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  1. Yeah, I'm with you. I feel like I do a good job with anything 7/8i and below of swinging it like I'm hitting to a target rather than hitting to a distance. When I start getting to the "long" irons and hybrids (which aren't any longer for me) I let that mental hit it for distance mindset creep in. I'm working on it though. On the first tee on Sunday I took 4h and just swung it for the fairway, and it was great. And yeah, I get the idea of swinging "easy". I think we discussed before that sometimes when you're deliberately trying to take something off it, the results aren't great either. I've said that one of the issues I used to have with partial wedges is that I wouldn't "commit" to the shot in the sense that I wouldn't complete the swing and close the face--I pushed a lot of those right. For me the mental reminder is more that I can let the club do the work. If I swing my swing, and if I get my sequencing and mechanics right, the ball is going to go a decent distance. I don't have to add anything to make it do that.
  2. Yep, that's the one! The city bought the course about a year or two ago, and it's now known as Oso Creek Golf Course.
  3. #18 at a course I play often is pretty diabolical. It's a par-60 course at a length of 3670 yards overall, but #18 is a 225 yard par 3. It's a long narrow green, flanked left and right with bunkers, with a pond farther left. I take 6i off the tee, knock it short of the green, and try to get up and down from there. I don't trust my dispersion at 225 yards, if I even manage to make good enough contact with a 4h to get there, and with my miss being a hook, it brings the pond into play. And if I miss left or right in grass, I'm still short-siding myself on either side because there's not a lot of green to work with laterally. Better to be short. At my cap, I'd rather just play it safe.
  4. Hmm... Good question. I'd say it's inversely proportional to the distance of the bad shot. I.e. the more time I have between the bad shot and the next shot, the less it affects the next shot. If I truly duff something, or chunk a chip 5 feet, and I immediately have to hit the next one, it probably affects me too much. Whereas if I hit a driver 240 but it's off line and I'm in the trees, I'm more centered to handle the next shot as its own problem rather than a continuation of a bad drive. That's something I probably need to work on...
  5. Usually either a club twirl or an expletive
  6. Pretty standard, I think... Planning. Off the tee (par 4/5) this is surveying the hole, looking at where there is trouble, determining if there are any risk reasons not to take driver, determining where a good shot will be and where my miss would be likely to end up, and setting an aim point. For approach it's about distance/elevation, wind, picking a club, where hazards and trouble around the green are, and again setting an aim point based on good shot vs typical miss. So it's basically about "where do I want the ball to go?" and "where is it likely to end up if it doesn't go perfectly?" Practice swing. I typically will address 6 inches short of the ball and take a practice swing. This accomplishes two things... First it's about "finding the ground", which was more of an issue with VL irons than SL, but it's about making sure I'm in my posture and I want to feel the sole on the grass through "impact". Second, it's just about mentally getting myself ready to swing that club. I try to make the swing as similar to what I think my real swing should be, so especially when I start getting into partial wedges it's about feeling the swing length and effort I think I need for the distance of the shot. This is usually only one swing (for full swings) unless I just feel like the practice swing was completely wonky. For the partial wedges and/or pitches/chips sometimes I'll take multiple, particularly if I'm trying to figure out how the club will respond to a non-fairway lie. Address the ball and try to swing the same way I did on my practice swing. Not sure if this is any different than what most players do...
  7. To a degree I think my issue was that I've been spending this entire calendar year trying to work out swing changes. It's not just a topped driver that's a problem--I can top/s-word/chunk my 7i too One change I made club-wise was to go to single-length clubs. So everything from 4h down to GW is all the same length and lie. That helps me, but mentally I still sometimes swing too hard with the 4h and the 5i, especially off the tee, because I'm thinking "hit it far" rather than "just swing easy and let the loft do the work." That's something I've been trying to correct mentally, and I think I'm making some progress but I still lapse. Driver has been getting much better for me. One issue was that I was using a 20-year-old driver with a steel shaft and a <300cc head, and I never felt like I could find the face. During that stretch I was teeing off with an iron 95% of the time. I picked up a Ping G25 with graphite shaft and a club face the size of a grapefruit. I'm making SO MUCH better contact and it's inspiring confidence. I played this previous Sunday and hit driver on 10 holes, with only one mishit (because I swung too hard). So yeah, I'd say mentally my biggest issue with mishits is when I swing too hard and don't let the club do the work. As long as I keep myself reined in mentally, contact is much more consistent. I feel like I'm on the back end of the changes I was trying to ingrain. I still started falling victim to the hook late in that round as I got lazy with the swing, but overall my contact was pretty good all day.
