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  1. Tired of hearing people say "well he uses game improvement irons but his game hasn't improved at all" or "he plays only ProV1x but it hasn't made him a better player"... Clubs or balls don't make you a better player. Practice does. Clubs or balls, however, can help your game cope with the lack of practice. It's a lot more enjoyable to suck with a GI iron that bails you out when you miss the center or a spinny ball that checks up when it comes off hot hitting 2-3 grooves low on a short iron and you're just praying for it to stop.
  2. I realize you're "not into push carts", but would it be worth it to have one just for rainy days?
  3. And I'm now the proud owner of the G25 driver for the low low price of $100. Woo!
  4. Got my fitting schedule for next Thursday with a Wishon shop. Woo!
  5. IF you don't want to go to a legit fitter... Go to a PGA Tour Superstore and ask to be "fit" using their Mizuno Shaft Optimizer. They should let you do it for free, and it will give you a really good baseline for where you would fit shaft-wise. There may be other places near you that will do the same. From there I'd probably agree with the above and email Jason with the results from the Mizuno, with what you know about your game (i.e. typical trajectory, what you're looking for specifically in feel, launch, and flight), and I'm sure he can give you good ideas of what w
  6. Yeah, I'm glad I stocked up. I was down to a dozen after losing 5 balls in one round (ouch!) so I bought another 2 dozen... There's a degree to which I'll regret it if the K4.3 shows up next week, but I'm just happy not to have to sweat it.
  7. It's not much of a squat... It's really just loading that left side into the ground, more of a pressure thing than anything else. For me it's like I just feel myself gain a little bit of flex in the left knee as I get to the top of the backswing and into transition. Maybe almost feels like I'm "falling" onto my left side a little bit. From there I'm extending the left leg and left side as I go from transition->impact to move that left hip back and make room for the swing. It's still not quite easy or natural, but that's what I'm feeling when I do it. And when I do it right, the
  8. We have a hole like that at our little exec course that I play with my son... Much shorter, of course, but gives you the same choice: The area left of the fairway is a creek with trees all the way down until the "dogleg", at which the trees thin out. If you get far enough down, you have a clear shot. That said, everything slopes down to the creek, and if you're actually trying to hit that landing area they identify 193 yards out, it's VERY narrow. Given the length of the approach, there's no real payoff for getting down there. Anything left and short puts y
  9. Made it to the range today. Really just focusing on getting that left hip back and sequencing. Where I was focusing my mental though process was more on that left heel. I feel like I'm still getting a little too much slide, as evidenced by how much I move my weight to the outside of the left foot rather than into the bottom of the left foot and the heel. By focusing on that it gets me back to some of the feels I had with my lesson with Monte, where I can feel the "squat" into the left side and getting that pressure into the ground to push off of. That helps me to get
  10. I completely agree with this... ...but when you feel like you have your new swing in a stable space, if you are still having tons of trouble with driver, you may want a driver fitting. You're multiple standard deviations outside the norm, so whatever driver you have today may be completely wrong. I just wouldn't mess with it until you're a little more consistent overall.
  11. Yep. Seems wrong that shortening your swing hits the ball the same distance or farther, but there you go...
  12. Regarding driver going straight left... If you're not aligned to the left to start, it means that you've got a slight out-to-in path and the face is closed to the same angle. Simple physics... Ball curves, it means that your face angle and your path weren't aligned at impact. Ball goes straight, it means that your face angle and path were aligned. So you were apparently still swinging with a fade pattern (out-to-in path) but closing the face to match it, so they were just straight pulls left. Tons of potential root causes for why you're doing i
  13. I'm in somewhat the same boat but it's partly because I'm not good or consistent enough for the tough courses. The easier muni courses give me plenty of challenge as it is. The ultra-difficult courses would just be frustration.
  14. Agreed 100%. He's 15. This isn't going to destroy him. Because if he gets a bad reputation... That's how it ends.
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