCD and using iron covers for each and every shot. For those it does bother, then forged heads are probably not for you
  9. I know the copper finish is all the rave with these, but just watched a video with Vosh and Golf Monthly “Best of Wedges 2021”. Is it me or doesn’t the satin chrome look freakin’ damn sexy? Would think the satin chrome would blend well with MP-20, upcoming Mizuno Pro, and JPX (Forged and HM line).
  10. I received my T100s early September but have been waiting on a couple T200 utility builds (stock HZRDUS RDX black shafts and grips). Every couple weeks I call for status and they kept telling me the heads are in just waiting for other components (didn’t know what components). In the time ive been waiting, I reflected and asked myself if I really should be gaming these. I then called yesterday and received similar answer, but they stated it was now delayed until best case scenario end of October (btw Titleist service rep was great and didn’t push back or try to talk me out of cancellation request, which probably indicates I wouldn’t realistically be getting these things for a really really long time). After cancellation, I ordered a couple TSi2 hybrids from TGW and has already shipped, expected to arrive next couple days
  11. Looks like they are in stock on Carls Golfland and a few others. TGW says they are backordered and will be in stock on 9/29. I wouldn’t order direct through Titleist though or else you risk further delays.
  12. Not sure what you have for previous irons. As a generalization, forged clubs will definitely nick up more so vs cast. You’ll especially notice morso brand new (not sure if Titleist is using softer materials this year vs past years, but pretty common industry wide for companies trying to achieve and push the boundaries of even softer more buttery feel). My T100s already have a few dings too after a couple rounds but I expected it and doesn’t really bother me. They’re irons and inevitable they’ll take a beating.
  13. I disagree and don’t think that’s accurate, assuming you are referring to men’s tour level speed. T100 is commonly played on LPGA tour (see So Yeon Ryu, Anna Nordqvist, Nelly Korda) who’s ladies have average swing speed of 76 mph with 7-iron. It’s more so you need to be a better ball striker although swing speed may help on those mishits, but by no means you need to be tour level swing speed to game T100 or T100s.
  14. I would agree with that. The T100s were designed in consideration for the tour players. Titleist stated most of the tour pros tend to hit the down on the toe and designed the irons with the Vokey team to provide relief by adding more bounce on the toe and reduced bounce on the heel, so would make sense that heel shots would feel more harsh and penalizing.
  15. Did you hit these off a mat or from grass? I would have to disagree that the T100S are louder and harsher than the ZX7s and ZX5s. I can only speak from my personal experience. Just for context; I took out my T100S yesterday on the course and can honestly say these these feel so soft and crisp when hit flushed. Probably one of the best feeling irons I’ve ever hit IMO. I then went to an indoor hitting bay using the same ProV1 ball, and felt the feel was night and day vs. hitting off of grass. Unless I’m purposely trying to drive the club extra steep and through into the mat to make center or low point center contact, it just wasn’t giving me the same feel as real course conditions. I’ve also hit the Z7s in both mat and outdoors and found my experiences to be pretty similar with the T100S. I personally love the feel of the T100S, (not to say the ZX7s are inferior, I love the feel of those) too but my point is you just don’t get the true feel of a club from hitting off of a mat.
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