  8. This is my second time there, and I shot a 103, so the score wasn't that different. But how I got the score was--my ballstriking was trash that day. I only had 3 pars and I felt like I was hacking my way around the course. Today I felt like I was hitting the ball pretty well, but I had a couple blow-up holes and some short game mistakes. Given that the bulk of my work all year has been on ingraining a swing change, to actually have the ballstriking be the improvement made me feel a lot better about the day. Yeah, and when I let the driver do the work it goes plenty far anyway... Might as well not try to kill it. That's the thing I always need to remember with my 4h and my 5i too--most of the time if I'm hitting those it's because I might be out of range of the hole (or off the tee) so I'm hitting them as "distance" clubs. I need to lay back and swing them like a short iron, because they're SL clubs and basically have the length and lie of a short iron. When I lay back I make better contact, and good contact is a lot more likely to go far than swinging hard and hitting way off center.
  9. Yes, and it's 100% mental. Swing it like an 8i (or whatever iron length your OL set is built around), with setup ball position like an 8i. My biggest issue with both my OL 4h and 5i is that mentally I want to swing them like "distance" clubs rather than just swinging them like all my other irons. As long as I don't do that, they perform perfectly for me. Once I start trying to muscle them for distance... Bad things happen. Something about looking down at a club and seeing a head that looks like a fairway wood just screws me up mentally...
  10. Played yesterday. The course is "River View" in Santa Ana, CA... So you'd think there's a fair bit of water, right? Not in SoCal in the summer--the "river" is a dry bed consisting of gritty sand, that comes into play on quite a lot of holes. It's playable out of that sand, but really difficult to get any shot to go anywhere unless you get a good lie and pick it clean. We're playing from the blue tees, so total distance is 6190 yards, par 70, rating 68.4 and slope of 120. Weather was hot... High 90s. At least in SoCal it's a dry heat, but that's still freakin' hot. But as it's a cart-only course, that is the perfect time to be confined to a cart. I got there early to hit some balls and roll a few putts. On the range, I was hitting EVERYTHING pure. Just effortless swinging and ball off the center of the face. Really happy with contact. Hole 1 - 325 yard par 4, HDCP 15: Nice and easy start, right? Relatively tight with the range on the right side and trees down the left. A couple bunkers short left and right of the green. I take 4h off the tee because I was hitting it well on the range. Just trying to take a nice easy swing and keep the move going. I line up towards the right side of the fairway playing my draw (hoping I don't hook it across into the trees) and I hit a low draw that rolls out 197 into the center of the fairway. Very happy with that start. Left with a little over 100, I just take a slightly under 100% shot with the 52*, and it's straight at the pin, drops on the green about 12 feet short. Good start! I miss the birdie putt by about 6 inches low of the hole, but leave a tap-in. Par, E. Hole 2 - 178 yard par 3, HDCP 11: Relatively benign hole. There's a small pot bunker short left of the green, but otherwise no trouble. Pin is center-right and tees are up, so it's playing 166 to pin but with slope should play about 161. I take 8i, and make good contact. It starts at the pin but curves left, landing and stopping just on the left fringe, pin-high. I get to the ball and it's got a big mud spot on it. I probably should have asked my playing partners to approve LCP, but I putt-it as-is. I'm about 45 feet away. Speed control is decent, but I miss it about 9 feet low of the hole. Thankfully, I putt that one dead center into the hole, counting as a 1-putt. Par, E. A good start! But then I par'd the first two in my last round en route to a 109 Hole 3 - 199 yard par 3, HDCP 5: Long narrow tree-lined par 3 with a bunker protecting the front/right of the green. It's playing short today, about 170-175, to a front pin. I take 7i and make great contact but push it right. It takes a while to find because it's buried in rough under the trees, but I find it roughly center of green high. Unfortunately I don't have a play ANYWHERE near the pin. I've got low-hanging tree branches so I can't pitch it up, but I've got the bunker directly between me and the green so I can't run it at that front pin. I end up pitching it towards the back half of the green because it's my only play. My pitch stops just short of the green. I