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  1. I got this back from the custom shop two months ago, I have to calibrate my eyes train myself to aim slightly right. I am pulling left aiming left with three lines. But I am also going to get the lie angle changed it is definitely way too flat at 71°, I definitely need 72° lie angle, so once I get the lie angle fixed., I am convinced the lines are going to help me rapidly line up to the target. So it is a mixed bag make sure you get your lie angle correctly adjusted or the lines will point slightly incorrectly.
  2. I think that is what all these engineers are saying! It does not have to be that way. Paul Hurion, Scotty Cameron, Sean Toulon, Taylor made engineers, Are trying to define how the putter and the ball work on a perfect surface. The inexact science has to do with putting on a putting green in the outdoors with wild variables. The number one topic is that you and I cannot aim our putter at the target, the engineers are trying to help us figure out how to do the very first fundamental, align the face of your putter square to your target line. That is an exact science.
  3. I do think it is everything data sets, the manufacturers use robots to collect data in R&D, and make a new design, then they give it to the tour players to see if they can replicate the data with their hands, as you say feedback from tour players is mixed, then they go back to the drawing board and come up with the next iteration, but each iteration appears to be blending of the data sets, human and robot combined. Odyssey and Taylor made have been slowly increasing the velocity off the face insert over the last five years from the really soft inserts, due to tour players asking for
  4. Topic for people who like to learn: I know there is a group of people who do not believe in science and physics, (its marketing hype) or it is too difficult to interpret / learn. And I know it can be difficult / mentally exhausting to put into practice. Mostly because we have no way of really measuring our own performance. Information is power for me, make choices based upon data. It is definitely making me a better putter. Just like the pros. Basically I want to put a quintic roll in my living room for a few months. Last month Nick Faldo on CBS, was talking about how he
  5. the manufacturers are not transparent on their specifications on the webpage. However it is very easy to measure if you have the putter in your hand.. 98% of the modern putters are 1.0 " face height. Many of the anser retro versions are running 0.95 " the so-called a low profile where the blade sits completely under the equator of the ball, very few players can hit low-profile blade.
  6. I agree with several of those statements. But I am learning that .06" on an already unforgiving putter is very important. The diameter of golf balls 1.68" so the equator of the ball sits 0.84" off the ground. So 0.06 " makes the top of the blade stand 10% taller behind the ball equator, it is extremely noticeable when I put down my other putters. Which are very easy to deliver the sweet spot right into the equator. I think if you have a putting stroke where you like to play the ball forward in your stance catching the ball on the upstroke makes that sweet spot of the Newport 2 hit the equ
  7. I guess maybe I need to look for a Newport 2 blade (anser) with a full normal 1.0 inch face height. I certainly agree each putter has its own it idiosyncratic quirks. Re-stating my question; my main question is how you take a blade that is so small that it can slip under the ball it is almost impossible to hit it in the center of the face because the face is so short. This was the only article I could find from five years ago really that crystallizes the problem. I still consistently hit the top of the face too many times. I think I have purchased a poor design the more I play with it, n
  8. That is a pretty awesome blog, thanks for that. I just spent two hours reading almost all of his articles, excellent thoughts. I do seem to have a number 4 profile, pretty naturally, as I have been trying to copy Tigers stroke for the last 20 years. I have watched all of Brad faxons videos, and use most of his techniques as well. I love to hold my finish and watch the ball roll into the hole, that was a breakthrough technique for me many years ago, hold the finish. Dozens of the best putters and coaches recommend that. So my follow-through is a tiny bit long, I do not like the idea of stoppin
  9. I actually had a GOAT in the cart. Absolutely beautiful putters, I finally decided I have to trust Scotty Cameron is somewhat of a perfectionist for this experiment. And he has the feedback of 200 touring professionals telling him how to make the putter perfect for them. My experiment was to try and master a blade that can go easily in the bag of a touring professional, experience it. Clearly most of the anser blades are 98% identical, and they all seem to be 300 to 400 bucks at a minimum. So I decided to go with number one in tour wins.
  10. I have the Pelz clips as well, I like the tape, better as I do not have to chase balls when I have a toe mishit.
  11. I used a odyssey 2 ball, for the last 10 years, absolutely fabulous putter shot my first 71 with that putter (4 birdies three bogeys), I had a 34 inch and a 33 inch 2-ball, but much more comfortable over the ball with the 34 inch, seem to putt a little bit better with 33 inch however the grips were deteriorated the face is too soft, so those were given away. So I bought a brand-new triple track micro hinge 2-ball and a Scotty Cameron square back 2, both 34 inch, (tried and returned a 35 inch two ball) been playing those for about the last year. I am trying to figure out why the face balan
  12. Lots of good responses, helpful. I do have the GSA putt accelerometer and software most of my putters have the plumbers neck so this putter definitely fits my stroke. It tells you what type of arc you have, loft at impact, face angle open or closed at impact, it is putter fitting software so I have spent time to make sure it is behaving normal. I am trying to make sure I do not radically hit up and deloft the putter face as well.. the software is pretty excellent. The Pelz tape that I presented was a 20 putt sample from the first 100 putts, several weeks ago just to demonstrate how bad a quar
  13. I finally broke down and bought Scotty Cameron special select Newport 2, 34". I have been desiring one for 20 years watching Tiger Woods and others top professionals execute flawless artistic pure strokes with them. After watching Patrick Reed last weekend I do not regret the purchase. Every time I tried one I realized they are truly like a scalpel for the professional. Lots of pushes, lots of pulls, clanking miss hits, could never bring myself to buy one. Especially the 2020 select line, Scotty Cameron says this putter is the closest he has ever made to a tour specificati
  14. I received my Lajosi LP 421, German stainless steel.. GSS, . Nice and heavy at 360, I am having to learn to not leave the toe open, the flow neck has a little extra toe hang, leaving a few of them out to the right but feels very nice. So I was able to take a few sexy bedroom pictures.
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