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  1. I watched the golf tournament yesterday the announcers were talking about why Ricky Fowler is eliminated from the Masters tournament for the first time ever. They put up his putting statistics versus the rest of the field and his decline over the last two years, and said his putting is one of his main problems, I noticed that his putting statistics declined with the changed the ball. I had a sleeve of the TP5X, so I hit a few of them and floated the idea.. I do not think I can putt with this ball if anyone's dropped the golf ball on up perfectly flat surface like marble/granite you can clearly see the ball does not bounce straight up every time, it is common knowledge for scientists and engineering types, and for some people to just laugh out loud that it is impossible, golf balls are perfect is pretty funny to me. I was not aware that this forum needed a up and down vote on a floated idea that was clearly stated as opinion, I do not think I could putt well with TPX5, off my current one piece milled stainless steel putter face. We all know golf is very complicated but if you hit two less fairways and you hit two less greens and your putting average goes from 29 to 31 putts per round you are going to be needing to take a look at your entire game and your equipment
  2. How did you verify that? You putted 50, 10 footers with each ball, and measured it.? You are just making that up. Perhaps you are saying you like the feel of the Pro V1X, It certainly depends upon your putter face/insert. Pro V1X is not too bad ~338 dimples, especially on deep milled faces, or inserts, and Titleist has been softening the ball X cover for the last three iterations to minimize the effect. I used it for the longest time on the white hot face, which is less much less prone to dimple error. Ricky has a non-milled flat steel face much more susceptible to dimple error. I love proV 1X for wedge play. but putting is more important. I have heard some golf coaches saythey like to choose the highest performance ball for the short game and then deal with the spin numbers on the driver later. A lot of players these days are focused on their driver and forget to consider their short game impacts of the ball choice
  3. have you ever heard of the NASA scientist Dave Pelz. Who wrote over 1000 pages of research on putting. There are things to be learned about the science of putting. I am serious because it is true. Most amateurs do not take the 2 to 8 foot putts seriously anyway, those are the ones you are most likely to miss due to not understanding dimple design. according to several researchers. So yes I am serious?
  4. I just recently tried some free TP 5X balls off my Scotty Cameron Newport. I think that is why Ricky Fowler cannot putt anymore. The ball seemed very hard, much more clicky than the Pro V1's I use, much more face velocity, shorter dwell time on the face, lower amount of feel. Additionally I noticed the very large dimples cause the ball to go off-line about 1/10 times, you could see the ball jump left or right when it hit the edge of one of those huge dimples. TPX5 only has 320 dimples which means they are very large dinner plates, I noticed the same thing with my Pro V1X, that is why I switched to the Pro V1 last year(388 dimples), they almost never start off line off the putter face. I understand if some company gives you $10 million to play the ball, and you miss one extra putt per round that could very well be worth it. I think he needs to change to a different putter face or change back to the Pro V1. just an opinion
  5. I would add the ball type as well....... so important how each ball comes off the face so differently, if you use two or three different types of balls I do not think you can become a really good putter, you have to stick with one ball. Once you practice as deeply as you have that subtlety shows its importance.
  6. Most of the putters available today are reasonably high-tech and good performers. I can putt quite well with a blade or a mallet so it just comes down to preferences and which type of putter seems to give you more confidence. Or the ability to make one more putt. I have leaned back towards blades... I seem to be able to start the blade on chosen target line a little more accurately. I have a slight arc, on the shorter putts the mallet seems to turn over just a little bit more once that big wide mass starts the toe releasing or turning over, it seems like I burn the left edge of the hole on a four footers I missed too many short putts with mallets like the tailor-made spider.. I am able to hold the blade square better or more consistently and make my shorter putts. I like all the alignment tools on the the mallets seems easy to line the putter up accurately at your target. The other thing that has been bothering me when I do a forward press you do not really notice anything with the blade but if you forward press a mallet you see the rear of the blade lift up feels like way too much movement of the alignment marks. They are both very equal high performers, so it comes down to your personal preference, you have to try it to see if it fits with your personality and stroke.