pitch again as I now have an angle at the pin, and run it about 7 feet past the hole. Unfortunately I miss the putt to save bogey, but have a tap-in remaining. Double, +2. Hole 4 - 392 yard par 4, HDCP 1: Here's the first encounter with the river bed. The hole is a dogleg right from an elevated tee down to the fairway, with the river bed all the way along the fairway. The [intended] 2nd shot then goes from the fairway to a shallow elevated green. Tricky. I take driver because I'm making great contact today and I've been doing so at the range too. I pull it left, and I see it basically tracking straight down the "cart path" on top of a large berm between #3 and the valley we're in on #4. I get to the ball, and I must have gotten some MAJOR cart path assistance because it's rolled out all the way to being even with the middle of the green, resting in the center of the cart path. I take relief to get it on the grass, and I've now got what should be a pretty easy 125 yard shot across the valley to the green, level elevation relative to me because I'm up on the berm and the green is raised. I pull my GW and chunk it right into the nasty riverbed. Oof! So now I'm down at the bottom of the riverbed and hitting up to the heavily elevated (and blind) green, and I've got a terrible lie and can't pick it clean. So I hit GW again and just try to give it everything I've got, and I make it about halfway to the green. I pitch from there up to the green, and it rolls out 20 feet past the hole. My putt is spot on for distance but it doesn't break, so I miss it 18" high of the hole. Double, +4. Hole 5 - 545 yard par 5, HDCP 7: Long par 5 from an elevated tee hitting down to the fairway in the valley with the river bed all the way down the right side of the hole. Doglegs to the left at the very end to an elevated green. I pull the driver. My aim point is along the right side of the fairway thinking that I've got a long way to the river bed and can't reach it. I hit the driver pure but a shade of a push, and I still think I'm good until my playing partners say "I guess you're in the river bed again, Brad..." Ugh. So we go down there, and I can't find my ball. Can't find it anywhere. It's made harder because while I'm playing the yellow Snell, the range is above the river bed and any sliced range balls over the fence end up down here--a lot of yellow. Can't find it after a lengthy search so I drop. I'm still a ways out, so I hit 4h. I make good contact, but the hook shows up and I end up 60 yards short of the hole up in the trees to the left near the boundary fence. I've got at least enough of a look that I can try to hit my 60* over a tree at the green. However, I end up making terrible contact and again only make it about halfway to the green. I pitch to about 15 feet, and two putt. Double with the penalty stroke, +6. Hole 6 - 195 yard par 3, HDCP 3: Another long par 3, flat. Anything right will go down a huge slope into the river bed, and there's the same big net to the left protecting a walking trail and houses beyond. Bunker and trees left of the green. Playing short from the tees up and the pin in the front, so it's actually only playing about 150. I take 9i, and think I must have hit it slightly fat, pulling it left and short of the bunker, about 135 yards. I pitch with the 52*, landing it about exactly where I wanted, short of the pin, but without spin so it rolls out 20 feet past. I nearly hole the save for par, but it rolls out about 3-4 feet past. I make the comeback for bogey. Bogey, +7. Hole 7 - 375 yard par 4, HDCP 9: Elevated tee dogleg right over the riverbed to a fairway landing spot in the valley, and then hitting up to a severely elevated green again. I take driver, and I try to give it too much effort, BARELY making contact and send the ball dribbling about 15 yards to the front of the tee box. Ouch! Grab the 4h and shank that down into the river bed. Ouch again! At least I have a lie I can pick clean here, but I'm not in range of the hole so I just pull 5i and try to pick it clean and get to the fairway. I do make contact, but it's a push, and my playing partner ahead sees it go into a weed patch. I get to the ball, and I have NO chance to hit it out of there, so I need to take an unplayable for a penalty. I do so, so I'm laying 4 with the penalty. I hit from there, and it goes a bit long left into a greenside bunker. I'm still terrible out of the bunker, and hit it thin, but I get lucky as it hits the front of the lip and squirts over, ending up on the green about 45 feet from the hole. And then I hole that 45 foot putt! 45-foot putt to save triple lol... Triple, +10. Hole 8 - 525 yard par 5, HDCP 13: We've now crossed the large berm that