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  1. Thanks. Makes sense. Appreciate the advice!!
  2. Thanks, I'll check those out. I did finally watch one of the lessons from the NTC series and got some good insight from it. I'll have to watch the rest as well.
  3. Thanks!! I know I got a lot of work yet to do, but it's been very rewarding and encouraging already.
  4. Yep, you're exactly right. I got the same analysis from watching myself on video. I wanted to video some full swings getting to 8 to see where I was and what I needed to work on, not so much that I was ready to move forward too soon. It helped me realize I need to do the things I described above to get into those good positions, so at least I'm now seeing what I'm doing and what I need to do to get to where I should be. I'm able to get to 7 then 8 when doing them slowly/methodically. But putting them together got sloppy. Videoing it helped me see where/when/what I needed to work on. Plan movi
  5. Day 4 - I continued to work on the 7 o'clock position doing half swings as before. This is starting to feel really comfortable and natural. I also worked on the drill (butt of club) that @glk recommended. I can see how this drill forces your hands into the correct plane on the way back, and I could feel the slight difference it was creating. After hitting quite a few half shots from the 7 o'clock position, I started working on going from 7 to 8. This was a little awkward, as I wanted to continue my old habit of swinging my arms back and up into the backswing and getting too long. I need to con
  6. Makes sense. Seems to me one would fix the other? Taking the head inside the hands too early would cause the early bend in the right arm. Avoiding either should fix the other, at least in my mind.
  7. Yeah, I could feel myself getting past 7 o'clock pretty much every time. Just such an odd feeling stopping at 7, but at least I'm feeling it!! I was able to get there comfortably as I continued to work on the drill, so it's happening. In reference to my left shoulder, your referring to it pointing more towards the ball at the top of my swing versus out away from the ball, correct? Very similar to how I improved where the butt end of the club was pointing? Thing is, it's not something I thought about AT ALL. Just getting to the positions in the NTC forces, or as Monte says, causes t
  8. Thanks!! I really appreciate all the drill links. From the video I seem to be still taking the club to far inside on my takeaway. Would you agree? The butt of the club to belly drill looks like a great way to work on that.
  9. Thanks!! "Just keep doing that"..............is exactly what I plan to do.
  10. Day 3 following Monte's NTC and I took @TheDeanAbides and @glkadvice and worked only on the 7 o'clock position of the no turn by making half swings from there. Focused on getting the proper wrist set/hinge and using cast B on the swing. Also moved the ball up in my stance a bit which at first felt odd, but I quickly adjusted. This is something I've always struggled with though. Hit driver off my left heel and proceeded further back my stance with shorter clubs. Must irons I hit about the middle of my stance and shorter irons/wedges I played even further back. Where abouts should I be playing m
  11. Oh yeah, I get it. Just gotta build the foundation correctly first, which is where I'm currently at. I understand exactly what your saying though, and appreciate it!!
  12. Thanks!! Appreciate the insight!! I'm in the first stages of rebuilding my swing following Monte's NTC. Really feel like I need to nail certain points of the swing before I can put it all together. For me, it's best to get to those spots, pause, check, reset and repeat. Then slowly work on putting it all together. It's going to be work, but I know I'll get there. I was a pitcher in college. Our pitching coach use to have us do what he called "dry drills" while we shagged balls during BP. This is where you would pause for 3 seconds at 5 different points of a windup, with
  13. Thanks. I'll heed this advice. Would you suggest I get to 7 with left arm parallel to the ground and hit shots from there? This should also help with hinging my wrist earlier as you suggested before. Also, should I be working on cast a and b from this point? The cast b drill from the videos sound very similar to what you're suggesting. I would think so, since that is an integral part of the downswing with NTC, but I don't want to get ahead of myself as I've already done. Maybe I should just concentrate on delivering the club to the ball without worrying about any of that after gett
  14. Thanks for the drills. I'll check them out. I've been doing the 9 to 3 drill, which sounds similar to what you're suggesting for short swings. I'll continue to work on those.
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