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  1. Try ironing and starching the collars of your existing polos. I recently washed some hats that were filthy. Was concerned they'd loose their shape so I hit them with some homemade starch spray (simple to make and easy to find recipe on Google) and let them air dry. Stiffened them back up nicely and the ones that were worn out and already floppy before washing came out almost as good as new after starching.
  2. Cool. Thanks!! I'll definitely be working on this this evening.
  3. So, basically, I'm working on coming down with the arms (instead of out then down) while keeping the hips/shoulders closed down to about P6 or so, correct? Then from there I rotate through to impact?
  4. @TheDeanAbides I finally watched the Justin Rose drill 10 minutes ago that you mentioned in another thread. Going to work on this tonight as I think it'll help me stay a bit more closed during the first part of the downswing. I just could never get a good feel for this based on the new NTC videos, and Monte didn't share any drills for this. So in return, I still open up a bit too quickly. Hoping the Justin Rose drill will solidify this for me.
  5. Found an IG post from Monte last night showing a before and after of a student of his. It showed how much better he kept his hips and shoulders closed at the beginning of the downswing and how this allowed him to bring the arms down first and really shallow the club effectively. I went back and looked at my swing video from last week, and although I'm not terrible here, there is some room for improvement. I know in the NTC Monte stresses this. Was never something I've been super comfortable with and never fully got it. But looking at the before/after below I can see how this would do a few thi
  6. Thanks. What loft hybrids do you play and what clubs do they replace?
  7. No, I get that about the trail arm supination from the top down most of the way. I don't necessarily "feel" this, but with the NTC cast A and pivot back forces the trail arm to supinate. I just have different "feels" at that part of my swing. I think you commented on my other post about this, but at the range last week I was getting pushes and push/slices. My "feel" to straighten this out was right (trail) arm pronation right at/before impact. This helped me better square the face at impact.
  8. My feel for this lately has been trail arm pronation. The same as lead arm supination, it's just funny how we all feel the same thing differently.
  9. Good advice. Really just trying to avoid getting something I don't need or want. I'm definitely overthinking it. I might even keep it to just 12 clubs then work out what I need/want to finish out the top of my bag.
  10. Oh, and I've been working on my chipping and pitching fundamentals. Something I've never really worked on with purpose before. I lost a lot of strokes to my short game on Sunday, which is something typical for me. So some improve here should start to bring my scores down.
  11. Still working hard on everything. This week I'm been going back to swings at left arm parallel working on cast b (release) and getting good extension at/through impact. I feel like this is the major cause of my push/push slice and slice for a few reasons. The first thought is when I come inside on the takeaway and get to deep with my hands at the top, it forces an over the top move and if I don't get a good cast b and extension at impact it results in a slice from the open club face and coming more out to in. If I get my takeaway good and I don't allow my hands to get too deep at P3, I'm able
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