was between 3 and 4 again, so we're out of the river bed unless you slice the ball off the planet. This is a long and straight par 5, with the berm and trees all down the right side, and trees all down the left side. Small green protected on the right by a bunker. I pull driver again, and try not to kill it this time. I hit it decently, but a bit low on the face, with a slight draw right into the center of the fairway. I remember to measure it with my app, and it's 239 yards. Not bad. I take 4h from there, and make good contact again, but the hook shows up. I hook it over the trees and yell "FORE!" because I know the 10th hole is over those trees. I find the ball short and left of the 10th tee, and nobody is angry at me, so I guess I didn't hit anyone or anything. I'm about 90 from the hole, so I try to take a bit off my 56*. I catch it well, and it goes about 100 and ends up above the right side bunker, in nasty rough, RIGHT behind a tree trunk on a horrific downhill lie. I try to get it out, but it just ends up in the bunker. My shot out of the bunker goes over the green into light rough. I putt from there, getting it close enough to make the next putt. Double, +12. Nothing worse than hitting a good drive on a par 5 and then making double, huh? Hole 9 - 110 yard par 3, HDCP 17: Very short par 3 over a small pond--the only water on "River View Golf Course" today and it's not even natural lol. Narrow window between trees, to the green if you don't hit the ball with height, but anyone hitting a nice high wedge shot it won't be in play as you'll be over them. Playing barely over 90 yards to a front pin, so I take the 56*. And I chunk it. Luckily I chunk it SHORT of the water so I'm still ok. I then pitch it over the pond very nicely with the 56* to about 15 feet. I then drain the breaking par save right in the middle of the cup. Par, +12. It's getting hot, and I've already been through two gatorades and some water, so I grab a few IPAs at the turn. Hole 10 - 198 yard par 3, HDCP 8: Flat par 3, with bunkers protecting the front left and front right of the green. Center pin but the tees are a bit up, playing about 175. I take 7i. Make great contact but the hook shows up again, and I again yell "FORE!" because it's heading for the 11th tee. There's a fence protecting the 11th tee, but I fly that and hit it about 30 yards past that tee box. I'm way long and left of the hole, facing about a 50-60 yard pitch. I take the 60* and I'm goaded by the marshal who is in the area with a "let's see it!" I hit the pitch well, directly at the pin, but long. I go over the green by about 5 yards. Chipping it back, I chunk it about 6 feet. Ugh. I'm frustrated, so I just putt from there. I leave about 12 feet and two-putt that. Triple, +15. Time to crack that first 19.2oz Lagunitas IPA! Hole 11 - 340 yard par 4, HDCP 10: Flat par 4 (we're still away from the river bed), but with a narrow fairway. Trees and OB line the right side, and there are trees down the left as well, but I know that with my miss (left) I'm safe as the 8th hole runs parallel (in reverse) to the 11th on the left, so I pull out the driver. I hit the ball well but it's got some hook going on, and unfortunately gets caught up in a tree and drops straight down about 100 off the tee. So now I'm still a little out of range of the 4h, so I hit that just trying to advance it. I make poor contact and it's a low runner that stops in the fairway about 95 from the [back pin] hole. This should be perfect for a pretty full 56*, but I've gotta clear a bunker. I hit the ball, and I think I've hit it perfectly, but it just dies and lands right in the bunker. Ahh, back in my nemesis, the sand. I pick it too clean and it goes over the green. I pitch it back, and it rolls out 50 feet past the hole to the front of the green. I three putt. Quad, +19. Hole 12 - 470 yard par 4, HDCP 2: This hole is another example of dogleg math. My garmin says it's 400 to the green, but it's a 470 yard hole. This hole is a perfect risk-reward hole, as you're on an elevated tee and have to carry over the river bed which hugs the right side of the fairway on a dogleg right. So it's a matter of what line you take based on your carry distance to see just how much of that dogleg you can take the yardage out. I take the driver and aim it on the same line I used last time, over some trees. I make great contact but it's a push a little too far right of my intended line, and I'm in the riverbed. I'm about 120 out to an elevated green. I don't have a great lie, but just try to advance it with the GW. I hit a shot out of the nastiness, but it shoots well right of the green and still well below it. I try to pitch up to the green, and chunk