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  1. 1. City, State? Los Angeles, California 2. Handicap? +1.4 3. What is your current putter? LAB DF2.1 Armlock 37.5’ 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? I have 3. DF2.1 Armlock, Standard DF2.1 Nickel and B.2 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I fully believe in the LAB technology and have been actively gaming these putters for the better part of the last 2 years. My favorite putter shape going back has been the “fangs” style like the MEAZZ, so I couldn’t be more excited to get one in the bag. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes, I am a professional photographer with my own product studio. I’d be happy to take some photos there and at the club as well as get some reviews from other members at my club. I have gotten 4-5 guys at my club to game LAB putters in the last year. I play about 15 rounds a month and am an absolute putter nut, so hopefully you could find the feedback useful.
  2. I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but I'll give it a shot.. Played in a team play event the other day and the course had the coolest flag sticks. Anyone know who makes these? Are they completely one off? Almost looks like the bubba whips guys..
  3. Got you. Whats interesting to me is I almost regret (maybe thats not the right word) gaming the autoflex for so long, that I have almost gone down the rabbit hole of light/soft shafts as now the norm for my swing. I know its not the case, but every "standard" shaft now to me feels like its too stiff and heavy, so much so that I feel like I can't load it. Which is, in reality, not the case as I swing it pretty comfortably at 115+ I just keep gravitating to the softer lighter shafts now and maybe the industry will move in that direction in the future, and maybe not. It is still fun to test out these Asian shafts that are still barely scratching the market surface in the US.
  4. Thanks for the insight. Thats interesting and not surprising. Although, the Deramax offers their line in a pretty conventional lineup of flex from SR to XX. I think its a good thing that some of these other brands might now come to light piggy backing a bit of the Autoflex marketing.
  5. I've tried looking for more information about this company and their shaft line and have had no luck. Has anyone ever heard of them? Or better yet, try them? This past Monday was my second time hitting dozens of drives on the LM with one of the offerings and its unbelievable. I tried both the 49g and 60g X shaft and my numbers relative to the other shafts tested were pretty amazing. The shaft felt light and relatively soft, but not Autoflex soft. Head felt ridiculously stable at every point in the swing, and dispersion was just as good as anything I've hit. I currently have one on order and will be doing some testing on course as they didn't let me demo it. Nevertheless, its an interesting concept and it was inevitable that more and more companies explore the limits of shaft construction. Shaft frequency is in the 250-255 range so its obviously very soft for an X flex. Just curious if anyone else have heard or tested this shaft. For reference, I currently game both an Accra TZ6 M5 CB (SIM2 10.5 Max) and Autoflex SF505X (SIM2 IMG_6223.HEIC IMG_6224.HEIC IMG_6222.HEIC
  6. I wrote a semi extensive review on it on the KHT Autoflex thread in club techs but here is the tldr; I can hit a high cut on command with gamer, and not the Autoflex. I have a left miss sometimes so I use it for pure distance. Autoflex is considerably longer, and it feels fast. I have a pretty quick transition and the AF has made me slow my tempo down a bit and have improved my other driver as well.
  7. Same here. I played a full round with the new head today and it feels just a touch heavier than my SIM Max, so itll be interesting to see where my swing weight will end up with the autoflex.
  8. Just wanted to share with you guys my bag for this year, I know its a bit unorthodox but it works really well for my game at my club. When I go play at courses I normally don't play, I have a more traditional setup with a 3 wood and sometimes 2 iron instead of the hybrid. Going to try the Epic Max LS on the Autoflex tomorrow and see if I can get used to the sound.. Anyways, here it is: Driver 1: TaylorMade SIM Max (9* @ 7*) Shaft: Autoflex SF505x Driver 2: TaylorMade SIM (10.5* @ 11.5*) Shaft: Accra TZ6 CB M5 Hybrid 2: Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 (17*) Shaft: Ozik Matrix HD 6.1 Irons: Miura MC501 4-PW Shafts: KBS $-Taper HT (4* Flat) Wedges: Cleveland ZipCore Tour Raw (52*, 56*, 60*) Shafts: Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour S Flex (3* Flat) Putter: LAB Golf DF Armlock 73* with 4* shaft lean (37.5") Grip: Winn 17.5" Golf Ball: Bridgestone Tour B X Grips: Miura Lamkin
  9. New member here and want to share my experience: I have had my Autoflex SF505X for about 6 weeks now, and have around 25 rounds played with a few range sessions in between. The strongest part of my game is my driving, and i mainly play a high low spin cut. My gamer is a SIM Max 9* set down to 7* with an Accra TZ6 CB M5. It took me about 6-7 full rounds to start hitting the AF well, and even then I started to develop a 2 way miss which I really hated since my gamer pretty much only has a right miss. The AF goes about 15 yards farther on a good shot and just because of that its worth keeping in the bag. At my club, 15 yards on 4-5 holes is the difference between an easy birdie and a par so it makes sense to have it. After about 15 rounds I have given up trying to play my usual high cut shot and caved in to just gaming 2 drivers now. I now have a 10.5 turned to 9.5 open/flat SIM with weight on the toe and the Accra TZ6 for hitting my usual high cuts, and now have my SIM max 7* with autoflex just for pure distance on holes where there isnt much trouble like the par 5s. If I only had to pick 1 driver, I would be using my gamer Accra for the 1 way miss. I am sure most people have a different experience but I can't consistently cut the AF so I need 2 drivers in the bag now which works just fine since I have no use for a 3 wood at our club. Just for perspective, I am 5' 7" about 150 lbs and I swing very hard to get the distances that I hit. My AoA is about +5 up and with the low lofts can get a high low spin shot that carries a good bit. The typical miss with the AF is a pull or a knuckleball that has no spin and sometimes a dreaded draw, which is terrible since i have been aiming left for a long time expecting my usual cut. tldr; I can hit a high cut on command with gamer, and not the Autoflex. I have a left miss sometimes so I use it for pure distance. Autoflex is considerably longer, and it feels fast. I have a pretty quick transition and the AF has made me slow my tempo down a bit and have improved my other driver as well. SIM 9.5* Accra TZ6 CB M5 45" D4 Accra club speed: 113-117 Accra ball speed: 160-167 (I have never touched 120/170) SIM MAX 7* SF505x 45.75" D1.5 SF505x club speed: 119-122 SF505x ball speed: 168-175 Push draw: Pulled:
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