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  1. Had my lesson with Monte yesterday evening. I explained my misses and what I've been working on. He watched a few swings and immediately pointed out my shoulders spinning out early (still) and how that was causing all my misses and issues. We talked about how I've been working on that since my last lesson and how I haven't really got it sorted out. Monte then pointed out my lack of a proper weight shift and re-center (I basically stay on my front side the whole swing) and how this causes my shoulders to spin out. Specifically, I had no right hip rotation on the way back. We worked on getting a
  2. Thanks!! Appreciate the well thought out post. It'll take me a bit to digest it all, lol!! As far as grip goes, are you suggesting I strengthening my left hand or make my right hand weaker? I've tried strengthening my left hand a bit (rolling it more over the top of the club) and it feels awful. Good points about my takeaway. You pointed out the same thing months ago about keeping my left elbow pointed more towards the ground in my takeaway. I got better at that but it's creeped back in. Never even considered that while I've been trying to rid myself of being to deep an
  3. The weight shift/re-centering has been a tough thing for me as well. If I practice my swing just getting to the top and stopping before transition, it's a beautiful and smooth flowing transfer of weight from my back side to the front. At the top I've re-centered nicely and loaded the front side nicely ready for transition. Try and do it with a full swing and it all goes out the window. Need to find some drills to work on this part of my swing. If Monte suggests something for me here, I'll be sure to share. Agreed 100% about how using the weight of the club and letting it do the wor
  4. I need to check this out. I keep forgetting!!
  5. Yeah, we worked on the same thing in regards to keeping the shoulders closed. I got a decent feel for it during the lesson, and experienced what I would consider a well synched up swing. But could never really get that back after my lesson. I worked the crap out of the Justin Rose drill and I think I inadvertently started delaying my hips even more as a result of overdoing that particular drill. I feel like I'm a little more knowledgeable of my own swing now compared to my last lesson in May, so I should be able to correct this "easier" than before. Just need some guidance on how t
  6. Yeah, me too!!! Good catch. It does look flexed in the picture above. I went back and looked through the video on my phone and it doesn't look to be flexed before and after that position in the picture.
  7. Monte and I had to reschedule my lesson to Sunday. So last night I worked on a few things on my own. It's only the second time I've swung a club since my crappy round last week. The physical and mental break was nice. The first thing I did was setup some alignment sticks per @glk 's recommendation. I quickly realized I was setting up ever so slightly closed. Just a hair, but adjusting that little bit to get setup square to the target felt like a mile!! Didn't take long to get comfortable there though. I also setup a tad further away from the ball. Maybe a ball widths worth. I've always felt ra
  8. For me eliminating all hip turn helped me control the putter head better on the way back and have much better feel. Things just felt more solid or under control overall. I'm OK with short putts, but lag putting and speed control in general I really struggle with. Going to take awhile to get used to it though, just like any other change. Perfect time for me however as I'm still getting comfortable with my new putter..
  9. There is a solid putting section within the UTB 2.0 series. I found the hip turn portion of this was especially helpful for myself. Well, more like eye opening as my putting still sucks. But I'm working on it!!
  10. Nice!! I've only done the NTC and the UTB 2.0. The UTB 2.0 has tons of information that'll keep you busy for awhile. Well worth the cost of admission, IMO.
  11. Do you have a smartphone? YouTube account? I video my swing fairly regularly, although far less recently than I used to, and would find it such a pain to have to hook my camera up to a computer, wait for it to upload, edit on computer then upload to wherever. I take video with my phone (usually at 1/8 x slow motion) and can quickly crop out everything but the swing itself and easily upload to YouTube for sharing on here. All done on my phone. Just a thought that might make videoing yourself an easier endeavor.
  12. Good discussions, and I agree with it all. As @betarhoalphadelta mentioned earlier, just the thought of "finish the swing" greatly helped my partial swing ball striking. I didn't have a cause, per say, to the fault of leaving the face wide open at impact. I simply was trying to finesse the shot since it was a partial wedge. Simple fix, really, and a great example of what has been discussed. The issue, not for anyone here in particular, is trying to fix a fault without addressing the cause, especially when it's something further back in the swing. You may very well fix the fault, but you're sti
  13. This is one of the things that really stood out to me in Monte's teachings. The fault, is just that a fault. There is always a cause for the fault. Fixing the cause fixes the fault. Even though I get this, I still find myself trying to fix/address things that are the result of something else.
  14. The thing about Monte's UTB 2.0 is it sets you up with a really solid foundation for chipping in terms of setup and technique. It's simple and can be used for pretty much all your pitches and chips leaving little variance between tight lies, fluffy lies, short and long pitches, etc. That's the attractive part for me. Whether I have a little pitch from just off the fringe or a 30 yard pitch that needs to get over a greenside bunker my setup and technique is exactly the same. It really simplified these types of shots for me. And like @bortass said the only other factor is me actually executing i
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