it. Pitch again, and leave it just short. Chip on, two putt from 15 feet. Triple, +22. What a horrific set of holes that was! Hole 13 - 548 yard par 5, HDCP 16: After crossing under the 22 freeway and enduring the smell of vagrant urine in the tunnel under the freeway, we get to the tee. Long dogleg left par 5 with the river bed all the way down the right side, mostly flat from the tee to the fairway and then turning left at the end to--another elevated green. Trees all the way down the left. Hit driver, making good contact but hooking it into those trees. From there I get to the ball, and I've got a decent look at advancing the ball, under some branches, with a 5i. Ball below my feet, I hit and and it's a thin shot that gets me ahead, but still ~130 out. I hit GW from there, and get it up next to the green. I pitch on, leaving myself 15 feet. Two putt. Bogey, +23. Hole 14 - 160 yard par 3, HDCP 12: Hitting over a huge valley in the riverbed here, but tee-to-green is flat. Shallow, wide green, with only a bunker behind the green on the left. Looks like it's about 150 to a center pin. I pull the 9i and strike it absolutely pure. It starts right of the pin with a slight draw [and a little breeze] pushing it back to the center. It drops almost pin high 10 feet from the cup. Unfortunately I don't sink the birdie putt, but leave myself a tap-in. Par, +23. Hole 15 - 480 yard par 5, HDCP 12: Now a shorter par 5, with the river bed all the way down the right side and trees on the left. Surprise surprise, it's an elevated tee to a low fairway and dogleg left to an elevated green! I hit driver, and it's a perfect trajectory, slight draw, landing right in the middle of the fairway. The Grint screwed up the measurement and stopped at 219 yards where I stopped for another ball--I was about 25 past that. I get to the ball and I'm just about within range of a 4h, so I'm dreaming of making it on in 2 on a par 5. Karma responds and I shank it about 20 yards. Yeesh. Get up to the ball, pull the 5i, and knock it just short right of the green. I pitch it to 5 feet, and make the putt. Par, +23. Hole 16 - 418 yard par 4, HDCP 4: Long par 4, dogleg left to an elevated green. River bed down the right, trees down the left. Pull driver again and hit another absolutely gorgeous shot drawing dead into the middle of the fairway. Used the measurement--The Grint says 251 yards. With this being a dogleg, I'm actually about the right distance for the 52* here. I hit it, making middling contact and it ends up right and short of the green. I pitch to about 15 feet, and two-putt. Bogey, +24. Hole 17 - 538 yard par 5, HDCP 6: Guess what, it's an elevated tee and an elevated green, with river bed down the right and trees and the berm down the left... But--it's a dogleg RIGHT over the river bed this time! I take driver and it's another absolutely beautiful shot. It's one of those "pick up the tee before it lands" shots. It's almost perfectly straight (slight draw), heading right for the middle of the fairway. We ooh and ahh at my third good drive in a row, get out to the fairway and... NO BALL. Literally the ball has disappeared. Can't find it anywhere. I can't even fathom how this happened. The ball was perfect, and now it's gone. WTF?!?! So I have to take a drop. Hitting 3, I take 5i and try to get up near the green, but it's a bit short and right. It's under a tree to the right of the fairway about 60 yards short of the green, blind and uphill. I take the 52* and try to pitch it up the hill, but I end up short on the top of the hill still 15y short of the green. I duff the pitch from there, pitch again leaving myself 15 feet, and two putt. Triple, +27. Hole 18 - 194 yard par 3, HDCP 14: Hitting back over the river bed again, from tee to green, but flat elevation-wise to the green. Pin in the center and tees up a bit, so playing about 175. I take 7i, and make good contact but hook it well left of the green, hitting a tree. I'm short of the green and significantly left, about 50 yards to the pin. I've got just enough of a window to take my 60 under the tree I'm close to and over the tree near the green. I do that, clipping a few leaves, but it lands on the green rolling out 30 feet past the cup. I make a pretty solid run at the putt, leaving myself 2 feet, which I make. Bogey, +28. Out 46, in 52. The stretch from 10-12 was pretty horrible, but once I got past that I mostly kept it within reason. 