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  1. You know what time of year it is, right? I just bought a 19# brisket and 7# of chuck roast. The brisket point and the chuck were ground for burgers. The brisket flat was trimmed and will be cured for corned beef for St Patrick's Day. BTW I vote we derail this thread to speak purely of Costco meat preparation until the 4-pc balls show up in stores lol
  2. Yeah, the hard thing for me is that I used to be a lot more confident in my sand game. But you stay away from the game for 10 years, and then come back during COVID when bunkers are barely maintained, and it's hard to get it back. I had a round about 2 months ago where I had multiple trips into bunkers where it took three shots just to get out. Last Sunday I was in greenside bunkers three times, and at least got out in one three times. The first I ended up hitting a shot pretty much how I wanted, got out of the trap. It rolled out more than I expected and went of
  3. That sounds like excellent advice. Thanks! I think having joined WRX has taught me a great deal about, well, everything golf related. But most of all, I want to get my swing down and then get fit for a full bag. But I think I agree with your idea on wedges. I think what I need to be able to do is dial in distances with my partial wedge shots via practice, instead of thinking of adding a LW as filling a distance gap for a full swing when it's probably not a good shot for me to be hitting. That opens up the idea of what wedges I need specifically for around-green work, a
  4. I ended up buying a 60 when getting back into the game last fall. What I didn't realize that the 60 I bought had 14 degrees of bounce, which makes it really difficult to hit on the very tight hard lies typical for SoCal muni courses. My goal was to have a club for full swings shorter than my SW, which is the 90-100 yard club. But I rarely have a fairway (or even rough) lie that is easy to hit with my swing and that much bounce. Instead it has become a utility club that I rarely use because it's only when I have the right lie and am short-sided, or when I know I have to launch OVER
  5. Thanks all. I'll wait to hear back from Eric if he responds, and if not I'll just take them to get measured.
  6. Yeah, I think that's right. I probably would never have heard of them except that the clubfitter was in Winfield, IL which is right between Glen Ellyn (where the Infiniti web site says they're based) and West Chicago (where LinkedIn says Eric is based). That said, having his name was the only real clue I had. Maybe I'll just have to get the lofts and lies checked locally.
  7. As an aside, these are now almost 20 year old clubs... So loft and lie might have changed. Whether I can get the stock lofts or not, they might need to be measured anyway. What's a fair cost to have the clubs measured for both lofts and lie at a shop? I would only have the shop bend them if one or more of the clubs was simply out of whack compared to the set, as the goal is to get re-fit later in 2021 for the whole bag.
  8. Many thanks! Just found him on LinkedIn and sent him the question. So... If he's still alive and checking LinkedIn ever, maybe he'll respond. But that's closer than I've been able to get otherwise.
  9. So how does that work? You need to pick your brand before you get fitted?
  10. Stepping onto the first tee with a brand new golf glove that fits perfectly and has that "new glove" smell. Did that yesterday, but the resulting shot from that tee box goes into the "worst feeling in golf" thread so I won't continue.
  11. I was fit for clubs back in 2001 back in the Chicago area, and the fitter put me into Infiniti 603 irons. These aren't mine, but they're the same model: I'm trying to figure out the stock lofts on these... I have a set of 3-SW. I tried the Infiniti Golf web site, and sent an email via their contact page with no response. After a week, I tried dialing the phone number on the web site, and it's no longer in service. So I'm here... Anyone know the guy from Infiniti? Anyone know the lofts? I figure next step is either just getting them
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm going to chill out a bit and work on what I've got until I'm ready to see Monte. But I appreciate everyone's advice. I've learned more about the golf swing in the last two months than I think I've ever thought possible. Somehow, though, I don't know if I can get the instant feedback of doing it wrong appropriately via the internet... What's Monte's style? Smacking me with a yardstick like a nun, or is he more of a chair-and-a-whip lion tamer type?
  13. Hey, it's not a bad strategy! I tend to putt from off the green if I can... I.e. if the ground condition between me and the green will give me even a semblance of trust that the ball is going to go where I aim. Putting from off the green is definitely more consistent for me than chipping. I think he's more at the point where no matter what's between him and the hole, be it a divot, a sprinkler head, a patch of heavier grass sure to knock him off path, etc, it's still preferable for him than chipping/pitching!
  14. This is where I am, and it sounds from his first post that it's where @bortass is too... You play the shots you have in your bag, and so you have to pick what you're capable of executing. My buddy is brand new to the game. He'll putt from 10 yards off the green rather than try to pitch because it's his most consistent method of putting the ball in the vicinity of the hole. While he's an extreme example (and clearly needs to practice pitching), at least he's mature enough to know he should play the shot that is in his bag. I'm not all that much better. I was out of the
  15. Yeah, I've played whatever I have. At this point I don't know if my lack of spin is the ball, my old wedges with soft grooves, or my general lack of skill lol... But sometimes it's more that I go on the course like yesterday, lose one ball but find 3 others, so my collection of misfit balls keeps on growing. But I think when the new K-Sig 4 piece ball is released, I'll get a couple of dozen of those and move my collection of randoms to my son's bag lol...
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