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  1. Make sure the look at address is also consistent. I currently blend T100s with T200. The larger offset in the T200 is a bit of an eye sore.
  2. You forgot mini-putt. My 10yo niece could beat all y'all butts ... not to mention Olympic gold. lol
  3. Get a quote from mizuno for resurfacing the clubs and then request the "hack shop" to cover all or part of the cost.
  4. For amateurs, I imagine shorter is better because it will help you build confidence as you will likely improve over time. Given that you're on this website, there's a VERY GOOD chance you will trade up to another driver soon ... so why not tinker.
  5. Somewhere along the path of human evolution, common sense/courtesy has proven to be recessive trait.
  6. Same preferences here!! Is your wrist-to-floor measurement about 33"? I often feel that new products are gimmicky because some of the best golf technology was invented decades ago.
  7. I'll go out on a limb and say BOTH. Seems like stronger flex shafts are generally heavier than weaker flex shafts. Personally I like heavier shafts because it provides me better awareness of my body position during the backswing. And also stops me from coming over the top. YMMV
  8. The IOC should add extra medals for men and women "amateur" golfers. Just a thought...
  9. You may have to last longer than 60 seconds tonight.
  10. Replace with a Superstroke grip and add a 75g counter weight?
  11. Easy peasy. Alternatively, OP could wear a Boston Bruins jersey and pick up a 20 year old hickory shaft 1W.
  12. Thanks. I will definitely try this.
  13. I focus too much on my clubs, rather than improve my game.
  14. Can you suggest a "swing thought" that has helped you lower your launch angle? My ball flight is straight (no visible draw or fade) and launch angle is really high. I can carry a 7 iron about 155 yds and my PW/AW "look like" lob shots, if you know what I mean.
  15. Push-ups, stomach crunches, bench presses, curls, and BDC protein shake.
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