  7. There are a lot of subtle details that make it a very fussy putter, even though the swing weight is the same the distribution/weight balance feels like a lever in my hand, it feels very toe heavy, again subtle but I can feel pressure points in my hands that I do not feel with the Byron Morgan. That different balance causes me to take it back inside to strongly getting back to the ball square is very hard work. The face is shorter (Scotty says low profile, too low in my opinion) hitting high on the face gives a horrible clattering feedback, the extra 2 mm of length makes it over rotate in my hands, the face itself with the three cherry rings causes the face to be very thin, even perfectly struck putts sounds different each time, depending on how many microns off the sweet spot is, so in a vacuum, I still liked this putter, until I got higher revisions. I think the Odyssey Toulon is easier to hit pure and true and straight, the Byron Morgan 612 is easier to hit nearly perfect putts. And I could see this putter fitting someone else easily so it is how a putter fits your personal swing. It is not a bad putter by any means it is just very fussy..
  8. You got a lot of complicated physics going on there. once the spin axis is created (of a rotating object) the first bounce /friction point will apply a new force (upon landing) and the new axis of rotation will re-align, and will act according to gyroscopic procession.i.e. any force will act 90° later. and it will settle into true roll. I believe that general observation is somewhat correct but mostly irrelevant to putting. You are taking super dominant hi RPM equatorial spin (lets say hook spin) launched in the air and converting it to end over end after several bounces to a slower RPM, and it may indeed track right of your initial path once true roll begins. What were talking about in true golf greens is about 75 RPM end over end roll with 20 RPMs of hook spin enough to tilt the track slightly left, more similar to tennis balls or table tennis balls the forward velocity is dominant, and the hook spin turns it left when it contacts the surface and settles into true roll. Dr. Hurion talks about it like a rifle bullet a left-handed bullet rifling forward fast with some slight hook. also very important in your technique is you are likely to some putting back spin on your launch angle as well, back spin creates all sorts of deflections on the first and second bounce, as well as Delofted putter face pounding the ball into the surface, makes the ball jump very high. Probably not the best strokes. Interesting experiment though.
  9. I have snapped a chalk line on mine, just like many of the pros do. No change to any of the stimp meter
  10. Paul hurion, and the quintic were partially responsible for Padraig winning all those major championships in 2008 approximately, he switched to the face balanced two ball and practiced on the quintic for a year to stop hook spinning the putter. It is like a hooking bowling ball, for the first 3 feet stays pretty straight until the true roll begins, by that time it has moved 1/4 inch off-line and misses left. It appears to be in the balance of the putter for me, once again I sort of blame the weight ports, and the longer length of the face/blade, there appears to be a stronger inside arc on the take away, if I naturally allow the putter to move in the backstroke it comes to the inside several degrees further, stronger arc. I have confirmed this with my accelerometer putting software. The 612 seems to have a slightly more weaker arc a little more straight back. I hit 7 putts with each also on the software the face angle of the Scotty Cameron opens up to~ 6.5° at the transition point, the 612 only opens up to about 4.5° face angle so that Scotty Cameron is more active opening and closing from the inside definite recipe for more hook spin, as I said I can make an effort to make it more straight back and hold the face of the putter square at impact, so I was only putting hook spin on 3/10 but it takes practice. The 612 fits my putting stroke perfectly at least from 11 feet.. really bonding with the more i practice.