17 pissed me off, though, and clearly I think my frustration showed up in that triple. How do you lose a ball that's tracking dead center of the fairway? Stats: Strokes from <100 yards: 58, for an average of 3.22 per hole Putts: 33 FIR: 5/11 GIR: 3/18 (counting #2 as GIR as I was 8" onto the fringe) Scoring: Birdies: 0 Pars: 5 Bogeys: 4 Doubles: 4 Triples+: 5 Overall, some positives. Ballstriking was a lot better than my past two rounds. What I'm working on is, well, working. At least when I do it. When I get lazy and don't get my left hip back, I dump the hands inside and get that big in->out path and a huge hook. But that's happening less and less often. When I do it right, I get a much more neutral path and the ball goes straight. Putting was pretty good overall for me. A few missed chances at one putts (and birdies), but only one three-putt on the day and that was from 50 feet. Driver is starting to come around for me too--the missed fairway on 5 was more an alignment problem than a swing problem. Finally, I was about to go into the tank after holes 10-12 and didn't. In fact, when I looked at my score I was surprised I'd done so badly on the back 9 because I had mentally just forgotten about going triple/quad/triple in a three hole stretch. Maybe it was the IPAs... Negatives... My game around the green was terrible. Too many wasted strokes. To putt halfway decently but still average 3.22 strokes from <100 is not good. Squandering good drives was also a negative. I put the ball dead in the middle of the fairway on 8 and ended up with a double, and then put the ball dead in the middle of the fairway on 17 (not sure where it went) and had to take a penalty stroke and made triple. And frankly, just too many blow up holes where the errors compounded.
  11. Good questions @himebaum and welcome to the thread! The EQ1-NX don't need special shafts. During my fitting we went through all the main steel shafts. KBS, Nippon Modus, some Project X, and even steelfiber. Oddly no DG--not sure why. I ended up between the Modus 120 and the steelfiber i110, both in stiff, and picked the Modus. And for irons, for the most part a shaft that's good for you in one head will be good for you in another. So if you've got a line on a used set of EQ1-NX and you already know the shaft is suitable, I'd say go for it as long as the price is good. A lot of people have suggested that resale on one length irons isn't particularly great, so you are probably getting them for a song. For the record, my set of 4h, 5i-GW (8 clubs) was a little over $1300 when the fitting fee and tax were added in. Used would likely be somewhere around half that? With one length there are only a couple things to think about: What length are they built to? The EQ1-NX is somewhat targeted for 8i length (36.5"). Mine are 6i length (37.5") due to my height, and that definitely brings up the swing weight. I put midsize grips on them which are heavier, and I'm a big guy, so I do fine with the added swing weight, but if you're of more average size, you might want to make sure they're closer to that 36.5" length. What is the makeup of the set (which irons and/or hybrids are included) and what is your general swing speed? Wishon doesn't even make a 4i, opting for 4h, but if you're a little lower on the swing speed spectrum you may want a 5h rather than 5i and maybe even 6h over 6i. With the shorter shaft it's harder to generate the swing speed to appropriately launch the low-lofted irons. That said, if you've got a good enough price, I'd pull the trigger regardless. You can always get them cut down or lengthened after the fact, and if the price is good enough, throwing out a 5i that you have trouble hitting is no big loss. And if you like them, you can have the Wishon fitter build you whatever additional clubs you want without a fitting as you'll know that you get along with the shaft.
  12. What are the odds that the final pairing on Sunday isn't Cantlay/Rahm? So far they appear to be running away with it. Feel like someone has to go low AND one of them has to fall apart tomorrow for them not to play the final three rounds as a pairing. In the list of players that I might expect to fall apart on moving day, Cantlay and Rahm don't make the list. About the only thing I think might derail Rahm is another positive COVID test lol...
  13. Age: 43 Size: 6'5" and 265# HDCP: 20 Swing speed: I suspect a shade north of 100, but with better technique think I can get to 106ish. My iron speed is about 7 mph below Trackman tour averages for a consistent length shaft (mine are extended so it throws things off), so PGA average of 113 should put me in the 106 range if I get my technique on driver on par with my iron swing. Ball: Previously Kirkland K3.2, but moving to Snell MTB-X based on that other site's ball test. Playing my first round with the Snell on Sunday. I think I'm giving up too much distance with the Kirkland, since I don't have a problem stopping balls on the greens I typically play.
