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  1. Your post sounded offensive...and possibly racist. I couldn't tell exactly because you didn't explain 'why Hideki's dinner would suck.
  2. Smashing Pumpkins - this entire album
  3. Fuzzy, is that you ol buddy?
  4. Log onto GolfWrx and post "What's up with ebrasmus21?"
  5. Perhaps if you posted your spin/launch numbers or even a video of your iron swing, I think folks here might be able to better prescribe what type of clubs would fit you. Otherwise, let us know how your experiment goes.
  6. At least the OP didn't ask p**** size cuz we would have had some ridiculous lengths posted here.
  7. Blended set here. I love these irons! They have just enough forgiveness and look very sexy at address. T100s: PW-6I T200: 5i-4i Vokey SM8: 48, 56 In retrospect, I could/should have gone with 620CB in the 9i-PW bent 1 or 2 degrees stronger. Now that I have fully adjusted to these clubs along with swing lessons, I plan on booking a gap analysis session soon.
  8. DJ has a knack for "not exactly" knowing the rules. Remember how DJ lost his (would've been) first PGA chip?....absolutely heartbreaking. https://www.espn.com/golf/pgachampionship10/news/story?id=5466521
  9. I'm waiting for them to release the series 69.
  10. nvr3putt

    Ping Sigma 2

    Which model(s) are you considering?
  11. I almost went with Mizuno T20s but ended up with SM8s.
  12. I'll go out on a limb here and say trust Titleist and go with the stock shaft option.
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