  11. 10 years ago I invested a lot of time and effort in my golf game, hours and hours on the driving range, found a nice facility with short game/bunker area, I got my handicap down to about 1.7 played in several state amateurs. Studied the Dave Pelz book he got a lot of things wrong but he got a lot of things right 15 years ago. I never really practiced my putting as much as a practiced the other aspects of my game. I was forced to take the last 10 years off of golf due to life situations, so as I have gotten back into it. The physics and science of putting has gone through a revolution. Paul Hurion invented the quintic, so much information on how to roll the ball and I absolutely believe his statement if the player can get feedback on how to hit a perfect putt they will improve. This is The first time in history we have that feedback to tell you why you missed the putt. Most amateurs really have no idea why they missed the putt, so how can they correct it to make a better stroke? Maybe they do not need to correct the stroke and it was the rub of the green, So now I am throwing myself into the study and practice to master that part of the game that I never bothered with. So that was my ongoing effort to bond with a magic putter. To quote JK Rowling "curious indeed how things happen..... The wand chooses the wizard." Basically create a stable of top three putters. I used the odyssey two ball for 10 years straight it seemed to be really good and I did not seem to need to practice much. I believe I was down to 29.5 putts per round on my stats spreadsheet, at the end of my last stage. But I started developing problems with missing four footers to the left, I was starting to explore blade putters right before I quit. And I bonded with and wanted to copy Tiger Woods putting stroke and putter, for the last 30 years. I love Patrick Reeds stroke, I think my stroke is most like Patrick Cantlays. So now I have a magic wand, or 2, we will take it to the course, I also have 5 current putting coach books, mental and mechanics books. With drills the pros use. But I think I can probably use this one putter for another five or 10 years, it is about confidence. And I seem to have a lot of confidence with it, keeping it I agree may be hard.
  12. It is very difficult to tease apart the design elements of the putter head versus the steel component. But this is a pretty good test, the designs are quite similar, but not good identical and yet the GSS stands at the top. And you are right I am easily rolling two or 300 putts a day getting good at releasing the ball off the face with a little bit of topspin. I am convinced German stainless steel is excellent times 2, sweet spot contact is so pleasing absolutely the best satisfying sound and feel when I hit the sweet spot. Very addictive. The Scotty Cameron is very close but hard to get, the sweet spot tone and feel is super elusive on the Scotty perhaps 2/10 sound and feel good, and I am really hitting 9/10 nearly perfect. But they all feel slightly different, I also chalk that up to the weight ports and the different metals. The Byron GSS I can easily say is the best putter I have ever stroked and felt, one single uniform forged piece of extremely high quality stainless steel very harmonic tone. If you are missing the sweet spot it is pretty regular putter. It is becoming addicting I love hitting 10 in a row perfectly, I feel super satisfied. Additionally it seems to have a pretty high impact ratio which I like, meaning the ball comes off of the face with a good amount of speed, a small swing gets the ball to the hole. I continue to struggle just a bit with the Odyssey Toulon which feels about 5% slower coming off the face. I definitely have to take a longer backstroke with the Austin which I can adjust to reasonably easy. I have been trying to come up with a way to describe the sound and feel of the GSS Byron, it reminds me of two billiard balls colliding perfectly but at a lower frequency, a longer trailing note! Toccckkk! Vs Tock. But also the Pro V1X, is part of the equation, Callaway chromesoft feels similar on all the putters, very gummy soft, more of a thud. I am going to try a chrome soft X someday, taylor-made TP5x is similar even slightly more crisp click. I really like the Pro V1X. Especially combined with the Byron GSS. That has always been my number one priority for choosing a ball how does it feel and sound with chipping and putting, number one, then does it work with the longer clubs good enough. So I would say the GSS has an extra 10% sweetness factor. Well worth it to me extra 400 bucks. I have heard that is why some pros cannot win suddenly, they switch balls for a $5 million contract and they cannot feel their putts any more. So they spend a year or two, to see if they can learn to putt with the new gummy ball.
  13. I have had all of my putters bent to my fitting specs I need 72° and 2 1/2 to 3° of loft. Not every repair shop has the skill or the tools, but absolutely you can go to most places and get it done for 10 bucks, cool clubs, will do it PGA superstore will do it. You just have to leave it overnight often times a quick phone call to your club champion to see if Phil do it for 10 or 20 bucks the answer is yes the same specs should work with most putters and your swing.
  14. Amazon has it that is where I got it/ Dave Pelz teachers putter impact tape.
  15. I thought that it would be a different weight balance than the Newport 2, and that might be the key, that was the first experiment, it was to see if the softer shoulders and shorter putter head length had a different feel, and I believe I had an intuition that the Newport two was to long, it was over rotating because of its length. I do think I like the 2 mm shorter
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