  14. If Bryson finishes -5, is there any chance he's paired with Brooks tomorrow?
  15. Hit the range again today. Definitely making progress with the move, and contact was pretty decent overall. Not the best day, but not the worst. Biggest problem today was face control. Don't know what the heck was going on. Playing again Sunday at that "River View" course. I feel like I'm starting to get the idea of the right motion into my swing again. I just want to make good contact throughout the day. I feel like with this new movement, it somewhat mitigates the giant sweeping hook when I do it right, and if I can make decent contact and at least reduce the number of hooks, it should be an easier day than last time there.
  16. I'll watch on and off during the weekend, but Saturday is for college football. Indiana with a #17 preseason ranking? That just hurts my soul as a Boilermaker. So hopefully I'll watch the Hawkeyes stomp the Hoosiers as an appetizer to the Boilers over the Beavers.
  17. I think drinking beer early in a 7am round might be an issue... ...it's more Bloody Mary time that early.
  18. I think this weekend's playoff was the first time my 14 yo son really heard and registered the idiotic yelling after every shot... 400y+ par 4 and someone screams "GET IN THE HOLE" off the tee shot... I told him that if he ever in his life attends a golf tournament, he'd better not yell anything. Gotta have class.
  19. Yeah... Because BDC and Cantlay were both tied -21 at the end of 54 holes and were both tied -27 at the end of 72 holes, we're going to say that BDC is terrible on Sundays? Next time you shoot a -6 round, tell me how terrible you feel...
  20. That would be my guess. I sometimes have that problem. I switched to single length clubs so my 4h and 5i should be no harder to hit than my 9i. But when I'm on the tee thinking to hit it like a tee shot (for distance), it screws me up.
  21. Congrats on breaking 100!!! Was it the same course on day 2? If so, breaking 100 on a slope 140 course is a pretty strong place to do it. If you can do there, you can do it anywhere. My goal right now is breaking 90. There are rounds where I've "done it", in that I've scored 18 or fewer over par... But it's on an 18-hole executive course with a 99 slope and a longest hole of 317 yards... It's not a valid test of my game, especially since [like most ams] my biggest strokes lost area is the long game. So I won't consider myself having "broken 90" until I do it on a course of somewhere north of 6000 yards and a slope of at least 110 or higher. So congrats on rising to the challenge!
  22. Are you really drinking beer to "calm your nerves" or is it that you just like a beer while playing golf? Unless you rarely drink, a 12 oz light beer isn't going to do anything for your nerves. 'Round here we call that "hydrating". If anything, it's the mental expectation of relaxing that is going to affect your nerves, not the alcohol. That's a routine thing, not an alcohol thing. So yeah, if you needed a sixer before the round even started to calm your nerves, I'd say it's a problem and you need to get to the root of your anxiety. But if you're just cracking a beer or two per round, particularly a light beer, I'd say maybe you just enjoy golfing with a beer. If so, join the club. I usually don't crack a beer until the turn because I book morning (8-9AM) tee times, but I enjoy a beer or two on the back nine just because I like beer. Sounds like you're putting too much pressure on yourself. It's great to want to get better--I do. But it's a marathon, not a sprint, and there are going to be a lot of bad rounds and bad shots on the journey. No need to stress over it.
  23. Do you think there's anyone in the US who doesn't know what Coca-Cola is? Yet they advertise a ton. Why? Because it keeps their name in your brain. Because the next time you go to the grocery store you might think "Eh, maybe I'll grab a six-pack of Coke this week" when you ordinarily wouldn't buy a soft drink at all. That's all it is. What FedEx wants is that the next time you think of shipping a package, you think FedEx before you think UPS or USPS. If you do that and ship FedEx a few times, it becomes a habit. And if it's a habit, it becomes your first option to look at when you ship something. Its how you build brand loyalty. It's not that FedEx necessarily gains a lot of revenue by advertising, but if they don't advertise and UPS does, then over time they will lose market share to UPS. They have to advertise to protect their revenue.
  24. We all know that most ams shouldn't just practice exclusively with the 9i, they should take it off the tee on par 4s and 5s so they can find the fairway.
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